News today:  9/11 Explosive Evidence:  Experts Speak Out is the 3rd most watched video on the national PBS website.  It was played as a fundraiser for Colorado Public Television and has proven to be quite popular and widely shared.  This is very good news for AE911Truth!   Watch Experts Speak Out on PBS today!  [Update: Watch Experts Speak Out on the Colorado Public TV website.]

Sept 6 - Litchville

We have another headwind….  

We saw fires in the fields here.  I learned from a local resident that the farmers are burning cattails.  Cattails invade the fields in the wet years.  In the dry years the farmers burn the cattails and reclaim the land for farming.

Litchville, 44 miles from Gackle, is tinier than Gackle, population.  The sign outside of town says, “Welcome to Litchville, Population More or Less.”  One of the local residents told us that the population is about 150.  We were glad that the bar was open – we had pizzas for dinner. 

A woman at the bar was familiar with 9/11 truth, and pleased with our efforts.  She bought us dinner.  She hadn’t heard of AE911Truth, but was excited to send the DVD to her sister in Redmond, WA.  She said she’d follow our blog.  I also gave a DVD to one firefighter at the bar – the information was new to him, but he assured me he’d watch it.  

In the bar in Litchville was the first time I’ve heard any body say that they supported the wars after 9/11 – in fact the man said that he wished the president had started bombing the following day.  There was another man at the bar who countered with the costs to our soldiers of the wars.  I expressed my concerns about the many innocent people who had nothing to do with 9/11 that are being killed and injured in the wars.

In the morning I talked briefly with the fire chief owns the gas station convenience store about our bike tour and told him I’d left the DVD with one of his employees.  I also gave a DVD to a firefighter who is a member of a group of motorcyclists who gather every year at the peace gardens at the Canadian border to commemorate 9/11.  The local editor was interested and took a photo for the Litchville Bulletin.

It rained last night...I’m drying my tent in the morning sun outside a convenience store.



09/07/2012 8:48pm

Great news about the PBS viewings!! Glad you finally got some tailwinds!

09/08/2012 9:20am

Great hearing from you again, Rena! I love reading your blog entries and I really appreciate the time you take to do it.


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