It was a heartwarming and bittersweet experience
yesterday as I said my goodbyes, on the eleventh Anniversary of September
11th, to Iraq war veteran Robert Mackall and
his family who had given me a three days and three nights haven, from the road, in their home as I prepared for a solo trek to Washington DC.

We arrived in Fargo, and rode to Robert's home,
on Saturday night, met by he and his lively and exuberant children who brought me back to my days before trek-life when as a preschool teacher I spent much of my life immersed in the joys and frustrations of youngsters. 

Early Sunday morning Rena said her goodbyes and left the Mackall home to continue her outreach and commence her solo trek to NYC as 9/11 Journey for Truth expands it's goals and broadens it's the horizons! 

I chose to remain and to embrace the warm welcome of the Mackall family while I became better prepared
for my solo trek to DC. On this front Robert became an invaluable help – driving me around town, filming, as we traveled the city of Fargo,  for a documentary in progress, of the Washington DC trek, by filmmaker Eric Stacey – director of the
groundbreaking film, dealing with a core American issue today – that of war induced PTSD, Purple Mind, which can be viewed on Facebook.

Robert even arranged to have a television crew from Fargo's Valley Live News come out and interview me (unfortunately, Rena was unable to make the interview in person or by phone). This interview by reporter Jennifer Titus was actually fun as a young cameraman, Dylan Jacobson, follow me around on his skateboard, getting footage of my tires, my feet pedaling and so forth, as I rode my bicycle in circles around the parking lot, up the street, over a bridge and back again – what a blast! 

Bumped by tennis, the news station is still working on the report of our trek and it may appear in the next day or two. Robert is still working with them in making sure the interview airs. Yesterday he handed out DVDs of 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out as he went about his business in Fargo – an AE911Truth petition signer – Robert has
become an incredible support for the trek.

Yesterday, on the morning of September 11th, 2012 I was sitting outside of his home, preparing my bicycle tires for the trek when Robert strode toward me with an armload of belongings and plopped them all down in front of me. He gave me things that he had lived through the war with, supplied me with an array of necessities that would serve to ensure my survival – I was genuinely floored – I committed to sending everything back to him once completing the trek.

Before I left Fargo– beginning my solo trek to Washington DC - this Iraq war veteran and I both cried.

As I rode away his wife and
daughter followed me to the street, waving, saying goodbye –my last words were
to the four year old girl, “Read lots of books!!” and with that I was off.

There is much in life that words cannot convey – my stay with the Mackall family falls into that category – there is much that is beyond words here– God stuff I suppose – during the trek up to then I'd often wondered where I would actually be on the 11th Anniversary– this is where the Universe placed me.

After leaving the Mackall home I rode up to North Dakota State University and spent the afternoon there speaking with students about the message of the experts and filming those who would give permission. It was a rewarding afternoon with a number of students entirely engaged.

I encouraged them to examine the information and to contact me, as a member of theAE911Truth College Outreach Team, if they were interested in starting a student group and getting more deeply involved in the solution. Students and faculty reading this blog can get active on campus by contacting collegeoutreach@ae911truth.org or contact the AE911Truth College Outreach Team Leader Steve Cohn at scohn@ae911truth.org

On my way out of Fargo I spoke with another bicyclist as we waited for a light near the Main Ave. Bridge – a replica of the Statue of Liberty poised a few feet away. My new friend goes by the name of Pastor Phillip –former mafia, raised by a mafia father – the Pastor had tattoos all over his arms, sunglasses and he was utterly on fire with bringing about positive change in the world. He had turned his life around years ago and began to outreach to youth, teaching inner city kids boxing and helping them to get off drugs and build a better life.

We stood there talking through several lights as two groups of runners ran toward and around us, and past the Statue of Liberty replica gracing the bridge entrance. I shared the message of the experts with Pastor Phillip and at one point he changed his igniting demeanor and looked at me solemnly saying, “You want to know what I think? I think 9/11 was an inside job.” I responded with, “Well, these experts will never say that, they simply point to the science and evidence.” but Pastor
Phillip pressed on asking, “Yeah, but what do youthink?” I nodded.

Pastor Phillip was a heartwarming and interesting way to say farewell to Fargo, the town that held me for a time during a crucial turning point in my life –the Pastor gave me strength, hope and faith, as did the students at NDSU and my good friend Iraq war veteran Robert Mackall – I'm going to miss Fargo.

My last stop in Fargo, ND was at LJA Architects and Engineers, an architectural and engineering firm serving the greater Fargo region – where I took several DVDs of 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out to be given to the professionals of LJA.

