I wondered if I should stay to attend the Methodist Church service in Fletcher Lake or ride on in the morning.  I stayed, and I'm glad I did.  It was a pleasant service and I enjoyed meeting people.  I told the pastor that I’d mail a copy of "Experts Speak Out" to him...I expect that the information is going to be completely new for him.  After church, I accepted an invitation to lunch at the home of a couple from church.  The AE911Truth information was completely new to them, but as conversation progressed, it was clear that they too were puzzled how the buildings came down
 as suddenly as they did on 9/11.  The conversation then turned to a general distrust that we are being told the truth by government agencies or media on a range of issues.  I left a Blueprint for Truth DVD with them to share with the members of the church.  I appreciate the hospitality and generosity of the people from the church in Fletcher.  

From Fletcher I went off of the prescribed bike route in order to visit Wabash - traffic was moderate, with road shoulders that were just wide enough to feel safe.  

I had a good morning in Wabash.  I visited the Wabash Fire Department.  The bay doors were open, a sign of a chance to talk with someone.  I talked with a firefighter who identified as a fire investigator.  He had a question that I couldn’t answer (I’m disappointed that I can’t remember the question now!).  I assured him that if he could direct any questions to the AE911Truth team, with certainty that he would receive a prompt reply.

Next I had a satisfying interview with the editor of the Wabash Plain Dealer.  He started the interview by bringing out a tape recorder – I appreciated that he was prepared to listen again to my answers to his questions when he was ready to write an article.  He asked questions about the bike trip and the science, about the people I’ve met along the way, and I added information for him about the Experts Speak Out documentary.  He took several pictures and told me that he would write something for the paper.

I stopped at the post office and mailed mini-DVD’s back to the towns I missed in southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa.  I am content now to have included everyone on the route.

The Wabash County Sheriff was available to talk with me and receive a DVD.  And on the way out of Wabash I gave a DVD to a Wabash City Police patrol officer just heading into work, to share with the other patrol officers.  Also in Wabash I left DVDs for the Zion Lutheran Church and the United Methodist church.

Then I rode north out of town.  I missed my turn-off to get back onto the bike route, which put me in position to also visit Huntington.  I got lucky in finding a reasonably low traffic road for the 17 mile ride to Huntington.  I moved pretty quickly to get through the city because it was getting late in the day already.  I gave a very quick explanation and a DVD to the assistant police chief.  At the fire station the bay doors were open but nobody was around so I dropped a DVD on the desk in the office.  Then I gave a DVD to a mechanic at the sheriff's office to share among the deputies.

I left DVDs at the Zanesville Methodist Church and the Fairview Assembly of God Church. 

Monthly general meetings were happening at the Poe and Hoagland Fire Stations.  I didn’t interrupt the Poe meeting, just quietly gave a DVD for firefighter outside.  At Hoagland, by opening the door of the station I was already interrupting the meeting, so I quickly explained that I’d ridden 3000 miles and given DVDs to every fire station, police station and sheriff office along the way, and gave them a DVD.  When firefighters tell me to have a safe trip, I assure them that I’ll be careful, that I don’t want to give them any reason to chase after me!  

From Hoagland I rode one hour in the dark to get to an indoor shelter for bicyclists in Monroeville.  It was starting to rain just as I arrived. After a long day, including 65 miles on the road with a mild headwind, I am grateful for a warm shower and shelter.  I can hear the rain outside.



10/02/2012 10:46pm

You'll be happy to hear that some of us in and around Seattle are organizing an AE911 Truth outreach to firefighters,police and architects and building engineers in Western Washington State.

I, along with Ben Collet (9/11 Truth Seattle) and Rodger Herbst (local AE911Truth representative) are meeting with others on October 18, 2012 at 6pm at the Greenwood Public Library, 8016 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103, (anyone who is interested is invited to attend), to organize distribution of a two-DVD set to as many firehouses, police, sheriff's offices and architects and engineers offices as we can. The two DVDs we will be providing are Experts Speak Out (the 1-hour version) and Firehouse 9-11. We are in contact and in cooperation with Richard Gage and Tania at AE911Truth regarding this effort.

We hope to do locally, what you and Pam are doing nationally as you ride across the country. Perhaps others will take similar actions to present the evidence to first responders, architects and engineers in their area. To those who wonder what they might do to help raise awareness of the truth of 9/11, we challenge others to do similar outreach in their own states and communities.

Suggestion for when you are out of DVDs (if you're not doing this already!): Point people toward the online versions of ESO on PBS at http://video.cpt12.org/video/2270078138 or to the link you have to CPT12 on this website.

Currently, if you Google PBS video, ESO is still listed as among the most viewed videos nationwide. It is also the most shared PBS video nationwide. I find this break, albeit a small one, into the mainstream to be very encouraging!

Poul Gundersen
10/04/2012 3:46am

I continuously follow your odyssey here from Denmark. Respect !


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