Heading to an isolated retreat outside of Payson, Arizona to meditate, reflect and write.

Warm thanks to Br. Joshua and Elianne for having me as a guest in their home with such grace and kindness - Joshua, the piano performance last night - in honor of reflections on All Saints Day and the many souls who've lived lives of unconditional love and service, whether the world considered them saints or not, was genuinely awe inspiring, timeless and deeply moving - my son and I were affected profoundly!

I'll be out of the communications loop for a couple of weeks and though my motives are good and my spirit pretty sound - I expect there will be times when the walls are closing in on me and neither sky nor mountain beauty will be able to remove them - so please send good thoughts and prayers my way so that I can seek and find the deeper realms where lasting answers lay as I reflect upon the meaning of the phenomenal aspects of the trek and our future together as activists, citizens and members of the human race.

Peace and Love Always
As my train pulls out of Penn Station in NYC
heading, ultimately, back home to the Phoenix Metro I'm reflecting upon all that
has transpired over the past three months since Rena and I commenced our journey
from the San Juan Islands on July 25th. I feel so very blessed that we both made
it and to have had the privilege to play a pivotal role in a sweeping team
which has included many, many others.

For myself, the DC actions themselves are
pivotal; the culmination of a goal to make a genuine difference, as an activist,
with the unfolding and far reaching conditions of a post 9/11 world. The DC
actions may serve to bring to fruition some kind of investigative process, at
the very least into the presence of nanothermite in the dust of 9/11 – this, at
any rate, is my very sincere prayer.

I first and foremost wish to express deepest
gratitude for attorney David Meiswinkle for taking time from his hectic schedule
to accompany and guide me through the process of the DC actions. With his help I
was able to submit a peer reviewed science paper which has been published in the
Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal for over three years now, to the DC FBI
office for investigation. The paper is entitled Active Thermitic Material in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade
Center Catstrophe
and it documents the discovery, by an
international team of 9 scientists, of a high grade military incendiary known as
nanothermite, also called super thermite – as it is built from the atom up, in
a laboratory and due to it's nano size particles is profoundly powerful –
melting steel instantly.

Dr. Niels Harrit, the lead researcher of the team
and an expert in nanothermite technology gives an enlightening presentation, as
his testimony, at the Toronto Hearings for 9/11 which took place in
Canada last year. He covers important ground not only with the characteristics
and use of nanothermite during the 9/11 WTC catastrophe but explores a medical
discovery as well – that of carbon nanotubes in the lungs of first

This medical research was included in the DC
actions as a formal request to be investigated along with the nanothermite

After discovering that documents are no longer
permitted to be handed in person to either the Justice Department, the FBI or
the White House, as a security measure, I sent a copy of the AE911Truth petition
of over 1,700 architects and engineers asking for a new, independent
investigation, with subpoena power (keeping in mind the 9/11 Commission did not
have subpoena power) to President Obama along with a DVD of 9/11 Explosive
Evidence– Experts Speak Out; after speaking with the White House staff secretary
I discovered that the president does indeed review the petitions which are sent
to him – I also mentioned, in a note, the science documents which were submitted
to the DC FBI Office.

Thanks to Mr. Meiswinkle's drive and direction
the DC actions manifested in a manner we both feel positive about – having
spoken with a number of persons along the chain, and assessing that all worked
out in the best way possible in terms of initiating a process. I'm very grateful
for his services during the DC actions.

I'd also like to thanks George Ripley an activist
in DC who graciously served as my host and introduced me to numerous DC
activists, many associated with the legendary (yet, sadly, no longer in
business) Rock Creek Free Press. George not only opened his home for over a week
– and his kitchen – but he provided transportation, not the least of which was
the use of an ultra modern electric bicycle (aaaaahhhh!!;-))

I slept in a penthouse on top of George's roof in
the heart of DC and will always carry the enjoyable memories of this unique

David Meiswinkle was kind enough to escort me to
Ground Zero after the DC actions had been completed. I really can't put into
words what it meant to me – I was overcome with emotion as we approached the new
Freedom Tower and Building 7.

We passed out DVDs of the film 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out
recently number 1 on the PBS Most Watched list – spoke with people at the site
about the film, the trek and 9/11 - and then, at some point, both fell into
silence – I haven't the words to describe the experience – save to say I was
extremely grateful that the attorney who proved so helpful during the DC actions
sat in silence with me as we both prayed for the future of our country and our
world there on a bench in front of the newly rebuilt Building 7.

David took me further down, to Wall Street, and
to the very spot where George Washington was sworn in as our first president – I
like to believe that I genuinely felt his presence there with us, supporting our
actions and those of countless others which endeavor to support and disseminate
the work of the distinguished body of experts associated with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

My last stop in NYC was Penn Station, where I had
a more or less sleepless night waiting for my mid-morning train the following

Now, having been on the train a few hours –
writing and contemplating– I head for my home and then to a retreat in Northern
Arizona where I'll be able to assimilate and compile my thoughts in order to,
hopefully, develop the foundation of a book which I pray will offer hope and
encouragement to concerned humanitarians and activists in America and

Peace and Love to all of you who have supported
this effort, in so many countless ways along the way, as this train roles out of
yet another stop along it's route – I take your spirit with me – always.
Let me simply say it – THANK YOU!!

