Let me simply say it – THANK YOU!!

Arriving in DC yesterday, I was acutely aware of the fact
that I arrived with many others who have helped along the way – people loyal to
the AE911Truth mission and many as well who while entirely new to this
information helped me in countless ways out of sheer human goodness.

My first big thank you goes to the other half of
Journey for Truth Rena Patty who took a lofty idea of mine, that of walking
across America for 9/11 truth, and honed it into a viable outreach with a
beginning, middle and end; it's because of Rena that this trek became the solid
AE mission that it has become and I'm all too grateful to be a part of it. Her
model of self discipline on the road and yes – a bit of training (I recognized,
early on, that at times I was a bit like Goldie Hawn's movie character Private
Benjamin on the road and sometimes accused Rena of putting me through boot
) have made it possible for me to actually complete the DC leg of the
trek – this became increasingly clear as my solo trek progressed. Rena I am ever
in your debt - you have my love, friendship and prayers always!

I also want to thank AE911Truth founder Richard
Gage, AIA who took this concept and gave AE's sweeping support at every level
and personally - when I found myself struggling on the road to such a degree
that I had to reach out for help - Richard Gage was there with leadership and
sage counsel – he immediately formed a Team for JfT which included Team
Coordinator Chris Sarns who became the go to guy for anything under the sun or
moon, Wayne Coste whom I habitually have called “my cartographer”,Fran Shure
one of the amazing psychological experts from the film 9/11: Explosive Evidence
– Experts Speak Out and Laura Katleman, one of Richard's close assistants, who
became my confidant and a very dear friend. Without this Team and Richard's
undying support I don't know that I would have made it to DC – thank you
Richard, it's an honor and a privilege to be able to serve AE.

To my Team Leader, Chris Sarns –thanks for genuinely being there night and day -at all
hours, rain or shine, come hell or high water  - with love, humor and a bit of
spunk – I loved it! You made me laugh when I could've cried and your can do
spirit kept me going –thanks Chris!

Wayne Coste, “my cartographer”became an
invaluable and daily help, Wayne I think you took on more than anyone - 
receiving my calls and texts while you were working, late at night, during
meetings – you were always there with never a hint of the daily weight I was
adding to your load and in addition you habitually checked in on me and
organized, with your wife Gail, the bicyclist's care package which literally
changed my daily experience on the road, and with weather in particular, to a
remarkable degree– you didn't miss a beat and I'll always love you for

And Fran Shure whose psychological guidance and
professionalism, offered with the warmth, friendship and humor, made it possible
for me to overcome challenges within myself that could've hindered my progress
substantially – Fran I'll always think of you along with the expansive starlight
of a sweeping Milky Way, talking at night, going deeper into internal concepts
while gazing at the northern outback evening sky – you made all the difference
and I'm eternally grateful!

Finally – Laura Katleman, whom I could well up
with tears in gratitude for – Laura I'm deeply grateful for our friendship, you
were simply there, with human compassion, keen intuition, kindness – and to have
you as my meditation buddy on the road meant more to me than you'll ever know –
from my heart and from my soul – thank you!

Then there were AE911Truth petition signers who
offered a wellspring of help along the way, as well as numerous volunteers, just
plain ol kind hearted souls whom I met as the trek progressed and dear friends
and family whose love and prayers sustained us.

The Stroh family who took us in and gave us the
comfort of home and family, their wonderful children,  and basically overfed us
which was wonderful! ;-)

Robert Mackal from Fargo, ND whose help proved to
be invaluable for me, the materials he gave me which he survived the Iraq war
with, the haven he provided and his service as a videographer for a documentary
of the DC trek. Robert, you and your family are ever in my heart!

Bruce Stahlberg of Minneapolis, MN who opened his
lovely home to me, cooked for myself and other activists of the area and stayed
up late to help me map a route out of Minneapolis – thanks Bruce!

Thanks to 9/11 family member Cathryn Statz whose
sister Patty died in the Pentagon; Kathryn, thanks for sharing stories about
Patty – I feel privileged to have spent time with you. And thanks for staying up
late along with Bruce, mapping out the Minneapolis exit and getting up early to
trek for miles with me as we exited the city! 

