One of the experts featured in the Experts Speak Out documentary is Richard Humenn, P.E., World Trade Center Chief Electrical Design Engineer. In the interview, he gives a unique perspective inside the elevator shafts in the twin towers and how access to the core columns could have been gained.

Riding into Fargo was tough.  For forty miles we had 40 mph winds, blustery side winds or full-on headwinds.  We arrived in West Fargo late in the day.  I was grateful to Robert, one of the AE911Truth petitions signers, for welcoming us into his home. It was such a relief to be out of the wind!

The wind was calmer on Sunday.  Fargo is a fast growing city.  It was a forty minute ride from West Fargo into the downtown area.  I attended the Elim Lutheran Church service in the morning, followed by a potluck lunch.  Most of the congregation is elderly, with a few young families with small children.  The people I talked with at lunch were quite surprised by my visit to their church, and the story of the bike tour to raise awareness for AE911Truth.  It was definitely new information for them.  and I learned a bit about the Swedish heritage of the church.  The pastor is a cyclist and so was interested in the ride and the reason. I appreciated being able to her a DVD in person.  After lunch I rented a motel room at the Scandia Motel – very affordable rates.

On Sunday afternoon I rode two miles into Moorhead, again in the wind, to get business cards printed.  While I was waiting for the cards to be printed and cut, I researched street addresses in Fargo in preparation for Monday morning.  I also picked up a camera.  After the two-mile ride back into Fargo, I did my best to rest for the remainder of the day.

On Monday morning the wind was already strong when I stepped into the 6:30 am pre-dawn darkness.  I rode to the south side of town and dropped DVD’s into mail slots at several locations - the Pantopiddian Lutheran Church, the Frist Presbyterian Church, the Grace Lutheran Church, the Jewish Temple, the Islamic Center, and the Unitarian Universalist Church.  People began showing up for work around 8 am.  I was able to talk with a receptionist at the United Methodist Church.  I waited to talk with Chief Deputy Jim Thoreson at the Cass County Sheriff’s office. At the Fargo Police Station, I gave DVDs to the receptionist and to a patrol officer and left a DVD for the police chief.  People at the police station recommended that I talk with their local public television station - following their lead, I had the good fortune to give a DVD to the programming director of Prairie Public TV.  (He took a second DVD to give to a friend who is a state patrol officer…I’d mentioned my morning rounds and told him that I hadn’t been able to find the state patrol office, so he offered to help out.  I love how people spontaneously offer to help out.)  My final stop in Fargo was  the Fargo Fire Department, where I gave DVD’s to the training officer and to the fire chief.

In the midst of this whirlwind of activity I also picked up another shipment of DVD’s, so Pam and I are leaving Fargo resupplied with both DVD’s and business cards.

Meanwhile, Pam had arranged to be interviewed by a local TV station.   I hope they put Pam on the evening news.

We rode into Fargo in a headwind, and I rode out of Fargo with another headwind!  Our entire plains experience has been strong side winds and headwinds.   I'm counting Fargo as the half-way point 
in the journey, approximately 2000 miles, with 2000 miles more to go.



Richard Fleek
09/11/2012 4:20pm

You gals are doing a terrific job. Keep up the good work!

09/11/2012 11:50pm

Dear Rena, I've been thinking about you and Pam throughout the day today, September 11. I honored you both in my 9/11 Facebook message this morning. Indeed, we need the truth in order to heal. Wishing you many days ahead of calm, gentle breezes and good tailwinds. You deserve them!! Love, Shar

Gail Lansing
09/11/2012 11:58pm

I just tonight found your story and want to thank you and Pam for you incredible efforts to spread the truth about 9-11! Great job and I pray that many people wake up due to your work! Love and Light to you both!


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