Arriving in DC yesterday, I was acutely aware of the fact
that I arrived with many others who have helped along the way – people loyal to
the AE911Truth mission and many as well who while entirely new to this
information helped me in countless ways out of sheer human goodness.

My first big thank you goes to the other half of
Journey for Truth Rena Patty who took a lofty idea of mine, that of walking
across America for 9/11 truth, and honed it into a viable outreach with a
beginning, middle and end; it's because of Rena that this trek became the solid
AE mission that it has become and I'm all too grateful to be a part of it. Her
model of self discipline on the road and yes – a bit of training (I recognized,
early on, that at times I was a bit like Goldie Hawn's movie character Private
Benjamin on the road and sometimes accused Rena of putting me through boot
) have made it possible for me to actually complete the DC leg of the
trek – this became increasingly clear as my solo trek progressed. Rena I am ever
in your debt - you have my love, friendship and prayers always!

I also want to thank AE911Truth founder Richard
Gage, AIA who took this concept and gave AE's sweeping support at every level
and personally - when I found myself struggling on the road to such a degree
that I had to reach out for help - Richard Gage was there with leadership and
sage counsel – he immediately formed a Team for JfT which included Team
Coordinator Chris Sarns who became the go to guy for anything under the sun or
moon, Wayne Coste whom I habitually have called “my cartographer”,Fran Shure
one of the amazing psychological experts from the film 9/11: Explosive Evidence
– Experts Speak Out and Laura Katleman, one of Richard's close assistants, who
became my confidant and a very dear friend. Without this Team and Richard's
undying support I don't know that I would have made it to DC – thank you
Richard, it's an honor and a privilege to be able to serve AE.

To my Team Leader, Chris Sarns –thanks for genuinely being there night and day -at all
hours, rain or shine, come hell or high water  - with love, humor and a bit of
spunk – I loved it! You made me laugh when I could've cried and your can do
spirit kept me going –thanks Chris!

Wayne Coste, “my cartographer”became an
invaluable and daily help, Wayne I think you took on more than anyone - 
receiving my calls and texts while you were working, late at night, during
meetings – you were always there with never a hint of the daily weight I was
adding to your load and in addition you habitually checked in on me and
organized, with your wife Gail, the bicyclist's care package which literally
changed my daily experience on the road, and with weather in particular, to a
remarkable degree– you didn't miss a beat and I'll always love you for

And Fran Shure whose psychological guidance and
professionalism, offered with the warmth, friendship and humor, made it possible
for me to overcome challenges within myself that could've hindered my progress
substantially – Fran I'll always think of you along with the expansive starlight
of a sweeping Milky Way, talking at night, going deeper into internal concepts
while gazing at the northern outback evening sky – you made all the difference
and I'm eternally grateful!

Finally – Laura Katleman, whom I could well up
with tears in gratitude for – Laura I'm deeply grateful for our friendship, you
were simply there, with human compassion, keen intuition, kindness – and to have
you as my meditation buddy on the road meant more to me than you'll ever know –
from my heart and from my soul – thank you!

Then there were AE911Truth petition signers who
offered a wellspring of help along the way, as well as numerous volunteers, just
plain ol kind hearted souls whom I met as the trek progressed and dear friends
and family whose love and prayers sustained us.

The Stroh family who took us in and gave us the
comfort of home and family, their wonderful children,  and basically overfed us
which was wonderful! ;-)

Robert Mackal from Fargo, ND whose help proved to
be invaluable for me, the materials he gave me which he survived the Iraq war
with, the haven he provided and his service as a videographer for a documentary
of the DC trek. Robert, you and your family are ever in my heart!

Bruce Stahlberg of Minneapolis, MN who opened his
lovely home to me, cooked for myself and other activists of the area and stayed
up late to help me map a route out of Minneapolis – thanks Bruce!

Thanks to 9/11 family member Cathryn Statz whose
sister Patty died in the Pentagon; Kathryn, thanks for sharing stories about
Patty – I feel privileged to have spent time with you. And thanks for staying up
late along with Bruce, mapping out the Minneapolis exit and getting up early to
trek for miles with me as we exited the city! 

Teacher Judy from Wisconsin – you were
such a jewel! Thanks for the motherly love!

Lou and John Stolzenberg from Madison Wisconsin –overhauling
my bike, providing me with a lovely home, sharing in College Outreach and
serving as videographer (thanks Lou!), riding a good many miles out of town with
me, your kindness and generosity were pivotal – please stay in touch and Lou - thanks
for all the work you pour into Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth!

