I spent the night in a cheap motel several miles outside of Rensselaer, Indiana.  I was so disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to rest after riding the 60 miles to Rensselaer, disappointed that I would have to ride another four miles west out to the freeway...it was homecoming week at the college and every motel in town was full.  I was even more grateful for rest when I arrived!

In the morning, since I had easy wifi access, I worked on internet.  I finally got back on the road at about 11 am.  I dropped off DVDs at the Assembly of God church and the First Christian church.  Then I went to the police station and talked with the patrol officer on duty - he took a DVD for the fire chief too. 

I gave a DVD to a farmer selling fresh produce on the street, and had a photo taken of me at the 9/11 memorial at the fire station.  I was told that they were told by the police officer that the steel is from the 82 floor where a plane hit the south tower.  Fire stations around the country have received these pieces of steel for memorials.  I wonder about the story that the steel came from the 82nd floor – how would anyone know which steel came from where in the jumbled pile of debris.  The person who took the photo for me said she’d give it to the pastor of her church. 

Finally I stopped in at St Joseph’s College and left a packet of DVDs with the campus security staff to give to the student Criminal Justice Club.

Riding out of Rensselaer, I gave a DVD to a farmer harvesting corn. 

Accurate indicators of wind direction:  Flags - there are a lot of American flags out here, at fire stations and other government offices, outside of churches and homes, on mailboxes; leaves that dance and drift across and down the roads, preferably in my direction; wind power turbines, that rotate to face the wind; and dust clouds coming out of combines.  I got thoroughly dusted by a soybean combine today, but I was happy that the dust clearly indicated a steady wind in my favor for the day.

The next rural town was Buffalo.  I left a DVD on the door of the fire station, gave a DVD to a woman to give to the pastor of her church.  A boy at a convenience store was curious about my bike – I gave a DVD to his dad who was familiar with the issue but not AE911Truth.  I also gave a DVD to the store clerk, who also was familiar with the issue but not AE911Truth. 

Heading toward Fletcher a local resident stopped to inquire about my travels – she is the mother of eight, grandmother of thirty-three and great grandmother of eight more.  She was already aware of the questions about 9/11, though not yet familiar with AE911Truth.  I trust that the DVD I gave her will be shared widely.

Riding on to Fletcher Lake, the full moon was rising before me as the sun was setting at my back.  Lovely!  I’m camped at Fletcher Lake, a tiny little lake, for the night.  At the lake I talked with some men just returning from a fishing trip on the lake.  One is a firefighter in Burroughs – he took a DVD for the fire station there.  

When I was first looking at videos about 9/11, trying to sort quality scientific inquiry from all the other junk on the internet, I especially appreciated Jonathan Cole's videos. 



10/02/2012 12:57pm

Rena, I so wish I was there....

10/02/2012 8:27pm

Hi Rena -

Thanks for these great updates! Every time I see the piece of WTC beam in our local fire hall here in Eastsound, my spine bristles. Accompanying this memorial are the words "Never forget." I know they intend that to mean never forget the firefighters and other first responders who died on 9/11/01 and in the months and years following from inhaling the toxic air. But my mind reads never forget to be afraid, to remember there are terrorists out there who "hate our freedom". Just gives me the willies. -Shar

Salvador Vasquez
10/02/2012 10:58pm

Hi Rena

I'm Interested in doing the same thing you are. I'm a veteran and I feel I'm not upholding my oath to defend the constitution. I'm active on facebook, but I don't feel like I'm accomplishing much. Could you shoot me a few pointers on how best to get started? -Sal


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