There are times in life that can bring one to
their knees...trekking through Tiger pass was one of those times for me.

Less than half the size of the other passes we've
crossed before clearing the state of Washington, I misjudged this little
mountain pass in the Colville Forest ...Tiger Pass became, for me, an experience which required my redemption...it seemed, at least, as if the pass would not release me without it.

On the other side of Tiger Pass was
laughter...and a bit of  blue fire cussing...and the sense one gets when one
has overcome something genuinely insurmountable.

We fought that tiger for one reason...truth.

Yesterday, on Tiger Pass, I grappled with some difficult inner truths, facing something profound and foreboding tends to do
that, being tested beyond one's physical endurance tends to do that; yet I pressed on beyond my personal limit for the cause of a greater outer truth – AE911Truth; I feel privileged, it's an honor to serve the message of these experts.

I've been involved in 9/11 truth for years. As a peace and social justice activist I've found the broader 9/11 truth community to
be eclectic to say the least. Through the years I certainly found a need for 9/11 truth to be grounded in hard science, evidence and principles not only of these technical truths but principles of conduct....a code of non-discrimination, of nonviolent philosophy, of refusing to theorize and sticking to the facts as though building a court case....AE911Truth does this.

In my view AE911Truth has risen to the occasion of saving a movement which could have easily collapsed into itself ending in a myriad of dead end theories, speculations, accusations, intrigue, mystery and wedded to the plethora of disinformation which has through the years been wittingly and unwittingly inserted into the movement, bringing a toxic contamination into the pure waters of  hard science and forensic evidence. AE is the Tiger Pass of 9/11 truth..it is cleansing, purifying and hard to bear because core science leaves no room for wild speculation, it merely lays the evidence and the scientific study of the evidence out for all to see and to climb upon, to trek through, to explore....and one must face some difficult truths in order to get to the other side of it. Science is purifying, living by certain principles is also purifying - AE, doing both, is at the heart of bringing a genuine 9/11 truth to the masses.




Earl Erickson
8/6/2012 01:45:03 pm

"AE is the Tiger Pass of 9/11 truth.." Very well put, I love it! I used to say it is the Dragnet of 9/11 truth, "just the facts, mamn"...

Steve from Orcas
8/6/2012 02:21:47 pm

very interesting trip and much dynamics! best of luck and stay in touch!

Lee Anderson
8/7/2012 05:36:19 am

I just found out about this heroic trek for truth, hey not a bad name. Anyway, I love the route you guys are taking and wish I had time to follow you with some support on my motorcycle. I may yet try to catch up to you. In the mean time I wanted to share with you a video I just watched that puts it all together very well. Here it is:


The biggest motive is to be found neatly documented in History Common's pipeline politics. Enron had a power plant in India and needed gas from the Centgas pipeline project that was being held up by the Taliban who were negotiating with Bridas oil of Argentina. There was motive also in refurbishing the opium trade controlled by the CIA and the proceeds which are laundered through Wall St. Banks, etc. The biggest problem we face is the control of the media by the same interlocking corporate entities that profited from 9/11. For instance, the so called liberal media, MSNBC was and is owned by GE, which makes nuclear weapons, and the rotary cannons that fire depleted uranium (nuclear waste) bullets at Iraqis and Afghanistanis and Pakistanis so that our oil companies can steal their resources in order to sell to the world market, i.e., China, which owns most of our debt and is gearing up for war and allying itself with Russia. It's a mess because people of all stripes worship money too much, this empowers those with money and those with geat ambitions to get more money. When money fails, and it is because it is a ponzi scheme, then we will have chaos and then a return to something of real value. Right now the parasites rule, and just like in nature with the dying forests, the parasites have their day, consume the host, kill it and invite widespread destruction and die along with everything else. Then there is regeneration and rebirth into a new sustainable system.

I wish I was riding with you two.

Steve Cohn
8/13/2012 02:25:03 am

You are an inspiration Pam! This movement is as important as you say, and AE911Truth is the best organization to volunteer for simply because they are the most professional. AND the biggest, a rare combination. Keep ridin' hard.


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