Susy Williams – thanks for all the
transportation, sharing in College Outreach, serving as videographer and for
the wonderful dinner in Minnesota – whenever I see blueberries I think of you
dear! ;-)

Activist Joe D'Angelo who arranged for a lovely
dinner with one of Minister Farkhan's close associates Sultan at a Nation of
Islam restaurant in Chicago – it was a fascinating evening and Sultan and thanks
so much for a wonderful meal topped off with Minister Farrakhan's own creation -
bean pie!

Kyle Nash of Chicago – you are amazing! Thanks
for home, food, friendship, serving as videographer and for taking me out of
Chicago, sparing me hours of navigating through the south side and topping
things off with pizza and a big hug - I'm deeply appreciative!

Chad Hale  - you and your family were a joy! I
loved the fascinating conversation with you and your wife and appreciate your
offering to drive out to bring me the rain pants I forgot! Thanks for opening
your home to me and doing so much outreach with me, serving as videographer and
reaching out to first responders, students and your pastor – what a heartening
time I had in Newark with all of you!

AE911Truth board member Tom Spelman, his wife
Dona and daughter Roas who welcomed me into the Lake Geneva region, making all
of the arrangements and who with friends Connie and Gene waited patiently (and
humorously) for me as I tried my damnest to get to their area in a timely
fashion - throwing my bike over a fence  to get to a highway which I had
determined was the state highway yet in fact was a major interstate – Tom –
thanks for picking me up at the rest stop after a few miles of interstate
trekking and for doing so with plenty of love and humor! Dona –thanks for the
kindness, wisdom, great conversation and prayers! Connie – I feel like
we're art sisters, thanks for making me feel at home and giving me a couple
hours of talking about art rather than 9/11 or the trek – I needed the

Mary Jo Fesenmaier and Dick Malmin –you two are
incredible activists – I was floored by the stories of the NATO protests in
Chicago and your Occupy experiences – bless you for the sacrifices you've made
and your devotion to these crucial causes! 

Ned and Cherry Delaney for a wonderful dinner, a
lovely home, your assistance with College Outreach and videography at Purdue –
Ned thanks for media outreach efforts though they found us “too controversial”

Bob Hass, you were amazing – thanks so much for
all your help, College outreach reasearch, securing a motel room for me, helping
to route a way out of town – you did so much – thanks again!

To Annie, Betty and all the others from the
restaurant in Frazeyville who invited me to spend the night in the restaurant
and showed up to cook breakfast for me in the morning– I'm in awe – people like
you have restored my faith in humanity! Thanks for the love and humor!

Support drivers Mark Snyder, Earl Erikson and Liz
Bliss – wow! I couldn't have scaled the mountain passess without your help with
the weight, your kindness, nurturing, and just plain friendship along the way!
Earl it was great having the boys along – Arthur and Zach – they uplifted my
spirit! And thanks so much for your generosity – I can never thank you enough –
it has made all the difference for the trek and my ability to transition upon
return – God bless you always!! Liz – thanks for being my medicine woman, what a
great medicine walk we had! You were a genuine healer for me then and I'll
always be grateful! Mark – I appreciate the motels, good food, excellent
videography and I'm so glad to still be working with you – thanks!

Tony Taylor – your awesome – thanks so very much 
or everything – support throughout the trek, it's been very uplifting!

Leroy Gmazel David Cole, Michael Cook, Steve
Cohn, Sean Brizendine, Karl Marcus, Knut Maccormack thank you for your good
thoughts and advice along the way – it meant a great deal!

Mark Garham, Yaz Manly for
your research, good efforts, and great advice!

To researcher Gregg Roberts whose advice has proved pivotal in these
closing events in DC - thanks Gregg!

Mike and Brenda for rescuing me off the road and
ensuring I had good tires and equipment – God bless you both!  

To the bicycling couple who led me into Madison,
took me to their home, fed me, gave me good advice and harbored me until my
hosts in Madison could come out – you rock!

To David Romanyak, my fellow devotee of Mary's who showed up out of nowhere
and offered me his home while he worked the graveyard shift! David - you are a
genuine angel - may your life always be blessed!!

David Slesinger thanks for coming out to the
house my first night here in  DC – it was great to finally meet you – we've
actually been down the road a piece as activists now! Thanks for your tireless
enthusiasm for the cause!

Andrew Steele, Bernie Suarez, Josef Hanji with Radio Frihed, Josef thanks for doing so much to
arrange a radio interview with Dr. Harrit and for your tireless spirit and activism! Kevin
Kevin - thanks for joining me for breakfast and for a morning of fascinating
conversation about Leo Strauss and the neocons! Loved your dog as well!
Bob Tuskin, Jack Blood, Meria Heller and Ernest and Donna Hancock thanks to all of you
for having us on your radio shows with Richard Gage, AIA, Dr. Niels Harrit and for supporting
the vital message of the experts!!

