As Washington DC grows closer and while I reflect
upon the trek up to now while riding the Great Allegheny Trail toward Maryland,
I consider the many young people I've spoken to across the country – St Mary's
University, St. Cloud University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Purdue
University, University of Pittsburgh and many others – young adults, all over
the country, all over the world, are immersed in a world of higher education
which is utterly absent of the hard science and forensic evidence which
literally thousands of experts are saying seriously challenge the official
story for 9/11 – a story which is the basis for wars, violations of
international laws and treaties, as well as the source of  an unfathomable loss
of liberties for American citizens.

The absence of this science and evidence
on our campuses speaks volumes – and it identifies the problem as systemic for
this absence occurs in the mainstream media as well and in the key government
agencies whose job it is to research such science and investigate the

Though my focus has been on College Outreach for
AE911Truth during the trek, my goal in Washington is to take the AE petition of
over 1,700 architects and engineers asking for a new investigation as well as
the Family Petition which represents 9/11 family members who support the AE
cause to the White House.

In addition I plan to take the nanothermite document, the discovery of an
international team of 8 scientists and researchers which documents the discovery
of nanothermite, a high grade  military incendiary, in the dust of 9/11 to the
Justice Department and the FBI – requesting that this vital research be
investigated. Attorney David Meiswinkle has graciously offered to join me with
these actions in DC, so long as a court trial doesn't trump my arrival time to
DC – I'm deeply grateful for his willingness to support this effort.

These are actions that may, or may not reap the
rewards we would love to see, yet I see them, regardless, as actions which
should go on record as having been done. Our young people will have to pick up
the torch on countless issues born of the official story for 9/11- in order to
pursue the long process necessary for restoration of our Bill of Rights and in order to put an end to
countless international draconian measures and perpetual war - they will need
first to have a deep understanding of the grave implications of the hard science
these experts are bringing to the fore.

I want them also to walk into the future on the
foundation that we are all, now – together, setting into place, the actions we
are taking, the process of educating the public, the remarkable work which AE911Truth is engaged in – all of these are
setting firm the cornerstones these youth will require in order to build a sound
future, one which promotes peace and is based in truth.

On October 24th,
AE911Truth and founder Richard Gage, AIA embarks on yet another level of student
outreach – the Global Social Responsibility Conference at St.
Cloud State University in Minnesota – a presentation designed to awaken young
adults and the public at large to these vital issues.

If you are wondering what you
can do – may I suggest that your local college or university offers a limitless
resource of young minds in need of this information –purchasing bulk DVDs at the
AE911Truth Online Store and taking these to the nearest college, giving them to
students along with a friendly pitch about AE and the message of the experts –
you would be contributing immeasurably to the future. Write down on each DVD
sleeve the College Outreach email as well: and let students
know that if they find this information compelling they can get

The future depends on today's youth, it therefore
stands to reason that today's youth are depending on us!

10/16/2012 01:02:23 pm

Very good article! One important component of the 9/11 censorship that 9/11 activists have almost entirely neglected has been by the teaching community. Since the analytical demonstration of the twin towers' controlled demolition is intellectually trivial, it ought to be standard material in 9th grade classes of humanities (OK, maybe 10th or 11th grade in U.S. public schools).

Most intriguing is the non-teaching of 9/11 in school systems controlled by entities or states that would greatly benefit from spreading the colorful information that the U.S. executive branch gave cover and protection to the most formidable terrorists in history to an open-ended war. The Venezuelan school system, the North Korean school system, the Iranian school system, the Madrasas in radical Muslim countries...

On the plus side, the mere magnitude of the 9/11 censorship gives the discerning activist the hint that it may be part of a conspiracy bigger still than 9/11, whose understanding and resolution may bring humanity benefits commensurate with the curse of 9/11.


10/17/2012 04:24:52 am

I agree with your analysis -- we need more science and awareness in this country. The ramifications are staggering. Thanks for bringing this torch of truth so very far!

Mark Snyder
10/17/2012 02:36:00 pm

I love your writing! I can hardly wait to read your future book!


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