I recommend watching Jonathan Cole's videos on 911speakout.org.

We camped at the city park In Hebron, ND.  There’s free wifi across the street at St John’s Church (photo).  In the morning a friendly neighbor brought coffee.  In the evening before setting up camp I gave a DVD to a Morton County deputy sheriff, and Pam connected with firefighters at the Hebron Fire District. 

In the morning while Pam was working on the internet setting up media interviews, I went across the street and gave an interview for a story in the Hebron Herald weekly newspaper.  I told the editor that the Experts Speak Out documentary contains serious information and that we are reaching out to firefighters, law enforcement and religious leaders.  She called the minister of her church and set up a meeting for me.

The minister looked stunned by the information I was giving him.  It is stunning information – it takes time to let it sink in.  He asked some questions about me and about the forensic science.  I answered his questions and gave him information about the credentials of the experts in the film, and then he agreed to take a look at the documentary.  He was a bit puzzled, saying he wasn’t sure what he could do with the information once he looked at it.  That’s true for many of us – once we have the information we’re not sure what to do with it.

We have a strong southerly wind again today.  Southeast.  It’s intense riding conditions.  We’re riding on I-94.   Freeway underpasses give welcome respite from the winds. 

I took a quick break by the road – clouds of grasshoppers rose around my legs as I walked through the dry mowed grass.   It’s been an interesting road kill day, probably because we’re on the interstate – porcupine, deer, raccoon, skunk, coyote, something like a mink, and some other little brown furry animal that I don’t recognize (maybe a groundhog?).  I can hear the people who care about me saying, “Be careful out there.”  Yes, I’ll be careful.  The sound of the cars racing past on the freeway is uncomfortably loud.

We arrived in the evening in New Salem just in time for a radio interview on the Bob Tuskin show.  We gave a DVD to a kind man who pointed out a park that would be good for camping (he had left and then came back to us to tell us about the park).  The park is lovely, clean restrooms, mowed lawns, bushes and trees for a bit of shelter from the wind.  I am grateful for the people who maintain the parks.  It’s still windy.  The moon is nearly full.  We’re in the Central time zone now.

In the morning I circled through New Salem.  Quiet town.  I noticed a deputy sheriff and was able to give him a DVD.  I put a DVD on the doors of the fire station and two churches.



09/04/2012 6:54pm

Loved the conversation with the church pastor. Truer words were never spoken, "It is stunning information - It takes some time to let it sink in." What a beautiful encounter.


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