For all the activists back home but especially
Enrique Lara, Rick Fowlkes, Steve Cohn and Brian Harrison who offered loving
support and kind words along the way – thanks guys!! And Art Mobley thanks for
your efforts in Chicago and for your support and kindness!

Tania and Tim from the AE911Truth International
Headquarters – THANKS – you guys are tireless!!! :-)
A special thanks to my friend, 9/11 author and
investigative journalist Sander Hicks who became an invaluable spiritual support
along the way – Sander, your prayers, sage counsel and intuitive insights gave
me such strength during some very challenging times – I'll always remember that!
And hope we can catch a meeting in NYC  - Perry Street! ;-)

Another special thanks to Dr. Niels Harrit who
took the time to offer some insights and whose universal outlook and willingness
to be human uplifted me during some challenging times, sharing the experience of
40,000 Norwegiens singing Pete Seeger's “My Rainbow Race” in downtown Oslo – how
this touched my heart on the road – thanks so very much!

And DC George Ripley – I'm in your home now as I
write!! Listening to all of the wonderful crash and bangs of home renovation ;-)
!! It's already been so wonderful – I loved people watching at the pier by the
Watergate Hotel – and thanks for dinner by the river! I'm looking forward to a
great week here and our party in honor of the Rock Creek Free Press on Friday

Kevin Ryan and David Chandler –thanks for your
expressed support of the trek and for all you have done and are doing – it's
experts like yourselves for whom we are doing this – many blessings to you and

To David Meiswinkle – thanks so very much for
taking the time from your busy law practice to come out to DC and accompany me,
as my attorney, in bringing the nanothermite document to the Justice Department
and the FBI – your absolute support and willingness have been evident since I
first contacted you and it's genuinely been a great comfort – thanks very much!

To 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out filmmakers
Francis Battaglia and Marty Mcgee for their supportive feedback
on filmmaking - thanks so much!!

To Filmmaker Eric Stacey – what can I say? You are
amazing – thanks for your patience, humor, and pluck! ;-) I'm looking forward to
our continuing work together as the documentary of the DC trek advances toward

To the many donors - you made this trek possible and have helped the AE mission tremendously!
Thanks so very, very much for your extremely generous support!! The work you've supported will live on
as the message continues to grow!!

 Rosemary, Sherwin, Jaya, Ninfa, John, Richard
Fleek and my girl Miya I love you – and all the others in our circle – thanks
from the depth of my heart for all the prayers, texts, smiles, and support!

And to Brother Joshua for offering to let me stay
at the monestary in Payson to write my book!! I can't wait to see you again –
you've become a guardian angel!

All the folks who have supported this blog and have spread the word, have commented,
have contacted me privately - thank you very, very much!!

Also, numerous petition signers offered to help but it just didn't line up - thanks so much
and with sincere appreciation for your kindness and your support of the vital work of AE911Truth!

I know – in the blur of the road that is behind
me that I've forgotten a number of people who once I realize the oversight I'll
be stunned! I deeply appreciate the overflow of love, friendship and support
from everyone – whether your name made it to this page or not – please know how
forever grateful I am and contact me anytime!

Lastly, I want to close this post with an expression of  
deepest gratitude for my son Tim whose been the mainstay of my life and my
best friend. Tim our daily texts and regular conversations, your supportiveness,
encouragement, prayers and consistently sound and sage feedback gave me the
steady foundation upon which to build each day. The simple pleasure of picking
up our“Battle of the Bands” with You Tube was a real joy which filled the many
days on the road with the very real sense of our family life, it brought the
joys of personal quirky family traditions into any condition I may've been
facing, adding humor, art and love to the cold nights and sore knees– you'll
never know how grateful as a mother I am to have you as a son and how very proud
I am of you – I can't wait to see you again!


As Washington DC grows closer and while I reflect
upon the trek up to now while riding the Great Allegheny Trail toward Maryland,
I consider the many young people I've spoken to across the country – St Mary's
University, St. Cloud University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Purdue
University, University of Pittsburgh and many others – young adults, all over
the country, all over the world, are immersed in a world of higher education
which is utterly absent of the hard science and forensic evidence which
literally thousands of experts are saying seriously challenge the official
story for 9/11 – a story which is the basis for wars, violations of
international laws and treaties, as well as the source of  an unfathomable loss
of liberties for American citizens.

The absence of this science and evidence
on our campuses speaks volumes – and it identifies the problem as systemic for
this absence occurs in the mainstream media as well and in the key government
agencies whose job it is to research such science and investigate the

Though my focus has been on College Outreach for
AE911Truth during the trek, my goal in Washington is to take the AE petition of
over 1,700 architects and engineers asking for a new investigation as well as
the Family Petition which represents 9/11 family members who support the AE
cause to the White House.

