Truth is a fluid and in some ways a mystical's often relative to 
the perceiver. A truth held dear can in actuality be a piece of the puzzle 
rather than the entirety of the big picture. 

Yet hard science holds truths that must be faced and reckoned with especially 
when it stands in opposition to the foundation of draconian measures such as
the  Patriot Act, illegal wars, the Military Commissions Act, warrantless 
wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, the Bush-Obama doctrine of preemptive 
strike, drone strikes, indefinite detention without charge...the list goes,
painfully, on and on.

We, as Americans have lost a great many liberties due to the official account 
of 9/11 and countless persons in the Middle East have lost their loved ones, 
homes, even their lives, over a million people have been killed...the effect
has been sheer devastation.

Yet hard science produced by distinguished experts puts the basis for these 
measures sharply into's now up to the conscience of the American 
people to act upon this science, as they learn about it...our conscience, our 
inner truth is the voice that will collectively be able to turn around the 
severe and draconian measures brought about by the official story for 9/11...we 
need a new, independent investigation with subpoena power and we need people 
willing to speak truth to power in order to get's a core of 
American citizenship...redress of grievances.

As we've been trekking across Washington State I've seen the fresh and 
innocent response of numerous Americans as they learn of this body of experts 
who challenge the official report by both the 9/11 Commission and the National 
Institute of Standards and Technologies. People have offered sweeping support 
and welcomed the science...instantly relating from the deeper resource of makes sense, they yes, naturally...we need to 
investigate further!

As we trekked over the Cascades I was awestruck by the raw beauty, an ancient 
world, is hard science...a world where the steep slope will 
continue on as it must...there's no way to alter the realty, the mountain is 
what it is..and it must be faced as it is.

With many strains of the peddle I bowed my head...not wanting to see the top 
of the grade before the bend and each bend leading to another grade...unceasing 
incline, a merciless journey...the mountain is a reality set and firm...a 

Yet in order to steel within myself the resources to face this truth I had to 
draw on inner truths within. Yoga was one inner truth, a staple which carried me the entire 
upward climb; the waters of the Cascades were another. 

Streams, brooks, waterfalls, fountains literally pouring from the rocks 
seemed to chime me onward and upward, a joyful reality, a truth, juxtaposed
with the harsh and majestic reality of a mountain beyond my reach.

There was another reality as well...the hidden waters..always heard, never a 
moment throughout a journey through the Cascades is the sound of these waters is a pervasive reality a pervasive truth.

The sound of these hidden waters hearkened my mind to the voices of the 
people we had outreached to...outreach done primarily by my riding partner Rena 
Patty, utilizing her amazing gift for nonviolent communication as an expert and 
trainer in this field and with myself serving as videographer along with our 
support car driver and videographer Mark Snyder whose been an invaluable
friend to us!.

Rena's gift for nonviolent communication has opened a response directly from 
conscience with the many people whom we've outreached to thus far across the 
state of Washington. These good folk shall in turn take the message of the 
experts to their loved ones, families, friends, they'll share this vital
message with their community because that's what good people do when faced with
an  important truth. They are like the hidden waters of the Cascades...a voice 
unseen yet pervasive, filled with hope, faith, love of humanity, a voice which  
genuinely generates the evolution of human consciousness...the voice of the 

These hidden waters may be unseen as far as a public face goes but they 
exist, they flow, they are pure, in perpetual motion - they are a realty, a 
truth...they are a force of life itself.

7/30/2012 06:26:23 pm

Nice writing Pam! Thanks so much for doing this!!! Hope to be of service to you both in your noble effort!!

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:30:55 pm

Thanks's a pleasure to serve with you!!

Marty McGee
7/31/2012 01:16:18 am

Hi Pam,
Beautiful words. I can tell you and Rena are so complimentary to each other in this journey. Are you on track with where you planned to be? Keep that video camera rolling when meeting with people. That's how you're going to catch those spontaneous moments.

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:30:12 pm

Thanks Marty...yes! Keep the camera rolling...thanks for the great feedback and direction along the way!

7/31/2012 06:41:49 am

Thank you so much for doing this, Pam! I just found out about your trip today and I thought it was such a terrific idea I posted your story on my blog. The thoughts and prayers of many wonderful people are with you! :)

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:28:21 pm

Thanks so much Jody!!

Judy Handy
7/31/2012 12:17:50 pm

Pam, I enjoyed meeting you this morning in The Cinammon Twisp Bakery. I am settling in tomorrow evening to watch the DVD you shared. You are a brave warrior to take on this cause. Ride on, sister!!

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:27:27 pm

Thanks truth sister!! Contact me or 623 262 22341

7/31/2012 05:46:19 pm

Wow! What a writer and visionary. !

Pamela Senzee
8/2/2012 05:25:44 pm's a joy to serve with you!

Marc, Elle, and Cailyn
8/10/2012 01:10:59 pm

We miss you Ms. Pam... We see that you are doing well and are enjoying yourself..

Love Cailyn R!


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