Minneapolis was a haven of support from activists
– welcomed into town being met by activist Susy---------at a Perkins just inside
of western Minneapolis she toted me into town and took me to the home of
activist Bruce Stahlberg who graciously opened his home to me during my stay in
the Twin Cities.

Later that evening Bruce cooked a wonderful meal
for 9/11 Family member Cathryn Statz and myself. We sat up talking for hours
about the strength of activism in Minneapolis and what some of their secrets
are...some being investing in radio advertising for events. Cathryn shared
stories about her sister Patty who died at the Pentagon and I felt privileged to
be welcomed into her remembrances.

The following day Susy picked me up and we were
off to the University of Minnesota for outreach. Susy served as videographer as
well as I approached students, telling them about the trek and the message of
the experts. Students were generally receptive and listened with intent,
committing to research further –though I spoke with one student who frankly told
me he was too busy with grad school to deal with the implications of the
information –a response which clearly indicated he understood the gravity
implied by the hard science and evidence which is illuminated by these

That evening Susy insisted on treating me to
dinner at a fine Italian restaurant – Rinatas in uptown Minneapolis. We spent
the evening discussing activism, the arrests of so many reporters and activists
at the 08 RNC, and the Occupy movement.

Later Bruce, Cathryn and I poured over maps
determining the best route out of Minneapolis.

Early the next day, Cathryn took a morning off
work to join me by bicycle to the outskirts of town –we had a wonderful ride
along the bike paths of Minneapolis. 

Upon reaching the juncture of Highway 61 we were
met with a highway construction worker who approached us, curious about where we
were heading – making conversation – and we shared the message of the experts
with him; he immediately grasped the significance of the mission and expressed a
determination to look into it further.

As I began to venture off toward the highway he
rejoined us, announcing he had called for highway support for me as I crossed
Interstate 494, a crossing which has very narrow shoulders – and indeed, as I
approached the pass there was the support with lights flashing to take me
across, thanks to a new born 9/11 truther!

Minneapolis was a haven for me – the kindness of
the activists, supporters and those receptive to this information give me
strength to face the challenges ahead as the road unfolds.

9/22/2012 03:46:48 am

Wow, wow and WOW!!! There is love in unseen places, and there is something in humanity that is so worth celebrating right now. I am so completely proud, and thankful for the construction worker!!! May he experience ten-fold the blessings that he brought to you!

Uncle Mark
9/24/2012 05:08:21 pm


That is awesome. People are seeing the strength of your commitment and the size of your actions and knowing that they can connect with you, they share something with you in terms of your heart and your conscience.

I'd like to know more about the state of activism in Minnesota. And I agree with what Phil wrote.

Ride safely and have fun!



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