In addition I plan to take the nanothermite document, the discovery of an
international team of 8 scientists and researchers which documents the discovery
of nanothermite, a high grade  military incendiary, in the dust of 9/11 to the
Justice Department and the FBI – requesting that this vital research be
investigated. Attorney David Meiswinkle has graciously offered to join me with
these actions in DC, so long as a court trial doesn't trump my arrival time to
DC – I'm deeply grateful for his willingness to support this effort.

These are actions that may, or may not reap the
rewards we would love to see, yet I see them, regardless, as actions which
should go on record as having been done. Our young people will have to pick up
the torch on countless issues born of the official story for 9/11- in order to
pursue the long process necessary for restoration of our Bill of Rights and in order to put an end to
countless international draconian measures and perpetual war - they will need
first to have a deep understanding of the grave implications of the hard science
these experts are bringing to the fore.

I want them also to walk into the future on the
foundation that we are all, now – together, setting into place, the actions we
are taking, the process of educating the public, the remarkable work which AE911Truth is engaged in – all of these are
setting firm the cornerstones these youth will require in order to build a sound
future, one which promotes peace and is based in truth.

On October 24th,
AE911Truth and founder Richard Gage, AIA embarks on yet another level of student
outreach – the Global Social Responsibility Conference at St.
Cloud State University in Minnesota – a presentation designed to awaken young
adults and the public at large to these vital issues.

If you are wondering what you
can do – may I suggest that your local college or university offers a limitless
resource of young minds in need of this information –purchasing bulk DVDs at the
AE911Truth Online Store and taking these to the nearest college, giving them to
students along with a friendly pitch about AE and the message of the experts –
you would be contributing immeasurably to the future. Write down on each DVD
sleeve the College Outreach email as well:
collegeoutreach@ae911truth.org and let students
know that if they find this information compelling they can get

The future depends on today's youth, it therefore
stands to reason that today's youth are depending on us!

Here's an introductory peek at the documentary
being made of the DC leg of the trek by filmmaker Eric Stacey and Landfall Productions!!

Please comment about the film on the actual
You Tube post
as well.

There are a number of activists who've been
interviewed for this film as well as many college students  –we hope to develop
the film as a tool to inspire further activism and broader college outreach and
student interest in this the most vital issue of our time, as it is at the core
of so many other crucial issues - our liberties, an end to perpetual war in the
Middle East and turning back the numerous draconian measures born of 9/11.

AE911Truth is greatly expanding it's College
Outreach! If you are a student interested in the science and evidence of
AE911Truth please get active by contacting collegeoutreach@ae911truth.org !! If you are an
activist wondering how best to help – consider joining the College Outreach Team
by contacting the same email address.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

 What a beautiful city! I somehow had an internal
image of Chicago being rather tough – a city to be reckoned with – a place it
would take some courage to navigate through by bicycle – but Chicago welcomes
travelers with open arms and bicyclists can not only feel at home here, this is
indeed a bicycling town, a walking town, a joggers town.

After my hostess, a local 9/11 truth activist,
picked me up at the Navy Pier, a popular amusement park on the shores of Lake
Michigan, the sun set and the city lights illuminate the Chicago skyline against
the backdrop of a deep, moonlit sky filled with cool sea air.

 As I took in the wondrous city I also recognized
the juxtaposition of hidden forces, governing and financial powers that in the
light of day would not reflect the sparking radiance of a beautiful city and
imbalances in the economic strata among the people. With another teacher's
strike looming I reflected on the endless challenges faced by the populace as
they grapple to assert fairness and equality.

Activists in Wisconsin, fired up by the
atrocities of Governor Scott Walker and his cabinet, shared numerous stories
with me, not only of actions in Wisconsin but also in Chicago where some
traveled and gathered to protest the G8 NATO summit, I heard stories of arrests
of peaceful protesters and listened in horror as an activist, a petite
elementary school teacher, shared the story of her arrest when officers in full
riot gear arrested her for screaming in defense of a young man who was being
strangled by an officer with a club to his throat – as she yelled, “Stop!!
You're killing him!!” officers surged upon her and one came over to her and
forcibly jammed his thumb into her eye.

The activists of Wisconsin ensconced me in a
series of safe havens, one after another – I felt I was part of an underground
railroad being led from one home to the next, being fed, regaled with stories
and kindnesses. There's really no way to adequately repay the kindness I've
received along the way, save to press on in good spirit.

Students, first responders, and just folks along
the way have, as has become the norm, been receptive and open to the message –
it's my belief that a paradigm shift is taking place, a collective awakening,
people are ready to hear this message.

My hope is that upon investigation of the science
and evidence presented by AE911Truthand films such as 9/11: Explosive
Evidence – Experts Speak Out or Blueprint for Truth: the Architecture of
Destruction, that individuals will take upon themselves activism in their
communities as well.

