Dr. Niels Harrit joining us on Radio Frihed


The film Entertaining Angels is a
presentation of the life of Dorothy Day, civil resister and founder of the
Catholic Worker movement which housed and fed countless homeless persons during
the depression era. Today, throughout the U.S., CW continues the same tradition
of feeding and housing the poor as well as practicing civil disobedience in
opposition to unjust laws and draconian practices generated from the current
American governing system such as extraordinary rendition, drone strikes,
conditions at Gitmo and so forth.

A core principles of the Catholic Worker movement
might be said to be that of unification of polar forces, in this case those of
the wealthy, via donations, and the poor via upliftment.

There's a scene in this film during which CW
co-founder Peter Maurin, played by Martin Sheen, is explaining his vision to a
young Dorothy who, as a seasoned journalist and suffragette activist, has
recently converted to Catholicism and has her heart dramatically focused on the
homeless, a population which in NYC at the time was growing at an exponential

Maurin/Sheen defines to an attentive Day played
by M...(?) the spiritual relationship and mutual need between the rich and the
poor, articulating how while the rich can provide food, shelter and a bed to
sleep in for the poor that conversely the poor provide for the rich the sense of
giving, of getting out of self, of being able to show compassion, to give love,
essentially drawing them out of what would otherwise be a bubble of material
comfort and luxury; it is therefore in the ultimate spiritual sense a mutually
beneficial relationship.

A similar principle applies to the expert and the
grassroots activist who both serve to bring into the public awareness the truth
of 9/11 science and evidence. I've actually never seen quite the extent of
mutual need for what at times can be polar opposites in terms of walks of life
as of those in the 9/11 truth movement, it is a place wherein a lifelong staunch
  conservative can hold hands in gratitude with a flaming liberal activist and
walk the road toward truth together.

Mind you it doesn't always play out that way, at
times the expert is a liberal and the activist is a lifelong staunch
conservative, the point is that these polarities have found a meeting ground
in the science and evidence of 9/11 truth.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is the
singular organization within the movement which perfectly weds these two
polarities, expert and activist.

On Sunday Rena and I had the privilege of sharing
a Copenhagen radio broadcast on Radio Frihed (Radio Freedom) with the
distinguished Dr. Niels Harrit a chemist and associate professor at the
University of Copenhagen, his expertise is in nanothermite and he headed an
international research team which discovered nanothermite in the dust of 9/11;
we also had the honor of being joined by AE911Truth founder San Francisco Bay
Area architect Richard Gage, AIA who also directed the film 9/11: Explosive
Evidence– Experts Speak Out.

Mr. Gage took time from a seminar he was
conducting in Houston in order to speak with us on the radio show and to
highlight some of the key points of the scientific presentation AE is so highly
regarded for. I am deeply grateful for his ongoing support of our trek and for
the opportunity to help advance the cause of the organization he founded and to
help disseminate the film he directed which is a vital tool in educating the

Mr. Gage, as he spoke during the Copenhagen
broadcast with us, also dwelt on the draconian measures born of 9/11 which are
so vital for Americans and people around the world to understand – in actuality
I believe that Americans understand these issues least of all; obtaining their
news from corporate multinationals whose foundation of profit is embedded in the
military industrial complex.

In my view, because of the trance of television –
something I gave up years ago; the majority of Americans are spoon fed a left –
right paradigm which keeps them both politically divided and malleable to
corporate agendas which are presented as free press but in fact function as an
electric fence around all news which seriously conflicts with militaristicly 
backed corporate multinational agendas which appear, to me at least, to be a
power grab for the world's resources.

Dr. Harrit veered the interview from a hard focus
on his expertise and toward a more philosophical discussion and a focus on our
journey, a redirection which touched my heart – he was genuinely interested in
what we were doing, our motivation, our experiences, what support we were
getting, what our observations were and so forth.

One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Harrit is in
his account of when he first became aware of the destruction of Building 7 on
9/11  is that once he saw, on film, Building 7 fall (in  near free fall
acceleration and in near perfect symmetry, into it's own footprint), there was
for him, “No turning back.”  Dr. King said the same thing during the Civil
Rights Movement – during his I Have a Dream speech and this is how I feel as
well, there is no turning back,  the future of humanity rests upon the
awareness and willingness to act by the people and upon the relationship between
the experts, like Mr. Gage and Dr. Harrit, who are willing to go out on  a limb
and risk in order to tell the truth and the activists who support and work
toward the cause of these experts.

The broadcast highlighted my awareness of the
mutual need of expert and activist in the 9/11 truth movement, that we are all
in this together, playing our differing yet respective roles, traveling the long
road of peace and truth together.

