Last night I felt I was sitting on the lap of
God, on the secluded shores of  Lake Pend Oreille, with jagged cliffs and
rolling mountains, on a clear, windy starlit one around for miles – a
place where one can hear the universe breath.

The Pend Oreille is a gentle river, fed by the
peaceful lake of the same name, the river has been an elder sister whom I've
felt a quiet support from as we've ridden alongside her for the past 2 or 3
days...even the sun sets down beneath her shores gently, carefully,
respectfully, as if bowing to the great lady.

In India rivers are sacred, they are givers of
life, the circulation of the planet, something to be revered and well we trek across this country I understand this ancient principle
more deeply, the rivers are indeed alive with the pulse of life...water on this
sphere is life itself.

Yesterday was a day of incessant outreach...many
people along the, receptive, all friendly...a wonderful journey, the
hills were kind and I felt assuaged for all I've had to let go of during the
trek...yesterday even my sleeping bag had to go...too heavy.

Physically, I'm down to, I would guess, about a
hundred pounds now, getting stronger, building muscle but growing even
thinner...I simply haven't the physical strength to haul the weight of needed
supplies...I keep having to trim down to less than I ever imagined I could
survive on....but last night, the universe gave me gift in return for my
sacrifices, the solitude of unspoiled Nature...a gift beyond words.

Rena and I spent the evening and this morning in
silence, soaking in the sounds and beuty of natural seclusion.

Another gift walked into our lives last night,
quite literally, in the form of theologian and author

Prof. Thomas Jay Oord who was on his own trek and
spirit journey, walking from the Nevada/Idaho border on into Canada...for him it
is an inner journey and he had gone for 18 days without speaking to
  anyone...practicing the healing and centering gift of silence...not the silence
of betrayal which King spoke of or the silence of a cold withdrawal from others,
rather the kind of silence from which answers come from, the kind that leads to
solutions and to positive action.

He broke his silence with us. Open to the
information about Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, he was well versed
in the writings of theologian Prof. David Ray Griffin. 

We talked as well about both our treks, about our
teenage and adult children, about religion, philosophy, about nonviolent
Christianity...I could have stayed and talked for hours with this philosopher
who understood the need for silence and long walks.

Yet, he was road weary and he missed his wife,
his three daughters. He'd written numerous books though he hadn't really
considered writing one about his trek...his journey born of the a pure
motivation to go within, to find a deeper awareness of his God within himself. 
He showed me a list of quotes which he carried
with him, Thomas Merton, Walt Whitman, he walked away I knew I had
just met and spent an hour or so with a very great man.

As I slept off and on through the night, no more
sleeping bag only two thin woolen wraps which just cover my small body I
realized that between myself and the cool night air was a blanket of energy and
somehow this seemed to help...the beauty of a stunning night sky tempered my
experience of the cool night air.
There were many shooting stars last night, their
tails just dripping with was a brilliant night, universes passing by
and here I am, one small activist baring the elements in order to bring a
message to the people about science and evidence which they've a right to know.
It sounds like a dark ages a way...taking risks for the sake of
science, sleeping on a thin mat on the cold ground, meeting fellow travelers who
are journeying on would all be fitting for a time two or three hundred
years ago save I am writing about it on my laptop.

Humankind  has yet so far to go...evolution, like
these mountains, is slow and resistant...time is what it is but truth is
unchanging, that's where our footing is, that's where our faith can be
rooted...truth is unchanging.




Richard Fleek
8/9/2012 05:25:26 am

Pam, as long as you continue to tap from the inner fountain of faith you will find the strength to meet whatever challenges come your way on your trek torwards NYC and DC. You are driven by TRUTH and the need to Serve Humanity. Your effort as well as that of Rina will leave an indellible footprint on Planet Earth. My Blessings go out to both of you. Thank You for sharing your experiances. Namesta!

8/10/2012 01:57:40 am

Richard you have been such an inspiration through the many blessings have come into my life through you....I hope you are aware of that; thanks for all the prayers and please pass on my gratitude to others whom we know whom I know have sent so many prayers and well wishes....the challenges and adversities of the trek have been interwoven with the uplifting thoughts and kind words of others as we progress...thanks for yours and for your friendship.