Collegesare a wonderful place to arrange
screenings of these films at – a student at a college or university can arrange
for the reservation of a lecture room at no cost. Whether 5 or 500 attend – the
message is being disseminated and there's always more that can be done.

Individuals can purchase bulk packages of these
films from the Experts Speak Out or the AE Online Store and distribute them among first
responders in their communities, as well as just going to their local college
and university campuses and talking to students – passing out dvds and
 introducing students to the science and evidence being presented by these

One selling point is that the film9/11: Explosive Evidence –Experts Speak Out
recently shot up to number 1 on the PBS Most Watched list!!
Persons interested in further college outreach
can contact Steve Cohn at scohn@ae911truth.org
Activism need not be sweeping and far reaching –
it can be but everyone counts, every action matters, everything, each
time we tell others, each time we share this message with others, in a spirit of
mutual respect and tolerance for differences, we are being an activist and
fulfilling our mandate as American citizens.

In an election year and with voting day
approaching I'm reminded that voting simply isn't enough – our forefathers gave
us an entire package of responsibilities involved in the sustenance of a free
society – it is our responsibility to assert our free speech and our right to
peaceful assembly and redress of grievances.

We've lost many liberties since and due to the
official story of 9/11 – it will be a long road ahead to have these restored for
ourselves and for our children, for their children – but that restoration won't
take place without activism –that would be impossible – activism is encoded in
our Bill of Rights not only as our right but as our responsibility – a free
society is wholly dependent upon the activism and dissent of it's people – and
for that each one of us is responsible.

Last night I slept in an alcove created by hedge
bushes near the maintenance shed of a bank in Cochrane, WI –a storm awoke me in
the middle of the night, as the winds howled and rain filtered through the
branches. Though I was deeply concerned about being caught in the elements the
equipment my friend Iraq war vet Robert Mackall supplied me with proved
invaluable – a waterproof sleeve for my sleeping bag which kept me further
insulated as well and his “woobie” a lightweight waterproof blanket which ties
to branches and creates a sort of tent or cloth lean to in nature. 

I felt extremely vulnerable last night, yet also
comforted by the kindness and thoughtfulness of friends like Robert whose
generosity has secured me through a rough night.

This morning I'm avoiding the rainy weather by
holding up in a bar and catching up with computer work I've not had time for – I
wish I could keep up with this blog but I'm simply not able to – my time is
always filled.

I've been sick as well – rode 40 miles yesterday
being unable to really eat much – this morning I'm still a bit under. I'm
avoiding riding in rainy weather by holding up in a bar in Cochrane, a milling
town in Wisconsin near the shores of the Mississippi.

It was late when I rolled into Maiden Rock, WI,
three nights ago after leaving Minneapolis, I was exhausted from the grades and
carrying the weight of my panniers over them –over previous mountain grades we
had support cars which carried the weight for us but now I've got to brave it
myself and my knees have taken the brunt of the trek – these grades are a very
real challenge which I've no choice but to face.

Having traveled 60 miles and seeing no campsite
or covey into which to disappear and sleep for the night my only choice was the
local motel. As I approached the area near directions a native had given me a
woman, bent over in her garden, digging, working, stood and smiled - exclaiming,
“Wow! You're dressed to go somewhere!”

 “Washington, DC!” I answered...adding, “Do you
know where the Maiden Rock Inn is?” 

“That's it,” she said, pointing to a large, very
old brick building across the street as she strode across to greet me, “Are you

We stood and talked as I explained my mission and
my predicament. Jennifer turned out to be the proprietor of the inn and as I
talked she said, “Hmmm...you're on a mission –I think we can work something

She led me in and had me park my bike in an old
gymnasium of the renovated school building, funky, beautiful, intriguing, she
and her husband Gary had purchased the old school house with other plans but
ended up transforming it into a unique bed and breakfast along the historic
tourist route which runs along the Great River Road on the shores of the

Jennifer gave me the room for half price – a
beautiful – golden room which spoke of her artistic ability and ingenuity. With
star pillows and fresh iced water I settled in to rest, take a long, hot bath
and begin to recharge my phone, camera batteries and lap

Later I had a lengthy conversation with her
husband Gary who was very familiar with the work and supportive of the mission.
It was a strange twist of fate to find myself in a bind and to land on the
doorstep of these kind supporters of the work.

After retiring to a night of comfort and respite
I awoke to violent heaving which lasted regularly through the night. I can't
remember being so ill, it's been decades. Lacking a fever I was sure I had food
poisoning – having unwisely eaten aged yogurt from my panniers.

In the middle of the night – after a couple of
hours of this torment I called AE911Truth core member and JfT coordinator Chris
Sarns and asked him to pray for me, “I don't care who you pray to or what it
means to you, I just need to know someone is praying for me...” Chris comforted
me with kind words and assured me he would do so.

Yet I had several hours yet to go before this
retching was to reach an end and by morning I made it to the door to call for
Jennifer, who I heard bustling about, and asked her if I could pay half again to
stay another night – I simply couldn't ride that day.

