I was curious where I'd be September 11 on this 9/11 Journey for Truth. 

September 11 for me was a pleasant day rolling through the hills of the lake region of Minnesota dropping in on mostly small Lutheran churches.  I stopped at the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pelican Rapids, the Central Lutheran Church east of town, the Tonseth Lutheran Church and the Zion Lutheran Church.  I left a DVD on one church door, talked with secretaries at two of the churches, and at one church the pastor was in.  She invited me in plied me with relevant questions and conversation about implications for an hour.  I enjoyed the warm welcome and pleasant hospitality.  The door was also open at the St. James Catholic Church near Amor – I left a DVD and lit a prayer candle.

Finally today on September 11 I had favorable winds.  It was a relief to have the cattails of the lake region waving in the direction I was traveling all through the afternoon!  Near Otter Tail Lake I encountered a “road closed” sign - the bridge was being rebuilt.  With the help of a friendly resident and his young son I was able to fairly easily portage my gear and bike across the new construction and continue on my way - this resident was pretty astonished by the story of the bike tour.

I am content, at peace in my heart to be commemorating 9/11 this way, entering into the second half of a bicycle journey across the country to raise awareness of AE911Truth.  We've handed out nearly 800 DVD’s so far on this journey, and many of those people said they’d share the DVD with others.  as we've said before, this journey is for us about the people we meet and introducing people to the experts at AE911Truth.  I wonder about the people who've received the DVD - I wonder about the shockwave we've I've left in our wake.  

I am grateful for the AE911Truth team, all of the work that has gone into building and holding the organization together over the past five years.  I am able do the work I am doing only because of the countless hours of volunteer time donated over the years by others on the team.  If you’re curious about this team, go to the AE911Truth website and sign up as a volunteer.  Then join some team conference calls and learn about the ongoing work of AE911Truth.

Other big news for the journey:  Starting in Fargo, North Dakota, Pam and I began taking separate routes.  Pam wants a more direct route through bigger cities with and more opportunity for outreach at colleges and universities or and for media coverage.  I enjoy the meandering route through rural communities, continuing the outreach I've been doing along the way.  I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I admire Pam’s fortitude and determination, and also I’m confident that Pam will continue to do valuable outreach on our shared journey.

...so I rode out of Fargo on September 10 solo, again in a strong cross wind gusting to 40 mph.  My route took me out of the flat farmland around Fargo up into the hills of the lake region of Minnesota.  At one point I found myself riding through a cloud of honeybees struggling in the same strong wind to cross the road to return to their hive.  The route is very rural - I handed out a few DVDs to curious people along the way.

In Pelican Lake, I dropped in at city hall and left a DVD with the clerk to give to the police department.  My next stop, after using the internet at the library, was the Pelican Rapids Press.  The editor asked a reporter to record the story of the bike tour – he seemed to get a bit nervous and uncertain about writing an article after he heard about the reason for the journey.  But he assured me that he’d take a look at the website and the documentary.  On the way out of town I put a DVD on the door of the joint fire station and sheriff’s substation, and then continued on to visit the rural churches.  



Richard Fleek
09/12/2012 5:57pm

Rena, I know that u're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. Just the same, be careful! My prayers go out to you as You continue your Trek to NYC, Bldg. 7.

Phil B.
09/13/2012 8:36pm

Reading the entries from the past two days put me in a reflective mood. This is serious work out there on the road for you, and the encounters with people are so "organic" it is almost scary (in a beautiful way). But I am so thankful for the generosity of the small town folk - they are a sort of answer to our prayers here. I think it is right, and wise, that you have chosen to take the rural route. This will make a nice and useful contrast to the more urban one that Pam is taking. Quite honestly, when I think about this journey you are taking, I can't help but feel and believe that this is what true 'New Testament' christian faith is all about. If Jesus were on the earth right now, I think he would be pedaling about on the backroads and byways (saving gas). This is faith in action: to step out into the unknown, to give oneself to intimate dependency on the road beneath ones wheels, to dance with the reality of endless miles following "the way, the truth and the life", to reach out as the "light and salt of the earth", exposing darkness and calling out for a better vision. I want to wish you the Lord's blessings and strength for the solo journey ahead. You are living life the way it was meant to be lived.

09/15/2012 1:54pm

You should come through upper northeast Iowa-Decorah and Waukon! Good luck on your travels. We saw you in Medora ND

Knut MacCormack
09/16/2012 6:23am

Dear Pam, and Rena,
It has been terribly inspiring to read your blog.
All those conversations and dvd's handed out!
A really grand idea!

Frank E. Lane, M.D.& Associates
09/16/2012 1:57pm

Good work, Rena. You are exercising your body, seeing our beautiful country from ground level at the speed of a bicycle! But, you are also stopping to share the truth with those willing to listen. I envy your adventure, but will do my share of the mission where I am, in Dallas, Texas. It is such a contrast to all those people who get up each morning and take off for a job they do not believe in nor care much about... just to pay bills, etc. In that way, you are blessed!:-)


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