I’m in Chicago now.  I’ve been visiting people on the way home.  Somewhere in northern Montana, as were camping along the railroad track each night, I decided that I wanted to take the train home. 

I was fortunate to be on high ground in Brooklyn during the storm, Sandy.  I waited a week though for the trains to be running again.  Events were canceled – we finally settled on a quiet dinner with a few supporters in Brooklyn. 

There hadn’t been any gasoline deliveries into NYC (I shipped my bicycle and most of my cycling gear home), so on Saturday morning I walked the 4.5 miles from Brooklyn to Penn Station in Manhattan.  The walk over the river at dawn was beautiful, the dawn sky reflected in the glass sides of buildings in Lower Manhattan still dark from lack of electricity.  I could have caught a bus once I got into Manhattan, but was content with the morning walk.  A friend with a bicycle met me in Union Square and helped carry my bags the final stretch to the train station.  I mailed some of my last DVDs to the New York State Police superintendent, to Democracy Now! and to the WNET public television station. 

Taking the train allows me to stop and visit people along the way – AE911Truth petitions signers and NVC community friends in Princeton and WA DC.  I gave out the last of my DVDs, to clergy, to a friend who knows a prominent journalist, to a friend with an engineering professor in the family.  I connected with a friend who is a student at American University and we gave “9/11 Journey for Truth” business cards, with a link to watch “Experts Speak Out” online, to students in a political science class. 

I’m gradually making my way home, now visiting with more AE911Truth petition signers and NVC community here in Chicago. I expect to be home by the end of the week.

Notes from riding the train from WA DC to Chicago:
  On the train going west, I remember the satisfaction of riding my bicycle east, each day the satisfaction of riding east.
  Despair tells me that there was no reason for the ride.  But I don’t listen.  I remember conversations and people who received DVDs.
  Unlike the bicycle, the train rolls night and day.
  The countryside looks different now, frosty and cold in the mornings.

I’m grateful for friends and family at home inquiring about my wellbeing, eager to welcome me home.



11/11/2012 6:25pm

Sharon did a presentation for UU service this morning at Oddfellows on The Meaning and Ethics of Politics. (Mike drove!) At some point it was asked what the word from Rena is.....both Sharon and I had read this latest post. I have followed your journey from the beginning and share updates with Rivkah by phone. Just think of ALL the people you touched. It might not always be the message important here...but the messenger....besides, all recipients would be taking the message in long after you have peddled on down the road. One never knows.....so yes, tune out
despair and just remember it is not the destination that is important but the journey itself.
Winter is knocking at our doors here on Orcas.....home sweet home awaits........I would love to come to a welcome home sharing gathering but am on my way into Oregon country to visit family....
I am borrowing Rosedanie's closing, IN UNITY, (UNITY MAKES STRENGTH....from Haitian flag. and welcome back

11/12/2012 9:25am

I'm glad you're not listening to that Despair. What you did was incredible. Thank you so much, Rena.

Jacquelyn Hoag
11/12/2012 12:22pm



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