Tonight, as I write and reminisce about this
broadcast and how touched I was by the gratitude and kindness expressed by both
distinguished experts to Rena and myself, two activists just doing our level
best to be creative and spread the word, to carry the message of the experts, I
am camped out in a Montana forest beneath a cloudy sky – I am awed by the depth
of soul present in these and so many experts who cast fear and self interest
aside in order to truthfully inform the public about a profoundly serious matter
and I am honored to be a servant to this cause, to serve the cause of these
experts as this is the cause of restoration of America's core principles of
liberty and due process of law as well as the cause of the ultimate freedom and
liberty of humanity itself. We come from different walks of life – I am no
  expert, no one of any stature or importance yet in this polarity of expert and
activist we are united to the truth and, yes - there is no turning

8/16/2012 12:58:39 am

I want to offer a very special thanks to radio show host Josef Hanji for his organization of the Copenhagen broadcast and for hosting the show; thanks Josef!!!

8/16/2012 01:29:58 am

Thanks Pam, it was great speaking with you. I have to apologize my bad English, I simply could not find the right words, but never the less we pulled it of. It was a great talk, about the implications of 9/11 on American and Danish lives. I loved hearing about your experiences, and im looking forward to do another talk with you both and Dr. Harrit, when you have finished your journey :)

Here is a link to the show, it starts out in Danish, so just jump a few minutes into it, to get to the English part. The music played on this show, is with Dr. Niels Harrit and his band Look Out. It is from 1985, the first number is called Hill Thrill, the next one is Jingle Balls and the last one is called Look Out (same as the band) Dr. Niels Harrit play the saxophone, and I can hear him play flute also, on Jingle Balls. I hope you enjoy the show, both you and your friend, who would like to hear more from you :)

Pamela Senzee
8/20/2012 03:26:01 pm

It's wonderful to hear Dr. Harrit play...he is a very versitle and well rounded soul - it was such a blessing to speak with him!

8/16/2012 01:31:19 am

And here is the link to the show, as promised :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GixmSj-ryjk&feature=plcp

Pamela Senzee
8/20/2012 03:26:49 pm

Thanks Josef!!! :-)

Dan Cook
8/17/2012 06:08:36 am

Dear Pam,

I so appreciate that you wrote, “In my view, because of the trance of television –
something I gave up years ago; the majority of Americans are spoon fed a left –
right paradigm which keeps them both politically divided and malleable to
corporate agendas which are presented as free press but in fact function as an
electric fence around all news which seriously conflicts with militaristicly
backed corporate multinational agendas which appear, to me at least, to be a
power grab for the world's resources.”
This helps me to better understand my own thoughts about this. It is hard for me to believe that there is an individual force that has designed this situation in the media and is working to keep the polarity such outside of the vague notion of “Satan or Maya” but I can see clearly the influence of our individual human ego’s and our tendencies to allow our emotions to dictate our actions at work here. I think it is so important that we all work to calm down and look at things even mindedly. That we set aside our need to “chop off the heads of others to feel better about ourselves” and accept and honor that others have differing views on what is going on and stop having to make others wrong just because they disagree with us. I think if we work hard to understand why those that don’t agree with us believe as they do and can be kind and considerate to all that there is a much better chance that other people will listen to what we have to say.
What has drawn me to read this blog and to watch the DVD is that those who presented this information to me came from a place that seemed considerate of others and of looking to find out what the Truth is rather than from a place of “we know what the truth is and want you to join us in trying to punish those that disagree with us”.
Thanks for doing what you are doing and being who you are. I am fortuant to have gotten the chance to learn by your example.

Pamela Senzee
8/20/2012 03:32:41 pm

Dan...thanks so much; as a fellow yogi and a personal friend I am deeply grateful for your willingness to explore a difficult subject and for your sincere comments about it.

Yes indeed....without even mindedness it all falls by the boards - the only way for us to make progress is from a center of calm and when I do that, the result is always much better and somehow has the strength to endure the tests of time...this applies to personal as well as world events - I know my activism has improved and become more effective the more I practice inner calm and even mindedness...thanks Dan!


8/23/2012 08:30:44 pm

You are most welcome Pam.

Niels sure is a great soul and a good mentor. I have learned a lot from him. Yesterday he gave another lecture in Copenhagen about the collapse of WTC7, and it was my 35th lecture with him. We are always about 5-6 truthers who help out, and speak with each others about the newest developments in 9/11 truth. I think Niels have given this presentation aprox. 150 times in Danish and English.

As a young man, Niels Harrit was one of those, who formed the first psychedelic rock-jazz band in Denmark called The Maxwells. Niels has not only written world history together with the eight other scientists, he have also been writting Danish music history for many years. He sure is an amazing man in may ways.

By the way, if anything goes wrong with the above link, then here is the official link to the show on Radio Freedom http://www.radiofrihed.dk/2012/08/eksplosive-beviser-eksperterne-taler-ud/

Keep going strong out there, I know that some people here in Denmark have begun to follow your journey. We loved the video you put out with the fire chief, and we would love to see more videos from out there. I really hope some activist will begin to join up with you for a day or two, when you pass near their homes. And that the could help you document this fantastic effort. Maybe when you get to more populated areas, luck could turn out that way.

My best wishes to you, Rena and Mark.

Chrissy Weisgard
9/1/2012 09:24:35 pm

Thank you for this amazing journey you are on, your dedication to truth and also the beautiful pieces you write.Know that we Copenhagen truthers are rooting for you!


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