Last night I slept in an alcove created by hedge
bushes near the maintenance shed of a bank in Cochrane, WI –a storm awoke me in
the middle of the night, as the winds howled and rain filtered through the
branches. Though I was deeply concerned about being caught in the elements the
equipment my friend Iraq war vet Robert Mackall supplied me with proved
invaluable – a waterproof sleeve for my sleeping bag which kept me further
insulated as well and his “woobie” a lightweight waterproof blanket which ties
to branches and creates a sort of tent or cloth lean to in nature. 

I felt extremely vulnerable last night, yet also
comforted by the kindness and thoughtfulness of friends like Robert whose
generosity has secured me through a rough night.

This morning I'm avoiding the rainy weather by
holding up in a bar and catching up with computer work I've not had time for – I
wish I could keep up with this blog but I'm simply not able to – my time is
always filled.

I've been sick as well – rode 40 miles yesterday
being unable to really eat much – this morning I'm still a bit under. I'm
avoiding riding in rainy weather by holding up in a bar in Cochrane, a milling
town in Wisconsin near the shores of the Mississippi.

It was late when I rolled into Maiden Rock, WI,
three nights ago after leaving Minneapolis, I was exhausted from the grades and
carrying the weight of my panniers over them –over previous mountain grades we
had support cars which carried the weight for us but now I've got to brave it
myself and my knees have taken the brunt of the trek – these grades are a very
real challenge which I've no choice but to face.

Having traveled 60 miles and seeing no campsite
or covey into which to disappear and sleep for the night my only choice was the
local motel. As I approached the area near directions a native had given me a
woman, bent over in her garden, digging, working, stood and smiled - exclaiming,
“Wow! You're dressed to go somewhere!”

 “Washington, DC!” I answered...adding, “Do you
know where the Maiden Rock Inn is?” 

“That's it,” she said, pointing to a large, very
old brick building across the street as she strode across to greet me, “Are you

We stood and talked as I explained my mission and
my predicament. Jennifer turned out to be the proprietor of the inn and as I
talked she said, “'re on a mission –I think we can work something

She led me in and had me park my bike in an old
gymnasium of the renovated school building, funky, beautiful, intriguing, she
and her husband Gary had purchased the old school house with other plans but
ended up transforming it into a unique bed and breakfast along the historic
tourist route which runs along the Great River Road on the shores of the

Jennifer gave me the room for half price – a
beautiful – golden room which spoke of her artistic ability and ingenuity. With
star pillows and fresh iced water I settled in to rest, take a long, hot bath
and begin to recharge my phone, camera batteries and lap

Later I had a lengthy conversation with her
husband Gary who was very familiar with the work and supportive of the mission.
It was a strange twist of fate to find myself in a bind and to land on the
doorstep of these kind supporters of the work.

After retiring to a night of comfort and respite
I awoke to violent heaving which lasted regularly through the night. I can't
remember being so ill, it's been decades. Lacking a fever I was sure I had food
poisoning – having unwisely eaten aged yogurt from my panniers.

In the middle of the night – after a couple of
hours of this torment I called AE911Truth core member and JfT coordinator Chris
Sarns and asked him to pray for me, “I don't care who you pray to or what it
means to you, I just need to know someone is praying for me...” Chris comforted
me with kind words and assured me he would do so.

Yet I had several hours yet to go before this
retching was to reach an end and by morning I made it to the door to call for
Jennifer, who I heard bustling about, and asked her if I could pay half again to
stay another night – I simply couldn't ride that day.

Jennifer wouldn't take a penny –instead she
embarked upon home remedies and motherly care.

I slept for most of the next 24 hours –taking
intervals of phone conversations.

The following day Gary bid me a warm farewell,
wishing me the best in my travels, as he headed off to tend to other business.
Jennifer insisted I join she and her other guests for breakfast – I could only
muster a few bites of egg but I had an opportunity to carry the message with
them and they listened intently.

It was difficult saying goodbye to Jennifer who
had become such a support and solace in my travels – I consider she and her
husband Gary to be genuine friends made along the way.

Their friendship harkens me to another husband
and wife team who came to my aid on my way to Minneapolis. After two instances
of tire issues after leaving St. Cloud I had a patched tire and was headed to
the next small town to purchase an inner tube – another flat! Out in the middle
of nowhere, miles from either town – I called my map maker and road coach –
AE911Truth volunteer Wayne Coste, who has been an incredible aid and support.
Wayne asked me about the width of my tires and as I laid down to see a truck
pulled up and a man emerged with deep concern, thinking I was injured. 