Teacher Judy from Wisconsin – you were
such a jewel! Thanks for the motherly love!

Lou and John Stolzenberg from Madison Wisconsin –overhauling
my bike, providing me with a lovely home, sharing in College Outreach and
serving as videographer (thanks Lou!), riding a good many miles out of town with
me, your kindness and generosity were pivotal – please stay in touch and Lou - thanks
for all the work you pour into Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth!

Susy Williams – thanks for all the
transportation, sharing in College Outreach, serving as videographer and for
the wonderful dinner in Minnesota – whenever I see blueberries I think of you
dear! ;-)

Activist Joe D'Angelo who arranged for a lovely
dinner with one of Minister Farkhan's close associates Sultan at a Nation of
Islam restaurant in Chicago – it was a fascinating evening and Sultan and thanks
so much for a wonderful meal topped off with Minister Farrakhan's own creation -
bean pie!

Kyle Nash of Chicago – you are amazing! Thanks
for home, food, friendship, serving as videographer and for taking me out of
Chicago, sparing me hours of navigating through the south side and topping
things off with pizza and a big hug - I'm deeply appreciative!

Chad Hale  - you and your family were a joy! I
loved the fascinating conversation with you and your wife and appreciate your
offering to drive out to bring me the rain pants I forgot! Thanks for opening
your home to me and doing so much outreach with me, serving as videographer and
reaching out to first responders, students and your pastor – what a heartening
time I had in Newark with all of you!

AE911Truth board member Tom Spelman, his wife
Dona and daughter Roas who welcomed me into the Lake Geneva region, making all
of the arrangements and who with friends Connie and Gene waited patiently (and
humorously) for me as I tried my damnest to get to their area in a timely
fashion - throwing my bike over a fence  to get to a highway which I had
determined was the state highway yet in fact was a major interstate – Tom –
thanks for picking me up at the rest stop after a few miles of interstate
trekking and for doing so with plenty of love and humor! Dona –thanks for the
kindness, wisdom, great conversation and prayers! Connie – I feel like
we're art sisters, thanks for making me feel at home and giving me a couple
hours of talking about art rather than 9/11 or the trek – I needed the

Mary Jo Fesenmaier and Dick Malmin –you two are
incredible activists – I was floored by the stories of the NATO protests in
Chicago and your Occupy experiences – bless you for the sacrifices you've made
and your devotion to these crucial causes! 

Ned and Cherry Delaney for a wonderful dinner, a
lovely home, your assistance with College Outreach and videography at Purdue –
Ned thanks for media outreach efforts though they found us “too controversial”

Bob Hass, you were amazing – thanks so much for
all your help, College outreach reasearch, securing a motel room for me, helping
to route a way out of town – you did so much – thanks again!

To Annie, Betty and all the others from the
restaurant in Frazeyville who invited me to spend the night in the restaurant
and showed up to cook breakfast for me in the morning– I'm in awe – people like
you have restored my faith in humanity! Thanks for the love and humor!

Support drivers Mark Snyder, Earl Erikson and Liz
Bliss – wow! I couldn't have scaled the mountain passess without your help with
the weight, your kindness, nurturing, and just plain friendship along the way!
Earl it was great having the boys along – Arthur and Zach – they uplifted my
spirit! And thanks so much for your generosity – I can never thank you enough –
it has made all the difference for the trek and my ability to transition upon
return – God bless you always!! Liz – thanks for being my medicine woman, what a
great medicine walk we had! You were a genuine healer for me then and I'll
always be grateful! Mark – I appreciate the motels, good food, excellent
videography and I'm so glad to still be working with you – thanks!

Tony Taylor – your awesome – thanks so very much 
or everything – support throughout the trek, it's been very uplifting!

Leroy Gmazel David Cole, Michael Cook, Steve
Cohn, Sean Brizendine, Karl Marcus, Knut Maccormack thank you for your good
thoughts and advice along the way – it meant a great deal!

Mark Garham, Yaz Manly for
your research, good efforts, and great advice!

To researcher Gregg Roberts whose advice has proved pivotal in these
closing events in DC - thanks Gregg!