Jennifer wouldn't take a penny –instead she
embarked upon home remedies and motherly care.

I slept for most of the next 24 hours –taking
intervals of phone conversations.

The following day Gary bid me a warm farewell,
wishing me the best in my travels, as he headed off to tend to other business.
Jennifer insisted I join she and her other guests for breakfast – I could only
muster a few bites of egg but I had an opportunity to carry the message with
them and they listened intently.

It was difficult saying goodbye to Jennifer who
had become such a support and solace in my travels – I consider she and her
husband Gary to be genuine friends made along the way.

Their friendship harkens me to another husband
and wife team who came to my aid on my way to Minneapolis. After two instances
of tire issues after leaving St. Cloud I had a patched tire and was headed to
the next small town to purchase an inner tube – another flat! Out in the middle
of nowhere, miles from either town – I called my map maker and road coach –
AE911Truth volunteer Wayne Coste, who has been an incredible aid and support.
Wayne asked me about the width of my tires and as I laid down to see a truck
pulled up and a man emerged with deep concern, thinking I was injured. 

Mike and Brenda, who serve as missionaries in
Guatemala, invited me into their home to fix the tire and to run errands to get
what was needed. Another kind couple who listened intently to the content of the
message and who took seriously the cause of my trek.

The serendipity of the road has never ceased to
amaze me – with all of it's trails there is a solid, interwoven, golden thread
of pervasive light illuminating the road ahead and bringing comfort as the road
unfolds – this tells me the work is supported by the something Greater.

I'm grateful for an awareness that I'm in the hands of
forces beyond my control – there's a saying – God's timing is perfect – and with this in mind
I can feel assured that these challenges aren't really setbacks, perhaps they are
universal forces placing me in the care and friendship of people who are forging a deeper message -
a living testiment to human compassion and the human spirit as it permeates the events unfolding on a mission of truth.
Perhaps there are forces placing me in the presence of persons meant to experience this message, the message of the experts, at a deeper level, forged in friendship with a traveler for the cause– and with gratitude for these
new friends - I certainly like to think so.

Minneapolis was a haven of support from activists
– welcomed into town being met by activist Susy---------at a Perkins just inside
of western Minneapolis she toted me into town and took me to the home of
activist Bruce Stahlberg who graciously opened his home to me during my stay in
the Twin Cities.

Later that evening Bruce cooked a wonderful meal
for 9/11 Family member Cathryn Statz and myself. We sat up talking for hours
about the strength of activism in Minneapolis and what some of their secrets
are...some being investing in radio advertising for events. Cathryn shared
stories about her sister Patty who died at the Pentagon and I felt privileged to
be welcomed into her remembrances.

The following day Susy picked me up and we were
off to the University of Minnesota for outreach. Susy served as videographer as
well as I approached students, telling them about the trek and the message of
the experts. Students were generally receptive and listened with intent,
committing to research further –though I spoke with one student who frankly told
me he was too busy with grad school to deal with the implications of the
information –a response which clearly indicated he understood the gravity
implied by the hard science and evidence which is illuminated by these

That evening Susy insisted on treating me to
dinner at a fine Italian restaurant – Rinatas in uptown Minneapolis. We spent
the evening discussing activism, the arrests of so many reporters and activists
at the 08 RNC, and the Occupy movement.

Later Bruce, Cathryn and I poured over maps
determining the best route out of Minneapolis.

Early the next day, Cathryn took a morning off
work to join me by bicycle to the outskirts of town –we had a wonderful ride
along the bike paths of Minneapolis. 

Upon reaching the juncture of Highway 61 we were
met with a highway construction worker who approached us, curious about where we
were heading – making conversation – and we shared the message of the experts
with him; he immediately grasped the significance of the mission and expressed a
determination to look into it further.

As I began to venture off toward the highway he
rejoined us, announcing he had called for highway support for me as I crossed
Interstate 494, a crossing which has very narrow shoulders – and indeed, as I
approached the pass there was the support with lights flashing to take me
across, thanks to a new born 9/11 truther!

Minneapolis was a haven for me – the kindness of
the activists, supporters and those receptive to this information give me
strength to face the challenges ahead as the road unfolds.

It was a heartwarming and bittersweet experience
yesterday as I said my goodbyes, on the eleventh Anniversary of September
11th, to Iraq war veteran Robert Mackall and
his family who had given me a three days and three nights haven, from the road, in their home as I prepared for a solo trek to Washington DC.

We arrived in Fargo, and rode to Robert's home,
on Saturday night, met by he and his lively and exuberant children who brought me back to my days before trek-life when as a preschool teacher I spent much of my life immersed in the joys and frustrations of youngsters. 

Early Sunday morning Rena said her goodbyes and left the Mackall home to continue her outreach and commence her solo trek to NYC as 9/11 Journey for Truth expands it's goals and broadens it's the horizons! 

