Wayne Coste, engineer and AE911Truth petition signer and team member, with me, ready for the ride south along the Hudson River from Red Hook, NY to NYC.
A moment on the road with the good conditions of wide shoulder and low traffic.
We were pleasantly surprised to see this AE911Truth WTC7 yard sign along the road.  I left a business card attached to the sign - I hope the person who put up the sign will find the card and write to me.
Short days, cool weather and lovely fall colors.  I'm glad Wayne came along and took some photos.  I like this one.
I wrote personal notes on most of the DVD's I gave to fire police stations, giving information about the bike tour, links to more information and thanks for their work for our communities.  Over thousands of miles I wrote hundreds handwritten notes on backs of DVD sleeves.
Entering onto the George Washington Bridge to cross the river from New Jersey to New York.
Crossing the George Washington Bridge into NYC.


10/30/2012 10:13am

Uh-oh, Rena, those are beautiful pictures but it sounds to me you're riding right into the storm. Please let us know you're safe. On the other hand, I imagine emergency shelters might be an excellent place to share information.


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