Mike and Brenda for rescuing me off the road and
ensuring I had good tires and equipment – God bless you both!  

To the bicycling couple who led me into Madison,
took me to their home, fed me, gave me good advice and harbored me until my
hosts in Madison could come out – you rock!

To David Romanyak, my fellow devotee of Mary's who showed up out of nowhere
and offered me his home while he worked the graveyard shift! David - you are a
genuine angel - may your life always be blessed!!

David Slesinger thanks for coming out to the
house my first night here in  DC – it was great to finally meet you – we've
actually been down the road a piece as activists now! Thanks for your tireless
enthusiasm for the cause!

Andrew Steele, Bernie Suarez, Josef Hanji with Radio Frihed, Josef thanks for doing so much to
arrange a radio interview with Dr. Harrit and for your tireless spirit and activism! Kevin
Kevin - thanks for joining me for breakfast and for a morning of fascinating
conversation about Leo Strauss and the neocons! Loved your dog as well!
Bob Tuskin, Jack Blood, Meria Heller and Ernest and Donna Hancock thanks to all of you
for having us on your radio shows with Richard Gage, AIA, Dr. Niels Harrit and for supporting
the vital message of the experts!!

For all the activists back home but especially
Enrique Lara, Rick Fowlkes, Steve Cohn and Brian Harrison who offered loving
support and kind words along the way – thanks guys!! And Art Mobley thanks for
your efforts in Chicago and for your support and kindness!

Tania and Tim from the AE911Truth International
Headquarters – THANKS – you guys are tireless!!! :-)
A special thanks to my friend, 9/11 author and
investigative journalist Sander Hicks who became an invaluable spiritual support
along the way – Sander, your prayers, sage counsel and intuitive insights gave
me such strength during some very challenging times – I'll always remember that!
And hope we can catch a meeting in NYC  - Perry Street! ;-)

Another special thanks to Dr. Niels Harrit who
took the time to offer some insights and whose universal outlook and willingness
to be human uplifted me during some challenging times, sharing the experience of
40,000 Norwegiens singing Pete Seeger's “My Rainbow Race” in downtown Oslo – how
this touched my heart on the road – thanks so very much!

And DC George Ripley – I'm in your home now as I
write!! Listening to all of the wonderful crash and bangs of home renovation ;-)
!! It's already been so wonderful – I loved people watching at the pier by the
Watergate Hotel – and thanks for dinner by the river! I'm looking forward to a
great week here and our party in honor of the Rock Creek Free Press on Friday

Kevin Ryan and David Chandler –thanks for your
expressed support of the trek and for all you have done and are doing – it's
experts like yourselves for whom we are doing this – many blessings to you and

To David Meiswinkle – thanks so very much for
taking the time from your busy law practice to come out to DC and accompany me,
as my attorney, in bringing the nanothermite document to the Justice Department
and the FBI – your absolute support and willingness have been evident since I
first contacted you and it's genuinely been a great comfort – thanks very much!

To 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out filmmakers
Francis Battaglia and Marty Mcgee for their supportive feedback
on filmmaking - thanks so much!!

To Filmmaker Eric Stacey – what can I say? You are
amazing – thanks for your patience, humor, and pluck! ;-) I'm looking forward to
our continuing work together as the documentary of the DC trek advances toward

To the many donors - you made this trek possible and have helped the AE mission tremendously!
Thanks so very, very much for your extremely generous support!! The work you've supported will live on
as the message continues to grow!!

 Rosemary, Sherwin, Jaya, Ninfa, John, Richard
Fleek and my girl Miya I love you – and all the others in our circle – thanks
from the depth of my heart for all the prayers, texts, smiles, and support!

And to Brother Joshua for offering to let me stay
at the monestary in Payson to write my book!! I can't wait to see you again –
you've become a guardian angel!

All the folks who have supported this blog and have spread the word, have commented,
have contacted me privately - thank you very, very much!!

Also, numerous petition signers offered to help but it just didn't line up - thanks so much
and with sincere appreciation for your kindness and your support of the vital work of AE911Truth!