10/14/2013 09:31:31 pm

Really appreciate you sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Really

8/9/2012 01:30:37 pm

Your writings about the river (et al), reminds me of how I felt when I used to backpack in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. I remember finding places that made me feel as though these places were sacred on their own accord, without a declaration or designation of sacredness by humans. The feeling is one of great tranquility, peace, serenity and oneness with the universe. For me it was a religious/spiritual experience of the very best kind. Thanks for reminding me. Its so sad that we cannot experience this more in everyday life in America as we are assaulted continuously by advertisements and horrible mainstream propaganda and the never-ending "war on terror" that was enabled by the events of 9/11. We must have the truth. We cannot heal without it.

8/10/2012 01:48:57 am close your beautiful and moving comment with a call for healing...this is so very true...truth is the foundation of all healing, we cannot heal individually or as a nation without it. Thanks for putting your love of humanity and country into action!

8/10/2012 01:45:03 am

Beautiful writing, Pam. You've heard of those foil sleeping bags that reflect your body heat, haven't you? Looks like they're pretty inexpensive and lightweight. Here's an example of what I mean:

8/10/2012 01:51:19 am

Wow!! Thanks for being a lifesaver Jody! ;-)

I'll definitely look into this and thanks for the kind words.


Mark Snyder
8/11/2012 07:11:20 am

I think you could find those in just about any store that carries camping or sports equipment and maybe even in some hardware stores. They are good for the cold and pack into less than the size of a pack of (choke!) cigarettes, the only drawback being they make lots of crinkly noises if you move around in them at all, being made of aluminized mylar.

Steve Cohn
8/13/2012 02:18:18 am

This is one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever read! Congratulations Pam (and Rena too) for persevering in order to get the truth out! I tell 1 or 2 people every day about 9/11 Truth, and it feels great. I can only imagine how good it feels to outreach like you are doing every day on your bicycle! We are proud of you and we miss you in Phoenix already.

Dan Cook
8/14/2012 09:43:48 am

Hi Pam,

I was surprised to hear about your great adventure. I found the CD’s I had lent you in my mail box a few days ago and then was surprised to see a note on the bulletin board at the Temple about your trek this morning. I was just talking to my friend Will last night about how I felt what you have been doing to try and get an answer to what happened on 911 is so much more important than the back and forth arguments that are going on in the media. All the issues of the presidential campaign seem so insignificant when I think of the questions that are left unanswered about 911.
I am so proud of you and impressed by your courage and dedication. You are a positive example for us all. Reading your writings I am also impressed with your literary skills. I am amazed at your willingness to take on the physical challenge as well!
I talk to some discreetly about what you have brought to my attention and am appreciative of our talk at Sweet Tomatoes many moons ago. I appreciated your calm and even minded presentation that allowed me to hear what you were saying. Emotionalism would not have gotten my attention and I would have attributed the message to hysteria. My talks with others have been surprising. Some that I thought would be very resistant were quit open and some that I thought would be open shut me down as irrational. One has told me that it may be true but that he does not want to know.
I imagine you are playing your role this time around very well but then who can really tell. I know that you have inspired me to try and play my role better and to work more diligently to align myself with Truth. I pray you are feeling the Presence and that you are getting closer to the Source with every push of the peddle.
Please hold on to the Love and Calmness that you have presented to me that allowed me to hear your message and not allow emotionalism to bring darkness into your sight. As I listen to the little bit of presidential campaign that I can not avoid I feel so saddened by the state of our society. We are just a bunch of undisciplined little children that are caught up in our emotions lashing out venomously at one another.
I look forward to monitoring your adventure and would love to hear from you if you get a chance.

Peace be with you my sister,

8/18/2012 02:36:37 pm

Pam, your trek is so inspiring. It reminds me of the natural sacred placed i'd been to that one can hear and taste the breath of Life, of Universe of ALL THAT Is. Richard gave me this site link and I'm very grateful he did. Please take good care of yourself. Although humans don't live by food alone, please take care of your lovely sacred physical temple. Much love to you from the land of Prescott, Lavinia~


In recent years, Nazarene theologians have increasingly understood the movement's distinctive theological doctrine, entire sanctification, as best understood in terms of love. Thanks for sharing.

10/9/2013 09:37:10 pm

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