Trekking through the lowlands approaching the
Cascades, yesterday, I was taken aback by the juxtaposition of the stunning
natural beauty and the scarring of our modern march for luxurious resources. The
practice of clear cutting in the forests of Washington leave patchwork patterns
of devastation on the mountainsides which while viewing added a sense of loss as
I passed through the breathtaking beauty of the moss covered forests along the
Skagit River.

I felt like one of Piaget's children, who
described a sense that the moon was ever following them, as the Skagit would
appear and disappear, ebbing and flowing into my view like a mother following my
path, waving me on and providing comfort and solace as I faced the first genuine
day of trekking.

Before trekking along the Skagit we met a sheriff
along the way, coming into Burlington, WA he was friendly and open, humorous. We
gave him a dvd and as we explained our cause; we mentioned the challenge of this
distinguished body of experts to the National Institute of Standards and
Technologies...his parting words with a smile were something like, “I think
we're all aware the government may be prone to cover things up!”

It was heartening to speak with a first responder
who expressed receptivity and friendly candor about this subject.

Next we visited the Burlington Fire Chief's
office and spoke at length with his assistant who was also friendly and open; he
acknowledged the need for citizens to ask these important questions and their
right to expect official answers to them as well. He also acknowledged the
credentials of the body of experts we are representing as we trek across the
country and their right to officially heard.

I slept well in the campgrounds of Rockport, WA
after a 60 mile trek, knowing we had accomplished our task in educating
Americans along the way with the awareness of the innocent receptivity with
which these first responders in Washington State received the vital message
which so many experts have put their careers on the line in order to had been a successful day.

Richard Fleek
7/27/2012 04:49:18 am

You are two miracle workers. There is a Devine guiding force behind your work. Namaste!

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:24:13 pm


7/27/2012 08:04:52 pm

Thank you Pam and Rena for spreading the message why 9/11 matters now more than ever. America fell when those towers fell, and the freefall is rapidly gaining strength today! Unless we re-investigate 9/11 as soon as possible with the REAL facts and evidence to uncover the REAL reasons why we have forfeited our liberties, emptied our coffers, and are waging endless wars that bankrupt our moral-standing, the 99% will continue sliding. RISE UP AND RIDE WITH PAM AND RENA FOR TRUTH NOW!

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:23:45 pm

Thanks glad to be working with you!!

7/27/2012 10:34:27 pm

Rena, so great to read about your adventure, taking the message of 9/11 truth cross a country which sorely needs to establish greater accountability for its government's hidden agendas.

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:21:44 pm

Thanks Eric and we'll be in touch!

Steve Kuettel
7/28/2012 12:50:40 pm

Really appreciate your dedication - you opened my eyes and I hope many others will think about this... just to get people to start to realize that they are being 'bluffed' by the media, on so many issues. Good luck on your journey, and please include some pictures along the way!

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:20:40 pm

Will do Steve...thanks so much!!

7/29/2012 02:55:57 am

Great work girls - spread the message!

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:19:31 pm

Thanks Jamie!!


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