The receptionist eyed a chart behind the front desk and replied sincerely to my request to speak to an architect or engineer, “Hmmmm, no –unfortunately none are here right now...” but she took the DVDs and listened very attentively, I believe she recognized the value and credibility of the information.

Today, I'm spending wifi time at a delightful convenience store in Barnsville, MN – in a side room with tables, outlets, food – an on the road activist's dream come true.

The solo trek to DC has begun – the plan is to bring the AE911Truth petition of over 1,700 architects and engineers who are demanding a new investigation along with a DVD of  9/11: Explosive Evidence –Experts Speak Out to the White House and to submit the peer reviewed science paper Active Thermitic Material Found in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade center Catastrophe, and a DVD as well, to the Justice Department with a citizen's request for formal investigation.

9/11 Journey for Truth is growing as we press on on, divergent in paths yet unified in purpose and ever pointing to the message of the experts.

Richard Fleek
9/12/2012 06:38:45 am

You and Rena have gone along ways, 2000 miles. As u might be aware, I've been tracking your trek from Orcas to Fargo, ND. Now that You and Rena have departed company, You will be constantly in my prayers. Keep all of us inforrmed! I'm sure your trek to D.C. will be exciting and rewarding. You and Rena are doing a tremendous service to mankind. God and the Great Ones are with You.

Pamela Senzee
9/13/2012 01:37:40 am

Prayers back at ya Richard!! :-)

9/12/2012 06:39:30 am

Excellent! Glad to hear you guys are expanding the outreach.

I mentioned your journey in a 9/11 article I wrote yesterday about activism in Seattle.

To read it, just click on my name.

Looking forward to hearing more about the journey...

9/12/2012 07:34:39 am

Safe journey, Pam. Your energy, dedication and passion for the truth is inspiring.

Chris Sarns
9/12/2012 08:39:23 am

It's about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the scenery and the people as you go. We are thankful and proud of you and Rena for this important outreach. Carry on.


9/12/2012 10:43:21 am

It sure takes a lot of energy and commitment to do what you are doing. Thank you in humanity's name.


Richard Fleek
9/12/2012 11:04:50 am

That's nice!

9/13/2012 05:42:28 am

Great to hear from you again, Pam! Thanks so much for doing what you do! :)

Frank E. Lane, M.D.& Associates
9/16/2012 07:37:04 am

Good work Pam! By splitting up, I suppose you and Rena have doubled your effect... and the number of blogs I have to read to keep up! If you have covered over 2000 miles already, handing out the DVD "Explosive Truth" and speaking to people about 9/11/01, without running into hostilities... I'm pleasantly surprised! And, encouraged! Have you ever thought of our "national exercise in denial" about 9/11/01 as a parallel to how families often deal with incest? Incest families function with an "open secret" where maintaining the denial is meant in some, involuntary way, to protect. They are trying to protect their sense of security; they want to believe, so strongly, that the powerful authority figure in which they place all their trust, is going to protect them, keep them safe... not betray them, use them for cannon fodder. Even though similar lies were told to perpetuate the Vietnam "conflict", many more actively protested and resisted the government's illegal war of aggression. I think maybe the increased suicide rate in vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, results from the extra guilt/shame they experience in the knowledge that they volunteered for this... that they were not drafted. But, guess who engineered that subtle little twist, who was sitting in the Nixon's White House as Chief of Staff, working with Donald Rumsfeld to feed the military-industrial complex, future CEO of Halliburton... and then Vice President to George W. Bush? Yep, Cheney. War Criminal, like all other war criminals, Milosivic,Karadzic, Pinochet, Amin... they "never did anything wrong" Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were not sacked at 60 Minutes, for no reason, after all, the days of a "Free Press" were over. I've paid attention to these things since so many of my contemporaries died in Vietnam "following orders", or chose civil disobedience and fled to Canada or elsewhere rather than go killing people "just because the government told them to". The mindlessness of "The Good American" is no different from that of the "Good German" of Hitler's reign. There were no WMD in Iraq and the Twin Towers did not collapse from the acts of Arab terrorists...but, do doubt, there were certain powerful interests who promoted these lies for their own reasons. They might, even now, be rattling their sabers and calling for war in Iran...

Phil B.
9/19/2012 01:29:54 pm

Thank you, Frank, for this timely reflection. Your analogy of truth denial and the secrets of incest is cogent and insightful. I hope to use it in the future when conversations about denial of 9/11 evidence comes up.

Earl Erickson
9/23/2012 04:08:25 am

well said.

8/11/2013 10:49:52 pm

The combination of heat and humidity in the summer brings very frequent thunderstorms, some of which occasionally produce tornadoes in the area. Thanks.


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