What a beautiful city! I somehow had an internal
image of Chicago being rather tough – a city to be reckoned with – a place it
would take some courage to navigate through by bicycle – but Chicago welcomes
travelers with open arms and bicyclists can not only feel at home here, this is
indeed a bicycling town, a walking town, a joggers town.

After my hostess, a local 9/11 truth activist,
picked me up at the Navy Pier, a popular amusement park on the shores of Lake
Michigan, the sun set and the city lights illuminate the Chicago skyline against
the backdrop of a deep, moonlit sky filled with cool sea air.

 As I took in the wondrous city I also recognized
the juxtaposition of hidden forces, governing and financial powers that in the
light of day would not reflect the sparking radiance of a beautiful city and
imbalances in the economic strata among the people. With another teacher's
strike looming I reflected on the endless challenges faced by the populace as
they grapple to assert fairness and equality.

Activists in Wisconsin, fired up by the
atrocities of Governor Scott Walker and his cabinet, shared numerous stories
with me, not only of actions in Wisconsin but also in Chicago where some
traveled and gathered to protest the G8 NATO summit, I heard stories of arrests
of peaceful protesters and listened in horror as an activist, a petite
elementary school teacher, shared the story of her arrest when officers in full
riot gear arrested her for screaming in defense of a young man who was being
strangled by an officer with a club to his throat – as she yelled, “Stop!!
You're killing him!!” officers surged upon her and one came over to her and
forcibly jammed his thumb into her eye.

The activists of Wisconsin ensconced me in a
series of safe havens, one after another – I felt I was part of an underground
railroad being led from one home to the next, being fed, regaled with stories
and kindnesses. There's really no way to adequately repay the kindness I've
received along the way, save to press on in good spirit.

Students, first responders, and just folks along
the way have, as has become the norm, been receptive and open to the message –
it's my belief that a paradigm shift is taking place, a collective awakening,
people are ready to hear this message.

My hope is that upon investigation of the science
and evidence presented by AE911Truthand films such as 9/11: Explosive
Evidence – Experts Speak Out or Blueprint for Truth: the Architecture of
Destruction, that individuals will take upon themselves activism in their
communities as well.

Collegesare a wonderful place to arrange
screenings of these films at – a student at a college or university can arrange
for the reservation of a lecture room at no cost. Whether 5 or 500 attend – the
message is being disseminated and there's always more that can be done.

Individuals can purchase bulk packages of these
films from the Experts Speak Out or the AE Online Store and distribute them among first
responders in their communities, as well as just going to their local college
and university campuses and talking to students – passing out dvds and
 introducing students to the science and evidence being presented by these

One selling point is that the film9/11: Explosive Evidence –Experts Speak Out
recently shot up to number 1 on the PBS Most Watched list!!
Persons interested in further college outreach
can contact Steve Cohn at scohn@ae911truth.org
Activism need not be sweeping and far reaching –
it can be but everyone counts, every action matters, everything, each
time we tell others, each time we share this message with others, in a spirit of
mutual respect and tolerance for differences, we are being an activist and
fulfilling our mandate as American citizens.

In an election year and with voting day
approaching I'm reminded that voting simply isn't enough – our forefathers gave
us an entire package of responsibilities involved in the sustenance of a free
society – it is our responsibility to assert our free speech and our right to
peaceful assembly and redress of grievances.

We've lost many liberties since and due to the
official story of 9/11 – it will be a long road ahead to have these restored for
ourselves and for our children, for their children – but that restoration won't
take place without activism –that would be impossible – activism is encoded in
our Bill of Rights not only as our right but as our responsibility – a free
society is wholly dependent upon the activism and dissent of it's people – and
for that each one of us is responsible.

10/2/2012 04:05:19 pm

Hi Pam! Read my latest comment in Rena's blog about what we are doing in Western Washington State. It is basically an AE911Truth outreach to first responders, architects and building engineers in our area -- the same thing you and Rena are doing, except we're lazier and not doing long bike rides! We have put together a 2-DVD package that consists of the ESO DVD and the Firehouse 9-11 DVD. Some distribution has already been done and more is in the works.

People in the Seattle area are invited to join in and attend a meeting for this outreach effort at:

Greenwood Public Library
8016 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle WA 98103
Time: 6:00pm
Date: Oct 18, 2012

Hopefully, other groups around the country will do similar outreach, joining you and Rena in this essential effort to reveal the truth.

10/4/2012 01:52:07 pm


You are an inspiring leader in this movement! I grew up in Chicago so I know it well. Yes it is a beautiful city and like all big cities in America it has its problems. The recent mayor Richie M. Daley created a lot of them due to the corruption and financial mismanagement during his term. He ruled the city with just about absolute political power. He sold off the city's parking rights to a company and now Chicagoans get gouged every time they want to park. Gave contracts to his cronies such as my pet peeve, the streetlights along south Lake Shore Drive. There are between 3 times and 4 times as many as are needed to adequately light the road. There are probably many more that we never hear about.

Chicago has the highest murder rate, or one of them, of America's big cities. Don't quote me on that because it may not be exactly right but the point is that the murder rate is way too high even for a big city. While Daley should have been doing something about it he was off wasting the taxpayers' money and (another example) trying to get the Olympics to come to Chicago. Excuse me, shouldn't the city get its house in order first?

Chicago has a long history of corrupt politicians including Jim Thompson and Blagoyevich (sp?) who tried to sell Obama's Senate Seat when Obama vacated it. Very smart! Daley was no better.

I also read about how the horrible Chicago police (and most of them are horrible, another tradition that goes back several decades) abused the NATO conference protestors and violated their rights and the law and the U.S. Constitution. Those Chicago cops are atrocious. I will withhold my full opinion on them and just say it's better to stay out of their reach. They are one reason I left Chicago.

I appreciate your words about taking action, and that every bit helps. Every step that a person can take to share this 9/11 Truth information helps.

I am really glad to hear that you were warmly received and shown hospitality both in Chicago and Wisconsin. It must have been really fascinating to talk with people who participated in the protest up there. I can't believe what the Wisconsin governor did.

Keep up the great work Pam. I am behind you! And you are an inspiration to the whole 9/11 Truth movement and people who have not joined it or even heard of it yet.

Mark Graham

Jeanette Rivera
10/6/2012 08:09:17 pm

Hi Pam,
Unfortunate for me that I have not met you. Your an inspiration and quite possibly a mentor in the field of taking action. You have literally covered a lot ground and passed knowledge to so many in so many places. Just wanted to let you know how it motivated me to rev up my own engine and cover some ground. Thank you and I am a volunteer if you need me for anything just call on me and if I can help, I will.

Chris Sarns
10/12/2012 02:35:49 pm


The video is excellent. It's a very powerful direct action inspiring concept as Mark Snyder so eloquently pointed out. Your efforts are already having a ripple effect.

Watching a video about two 50 plus women riding their bikes all the way across the country and seeing how they unassumingly present the evidence inspires others to do similar outreach in their local area.

This video will multiply the outreach that you and Rena have done many times. We need to make this short version and the final version go viral. I will do my best to make that happen.

Thank you for again the great effort you and Rena are putting into spreading the truth about 9/11 and promoting Experts Speak Out.

May the life force be with you.



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