As my train pulls out of Penn Station in NYC
heading, ultimately, back home to the Phoenix Metro I'm reflecting upon all that
has transpired over the past three months since Rena and I commenced our journey
from the San Juan Islands on July 25th. I feel so very blessed that we both made
it and to have had the privilege to play a pivotal role in a sweeping team
which has included many, many others.

For myself, the DC actions themselves are
pivotal; the culmination of a goal to make a genuine difference, as an activist,
with the unfolding and far reaching conditions of a post 9/11 world. The DC
actions may serve to bring to fruition some kind of investigative process, at
the very least into the presence of nanothermite in the dust of 9/11 – this, at
any rate, is my very sincere prayer.

I first and foremost wish to express deepest
gratitude for attorney David Meiswinkle for taking time from his hectic schedule
to accompany and guide me through the process of the DC actions. With his help I
was able to submit a peer reviewed science paper which has been published in the
Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal for over three years now, to the DC FBI
office for investigation. The paper is entitled Active Thermitic Material in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade
Center Catstrophe
and it documents the discovery, by an
international team of 9 scientists, of a high grade military incendiary known as
nanothermite, also called super thermite – as it is built from the atom up, in
a laboratory and due to it's nano size particles is profoundly powerful –
melting steel instantly.

Dr. Niels Harrit, the lead researcher of the team
and an expert in nanothermite technology gives an enlightening presentation, as
his testimony, at the Toronto Hearings for 9/11 which took place in
Canada last year. He covers important ground not only with the characteristics
and use of nanothermite during the 9/11 WTC catastrophe but explores a medical
discovery as well – that of carbon nanotubes in the lungs of first

This medical research was included in the DC
actions as a formal request to be investigated along with the nanothermite

After discovering that documents are no longer
permitted to be handed in person to either the Justice Department, the FBI or
the White House, as a security measure, I sent a copy of the AE911Truth petition
of over 1,700 architects and engineers asking for a new, independent
investigation, with subpoena power (keeping in mind the 9/11 Commission did not
have subpoena power) to President Obama along with a DVD of 9/11 Explosive
Evidence– Experts Speak Out; after speaking with the White House staff secretary
I discovered that the president does indeed review the petitions which are sent
to him – I also mentioned, in a note, the science documents which were submitted
to the DC FBI Office.

Thanks to Mr. Meiswinkle's drive and direction
the DC actions manifested in a manner we both feel positive about – having
spoken with a number of persons along the chain, and assessing that all worked
out in the best way possible in terms of initiating a process. I'm very grateful
for his services during the DC actions.

I'd also like to thanks George Ripley an activist
in DC who graciously served as my host and introduced me to numerous DC
activists, many associated with the legendary (yet, sadly, no longer in
business) Rock Creek Free Press. George not only opened his home for over a week
– and his kitchen – but he provided transportation, not the least of which was
the use of an ultra modern electric bicycle (aaaaahhhh!!;-))

I slept in a penthouse on top of George's roof in
the heart of DC and will always carry the enjoyable memories of this unique

David Meiswinkle was kind enough to escort me to
Ground Zero after the DC actions had been completed. I really can't put into
words what it meant to me – I was overcome with emotion as we approached the new
Freedom Tower and Building 7.

We passed out DVDs of the film 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out
recently number 1 on the PBS Most Watched list – spoke with people at the site
about the film, the trek and 9/11 - and then, at some point, both fell into
silence – I haven't the words to describe the experience – save to say I was
extremely grateful that the attorney who proved so helpful during the DC actions
sat in silence with me as we both prayed for the future of our country and our
world there on a bench in front of the newly rebuilt Building 7.

David took me further down, to Wall Street, and
to the very spot where George Washington was sworn in as our first president – I
like to believe that I genuinely felt his presence there with us, supporting our
actions and those of countless others which endeavor to support and disseminate
the work of the distinguished body of experts associated with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

My last stop in NYC was Penn Station, where I had
a more or less sleepless night waiting for my mid-morning train the following

Now, having been on the train a few hours –
writing and contemplating– I head for my home and then to a retreat in Northern
Arizona where I'll be able to assimilate and compile my thoughts in order to,
hopefully, develop the foundation of a book which I pray will offer hope and
encouragement to concerned humanitarians and activists in America and

Peace and Love to all of you who have supported
this effort, in so many countless ways along the way, as this train roles out of
yet another stop along it's route – I take your spirit with me – always.
10/28/2012 05:41:46 am

The journey doesn't end there Pam. I won't live in a world based on lies and deceit. Actually we can't live in such a world because a world based on lies and deceit will rather than later be devoid of life. There is no option but to continue the struggle. You have done your part courageously, selflessly and honorably. I am in your debt for what you have accomplished. I hope that I can pick up this enormous torch you carried with you all the way to DC. I hope Obama at least watches the DVD and comes away with an understanding of the pivotal position he has perhaps unwittingly found himself in.

Pamela Senzee
10/29/2012 01:11:11 am

That's right Timothy - no turning back!!

10/28/2012 06:55:26 am

The 9/11 Commission did have subpoena power.

It just didn't apply it very strongly or effectively.

Chris Sarns
10/28/2012 07:16:17 am

Congratulations on a journey well done. You can now take a well deserved rest on your journey home. It was an honor and a pleasure working with you and Rena during the JfT. I am still available 24/7 to help with the follow up in any way I can.

David Cole
10/28/2012 10:56:41 pm

Once again I find myself at a loss for words. Thank you for sharing this Journey For Truth with us.

Al Benoit
10/29/2012 09:04:03 am

That was really something remarkable. God bless you!

10/30/2012 03:06:27 am

I'm so glad to hear you got out of the area before the big storm hit. I'm a bit worried about Rena, though. I hope she makes it out okay!

Earl Erickson
11/4/2012 12:43:34 am

There is something odd going on with "like" feature on this page... When I clicked like, and attempted to post link with comment on facebook, it did not post. After clicking "like", it showed 5 likes, then dropped back to 2. Also I am unable to share posts you made on facebook via twitter. I almost get the impression that the powers that be who control this complicated technology are conspiring to suppress this amazing story... I will try some other ways to share it.


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