Mike and Brenda, who serve as missionaries in
Guatemala, invited me into their home to fix the tire and to run errands to get
what was needed. Another kind couple who listened intently to the content of the
message and who took seriously the cause of my trek.

The serendipity of the road has never ceased to
amaze me – with all of it's trails there is a solid, interwoven, golden thread
of pervasive light illuminating the road ahead and bringing comfort as the road
unfolds – this tells me the work is supported by the something Greater.

I'm grateful for an awareness that I'm in the hands of
forces beyond my control – there's a saying – God's timing is perfect – and with this in mind
I can feel assured that these challenges aren't really setbacks, perhaps they are
universal forces placing me in the care and friendship of people who are forging a deeper message -
a living testiment to human compassion and the human spirit as it permeates the events unfolding on a mission of truth.
Perhaps there are forces placing me in the presence of persons meant to experience this message, the message of the experts, at a deeper level, forged in friendship with a traveler for the cause– and with gratitude for these
new friends - I certainly like to think so.

Phil B.
9/22/2012 03:43:27 am

An oddly inspiring post - my eyes were wide open reading it. You are experiencing the truest challenges of life on the road, as an itinerant messenger of love and truth. And the vulnerabilities manifest themselves in noteworthy and sobering ways that allow us to see how susceptible and how strong we are simultaneously - a beautiful and perplexing paradox. I would concur that there is something bigger happening here. You are carried by something bigger. Few have the courage and committment to do what you are doing, and the universe recognizes this. As Churchill might say, "This is your finest hour!" And thank God for these ministering "angels" who are sustaining you. By the way, our family is praying for you every evening, out loud by name, at our dinner table. With this added information we can be more specific. Please know that you stand as a beacon of hope, as an testimony to the power of love, to our extended community here. What you are doing is exceptional.

Mona Pressley
9/23/2012 01:57:33 am


You are truly an amazing woman. You have so much caring in your heart for the people in this country and it looks like a few are there to help along the way. I hope you are rested, healthy, and happy today, Stay safe!

Al Benoit
9/23/2012 11:09:11 am

While the journey is obviously not always pleasant, the sharing is so real about this adventure, and it is truly captivating and humbling. Thank you so much.

9/24/2012 04:19:11 am


Bless you and all those who help you on your journey. There are so many of us who are and will be connected via your ride. You and others like you are the force behind a growing wave of awareness. Our voices are heard. The truth will triumph over illusion.

Dan Cook
9/24/2012 05:31:52 am

I am enjoying watching this couragous adventure and liked what Phil B. said about this being your "finest hour". Your example helps me to face my own challenges. Keep on keeping on!

Mike B
9/24/2012 07:39:59 am

Pam, you are an inspiration to so many who are with you in spirit along this journey. In the days leading up to the Toronto Hearings last year, I recall reaching a low point. Frustrated and struggling against negativity, I received the message "Stay positive keep fighting, many are with you." I just wanted to pass the same message along to you now.

9/24/2012 07:44:28 am

Keep going, Pam! We love you! :)

Uncle Mark
9/24/2012 05:17:54 pm


I'm sorry you got so sick. Glad you slept most of that 24 hours on the 2nd day, and hope you feel better. Your stories are just amazing, people's kindness and willingness to help you, prepare you, heal you, comfort you. I am very glad that you met up with Robert Mackall too. And that he gave you the equipment that sheltered you that night.

As a son of 2 avid bicyclists here's some advice you may have already thought of. When there are hills make sure to get into a small enough gear that you don't strain your knees. Even if it takes you 10% or 20% more RPMs that will protect your knees.

You are inspiring Pam. Keep it up!


Marty McGee
9/26/2012 09:32:29 am

The tears are flowing, Pam. Thank you for what you are doing?
You're an inspiration to us all. Please take care of yourself. You're in good hands with Chris and Wayne as your support team.

Rob Fish5133
9/27/2012 04:40:40 am

Awesome respect for you gals all the way from Liverpool UK

Luke 8:17
For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad

Poul Gundersen
10/3/2012 08:45:26 pm

I continuously follow your odyssey here from Denmark. Respect !


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