Yesterday was, for me, a day of tests and trails.
With an hour sleep I faced a 2,200 grade pass...Loup Loup Pass which is over
4000 feet in elevation and just over half that from our commencement level at
Twisp. Starting off late I was unable to complete my morning yogic exercises or
to meditate...I was off balance...and began the journey without eating, this was
sure to be a difficult day and it was.

There is, however, great blessing in struggle,
lessons to be learned and strength to be built; I'm not afraid of adversity but
neither do I seek it. I noticed that on the ascending grade I turned deeply
within, while on the down slope I didn't find the shouldn't ever be
a down slope, adversity deepens one's quest for truth.

As I made my slow ascent friends reached out to
me. One friend texted a smiley face...a simple nonverbal lift. We had recently
been discussing a Hindu sage, swami Sri Yukteswar Giri and after seeing this
smile cheering me on as I bore down, sometimes peddling sometimes walking the
steepest inclines, I thought of the meaning of the last title in Sri Yukteswar's
name...Giri, it means mountain. I felt as if the sage had joined me, lifting me
up the mountain, strengthening me on.

 Another friend sent a message that he was praying
the rosary for us and again I felt lifted up and inspired by the kindness of
others...I began to pray the rosary as well, though not Catholic it's a practice
I hold dear.

It seemed that in the most difficult spots, the
hope would appear, the encouragement of numerous bicyclists, athletic, toned,
fast....cheering me on as I made my way, obviously out of their league yet they
clearly appreciated the effort.

As I progressed up the slope I found myself in a
dying forest; a mountain pine beetle epidemic has waylaid this forest. The
surrounding tone of death seemed to add to the challenge of my day. Each time I
stopped to rest and drink water I would soak in the view...a broad stretch of
dying trees...even the creeks seemed to be in mourning.

At one point I saw a beautiful pine, fresh and
new...clearly recently planted with a stake and blue ribbon isolated
beauty amid a sea of death.

Rena and I keep our own pace and, as the slower
of the two on these steep grades, I'm often riding in solitude. I have grown to
treasure this solitude, it gives me time to introspect and contemplate, time to
observe my surroundings and assimilate from them, perhaps, something deeper. As
I passed through the dying forest I observed something else as well...the
assertion of life.

As the summit became the down slope gradually the
dying forest turned into the dying forest and....the dying forest
and farms, the dying forest and orchards, the dying forest and
homes with families and children and gardens...this is the nature of

We live in a closing society wherein numerous
liberties have been lost...our loss of liberty is the slow death of the core
principles upon which this country was founded, we must face this truth in order to change it.
The Patriot Act gave a sweeping blow and turned out to be only
the beginning. The momentum hasn't eased, the
Obama administration has set into place many draconian measures which utterly
desecrate the principle of due process including the legalization of the
assassination of Americans. He further exhibited his willingness to sign away
due process when on January 1st of this year he
legalized the indefinite detention of Americans without charge; in other
countries this is called “disappearing”. 

This law went to court and has since been
overturned yet the government stance was that the ruling only applied to the
plaintiffs...there are still, to my mind, questions.

These are unjust laws, they are laws with defy
the very core of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, yet the plethora of
subversive laws which have been passed over the past decade are based on the
official story for 9/11....a story sharply challenged by hard science and

The result of this official story, in other
words, is a closing society, a dying Constitution, a fading Bill of Rights. It's
time we, as Americans assert life.

In my view AE911Truth is the key, it is a cornerstone to the assertion of life and
of truth for our nation
because it paints a very clear picture with the brushstrokes of
science and technical truths.

Everyone can do something, supporting AE911Truth
is simple, your donations, your purchases, your signature on the petition, your
volunteerism, your willingness to start an Action Group or become a Local
, these are simple things that anyone can do...they are an assertion
of life!

Tomorrow morning I'm up before dawn so that I can
practice a morning ritual of yoga and meditation and prepare myself mentally and
physically for tomorrow's 3000 elevation grade. I haven't questioned once the
soundness of what I'm doing, there is no doubt in my mind, heart or soul of the
validity of this action, it is an assertion of life, an assertion of the
principles this country was founded upon, an assertion of truth.

If you pray, regardless of your religion, please
pray for us...if you don't pray, please send good thoughts and regardless,
please support the cause for which Rena and I are trekking across the country....AE911Truth.

Al Benoit
8/2/2012 09:44:21 am

I admire your inspirational assertion, Pam!

Tthanks so much Al!
8/2/2012 05:32:13 pm

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:34:53 pm

Btw...whereabouts in the country are you? We might be headed your way, feel free to contact me at or call at 623-262-2234

Bernie Suarez
8/22/2012 09:08:20 am

Way to go Pam!! Please keep the good spirit and energy that 9/11 Truth deserves. Your efforts are well recognized!

Peace and Love



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