In case anyone is wondering, I'm a 52 year old
woman who has been struggling with being underweight for months....I began to
loose my appetite after Obama signed the indefinite detention of Americans into
law on January 1stof this year; a case that has
been overruled by a federal judge yet which government attorneys have claimed is
still in other words it's still one to watch.

My point is that I'm not a young athletic woman
for whom this cross country trek may come naturally or for whom this may be a
lifetime pattern or skill....I'm not doing this because it comes easily to me,
I'm doing it because I love my country and I care about humanity...AE911Truth
holds one of the precious keys for the future of the form
of hard science and forensic evidence, a body of truths for which the
implications are grave and the response must be high.

I'm finding a responsive America as we trek over
the northern tier and in myself I'm discovering a restoration of faith in my
fellow countrymen.

Earlier today, as I plowed up another pass, a
3000 foot elevation which commanded all of my concentration and every ounce of
strength, I began to wonder about water; I had several miles yet to go and had
gone through all of my bottles save one.

My riding partner is faster and left earlier, so
being in solitude all day I realized I should have carried more water, I hadn't
properly prepared. 

I had no choice but to press onward and
upward...however, shortly after I realized my predicament I encountered one of
the hallmark moments of my life when Jeff Klopp, a handsome young man whom I've
never met before, stopped his car across the road from me and called out, “Hi
Pam! I just met Rena up at the summit...I know what you're doing and I support
you! Is there anything I can do for you?” Fairly stunned and definitely
impressed I asked, “Have ya got any water?” Jeff got out of the car and opened
the trunk, revealing a case of water from which he began pulling out bottles. As
I thanked him he said, “I've got the dvd...I'll be watching it tonight.” we
shook hands and off into the west he rode.

Jeff was alive with a heroic response to the
message of the experts, however, my guess is that he could have just as easily
taken another stance to the information he was introduced to today...had it been
offered with a combative tone, an air of superiority or with the emotional
intensity that I myself can be guilty of....he may have resisted. The message is
serious...there seems to be a natural screen which we put up to protect us from
serious information about problems which we cannot readily resolve, until we
can more deeply assimilate it....or if the truth hurts too much, we keep the
screen up and avoid the evidence altogether. 

This is called cognitive dissonance and the
mental health experts in the AE911Truth film 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts
Speak Out speak eloquently about the psychological phenomena. However, Jeff
didn't experience this, he geared right in, got the message right away, acted
immediately with a, “The troops are here!” attitude...why?

I've seen this over and over again on the
trek...the action of trekking across the country definitely has something to do
with it, folks appreciate a concerted effort, but also Rena Patty's expertise in
nonviolent communication, I'm certain, contributes to this as well. She puts
folks at ease while they're receiving what may be some of the most profoundly
challenging information they may experience in their lives and it readies them
to take it in, to respond accordingly and to bypass cognitive go
straight to their conscience.

This technique...which I'm gradually
catching something that could perhaps, somehow, be offered as training for
persons intent upon carrying the vital message of the hard, sound science and
forensic evidence presented by the experts associated with AE911Truth.

The message is vital, the truths are clear and
the result of a sound transmission of the message is what I experienced
today.....people who immediately respond to and act from conscience.

 Thanks Jeff!

8/3/2012 05:42:11 am

As the support vehicle for Pam and Rena as they go through Washington State, I am also learning from Rena her techniques for striking up conversations with strangers without putting them off. This is so important because if you just come up and start shouting things like "9/11 was an inside job", it challenges their world view (those who lack the information, that is), and they become defensive. Much better to start a friendly conversation that leads gently into talking about why we are doing what we're doing.

Both Rena and myself are happy to see Pam's appetite build as the trip progresses, due to the huge amount of energy being expended while riding up the mountain passes and on the flat parts, too.

Pam is getting noticeably stronger every day, as one might expect when riding a bike across the country. I notice that she is traveling faster as I leapfrog along in my car.

Keep up the good work for Truth, Pam!

Pamela Senzeee
8/3/2012 05:50:51 am

Thanks Mark! You've been doing a fantastic's made all the difference getting through Washington! :-)

Mark Snyder
8/4/2012 03:19:11 pm

Back atcha! More thanks to you for your determination and strength of spirit. I am so honored to be able to help in a direct manner.

Rosemary Stradling
8/6/2012 02:39:44 am

well done, Pammy. Mark, thank you for the report on Pam getting an appetite and for being the support for Pam and Rena on this oh so important journey.


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