I chose to remain and to embrace the warm welcome of the Mackall family while I became better prepared
for my solo trek to DC. On this front Robert became an invaluable help – driving me around town, filming, as we traveled the city of Fargo,  for a documentary in progress, of the Washington DC trek, by filmmaker Eric Stacey – director of the
groundbreaking film, dealing with a core American issue today – that of war induced PTSD, Purple Mind, which can be viewed on Facebook.

Robert even arranged to have a television crew from Fargo's Valley Live News come out and interview me (unfortunately, Rena was unable to make the interview in person or by phone). This interview by reporter Jennifer Titus was actually fun as a young cameraman, Dylan Jacobson, follow me around on his skateboard, getting footage of my tires, my feet pedaling and so forth, as I rode my bicycle in circles around the parking lot, up the street, over a bridge and back again – what a blast! 

Bumped by tennis, the news station is still working on the report of our trek and it may appear in the next day or two. Robert is still working with them in making sure the interview airs. Yesterday he handed out DVDs of 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out as he went about his business in Fargo – an AE911Truth petition signer – Robert has
become an incredible support for the trek.

Yesterday, on the morning of September 11th, 2012 I was sitting outside of his home, preparing my bicycle tires for the trek when Robert strode toward me with an armload of belongings and plopped them all down in front of me. He gave me things that he had lived through the war with, supplied me with an array of necessities that would serve to ensure my survival – I was genuinely floored – I committed to sending everything back to him once completing the trek.

Before I left Fargo– beginning my solo trek to Washington DC - this Iraq war veteran and I both cried.

As I rode away his wife and
daughter followed me to the street, waving, saying goodbye –my last words were
to the four year old girl, “Read lots of books!!” and with that I was off.

There is much in life that words cannot convey – my stay with the Mackall family falls into that category – there is much that is beyond words here– God stuff I suppose – during the trek up to then I'd often wondered where I would actually be on the 11th Anniversary– this is where the Universe placed me.

After leaving the Mackall home I rode up to North Dakota State University and spent the afternoon there speaking with students about the message of the experts and filming those who would give permission. It was a rewarding afternoon with a number of students entirely engaged.

I encouraged them to examine the information and to contact me, as a member of theAE911Truth College Outreach Team, if they were interested in starting a student group and getting more deeply involved in the solution. Students and faculty reading this blog can get active on campus by contacting collegeoutreach@ae911truth.org or contact the AE911Truth College Outreach Team Leader Steve Cohn at scohn@ae911truth.org

On my way out of Fargo I spoke with another bicyclist as we waited for a light near the Main Ave. Bridge – a replica of the Statue of Liberty poised a few feet away. My new friend goes by the name of Pastor Phillip –former mafia, raised by a mafia father – the Pastor had tattoos all over his arms, sunglasses and he was utterly on fire with bringing about positive change in the world. He had turned his life around years ago and began to outreach to youth, teaching inner city kids boxing and helping them to get off drugs and build a better life.

We stood there talking through several lights as two groups of runners ran toward and around us, and past the Statue of Liberty replica gracing the bridge entrance. I shared the message of the experts with Pastor Phillip and at one point he changed his igniting demeanor and looked at me solemnly saying, “You want to know what I think? I think 9/11 was an inside job.” I responded with, “Well, these experts will never say that, they simply point to the science and evidence.” but Pastor
Phillip pressed on asking, “Yeah, but what do youthink?” I nodded.

Pastor Phillip was a heartwarming and interesting way to say farewell to Fargo, the town that held me for a time during a crucial turning point in my life –the Pastor gave me strength, hope and faith, as did the students at NDSU and my good friend Iraq war veteran Robert Mackall – I'm going to miss Fargo.

My last stop in Fargo, ND was at LJA Architects and Engineers, an architectural and engineering firm serving the greater Fargo region – where I took several DVDs of 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out to be given to the professionals of LJA.

The receptionist eyed a chart behind the front desk and replied sincerely to my request to speak to an architect or engineer, “Hmmmm, no –unfortunately none are here right now...” but she took the DVDs and listened very attentively, I believe she recognized the value and credibility of the information.

Today, I'm spending wifi time at a delightful convenience store in Barnsville, MN – in a side room with tables, outlets, food – an on the road activist's dream come true.

The solo trek to DC has begun – the plan is to bring the AE911Truth petition of over 1,700 architects and engineers who are demanding a new investigation along with a DVD of  9/11: Explosive Evidence –Experts Speak Out to the White House and to submit the peer reviewed science paper Active Thermitic Material Found in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade center Catastrophe, and a DVD as well, to the Justice Department with a citizen's request for formal investigation.

9/11 Journey for Truth is growing as we press on on, divergent in paths yet unified in purpose and ever pointing to the message of the experts.

What a great show!! Thanks Bob for having us on – we
look forward to doing it again!