I know – in the blur of the road that is behind
me that I've forgotten a number of people who once I realize the oversight I'll
be stunned! I deeply appreciate the overflow of love, friendship and support
from everyone – whether your name made it to this page or not – please know how
forever grateful I am and contact me anytime!

Lastly, I want to close this post with an expression of  
deepest gratitude for my son Tim whose been the mainstay of my life and my
best friend. Tim our daily texts and regular conversations, your supportiveness,
encouragement, prayers and consistently sound and sage feedback gave me the
steady foundation upon which to build each day. The simple pleasure of picking
up our“Battle of the Bands” with You Tube was a real joy which filled the many
days on the road with the very real sense of our family life, it brought the
joys of personal quirky family traditions into any condition I may've been
facing, adding humor, art and love to the cold nights and sore knees– you'll
never know how grateful as a mother I am to have you as a son and how very proud
I am of you – I can't wait to see you again!


Martry McGee
10/22/2012 11:19:50 am

Congratulations, Pam! What you've achieved is nothing short of amazing. It's been an incredible trek and we are all in awe of you and Rena. Thank you! I hope your week in DC is productive.

Pamela Senzee
10/22/2012 12:39:49 pm

Thanks a million Marty! Peace!

10/22/2012 12:01:19 pm


Mark Snyder
10/22/2012 12:06:49 pm

I think it's safe to say that, for everyone you thank, there's a big "Thank You" coming back to you for your amazing and selfless effort to 'pedal' the truth (pun intended). I am so proud of you and Rena, and proud to have contributed to the success of your inspiring journey.

Pamela Senzee
10/22/2012 12:42:05 pm

Thanks Mark - couldn't have done it without you (our "mother bird")

Richard Charnin
10/22/2012 02:01:44 pm


I have been following you and Rena in your wonderful journey for Truth and feel like I was there with you. I look forward to the documentary of your trip. We need more of your kind.

Pamela Senzee
10/22/2012 03:23:17 pm

Chris - your priceless - thanks for being there!

Pamela Senzee
10/22/2012 03:25:11 pm

Richard - thanks so much! How are the stats going??

Chris Sarns
10/22/2012 02:58:11 pm


Congratulations! Your effort has been inspiring and uplifting. There will be a ripple effect that will spread and grow. Many people that had no idea there was a controversy about 9/11 have awoken to the truth and will spread the truth to others.

Thank you and Rena for this monumental effort. God bless.


Pamela Senzee
10/22/2012 03:30:22 pm

Chris - thanks for being there when I was retching in the dark of night, when I was grappling to stay centered, when I just needed a friend to listen and when I just needed some humor and love - your the best!! :-)

10/22/2012 03:05:25 pm

A big thanks to you also Pam, for all your efforts to bring the truth out, that "big thank you", goes out to Rena also, and all the other people who helped you on the way. Congratulations with finally reaching DC, now you need to take a well earned rest :) Im looking forward to doing a radio interview with you again, when Niels Harrit return to Denmark :) Take care.

Pamela Senzee
10/22/2012 03:26:51 pm

Thanks Josef!! Looking forward to another show!! :-)

10/23/2012 01:37:49 am

You ladies are super, and what you did is nothing short of spectacular. Thank you so much for having the courage to do it. You can't imagine the difference you've made.

10/27/2012 02:28:21 am

Congratulations, Pam! Sounds like an amazing journey full of some pretty amazing connections old and new. Cheers!!!


8/15/2013 03:43:27 pm

There's a lot of new change to make you just have to stay focus and move forward to achieving your goals.

Chad Hale
10/28/2012 08:08:39 pm

To us, it seemed like you blew through our lives and our little town like a whirlwind! We are all forever changed. I like to think that the seeds you planted are taking root all over, or imagining the information spreading like a wildfire from the many sparks on your journey. Never before have I been able to sit and discuss (as long as 5 hours) everything from 9/11 to weather modification. My wife and I feel very blessed to have been a small part of your outreach. God bless you and keep you, Pam! We'll be looking forward to your book! - Chad and Chrissy

8/28/2013 10:44:44 am

Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

8/28/2013 10:45:11 am

this is the best website ever!!!

10/2/2013 12:07:21 pm

By the way, I liked your blog a only a blog from one direction, and I continue to read!


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