In a three-part video, Jeff Farrer, physicist at Brigham Young University, speaks about his analysis of WTC steel samples, and the iron microspheres and the unignited thermite particles in the WTC dust. 

Sept 4-5, Napoleon and Gackle

This terrain is what I expected the Midwest to look like, fields of corn, soybeans and wheat as far as the eye can see, and trucks carrying huge harvesting equipment that takes up more than their full lane on the highway.  I am grateful for the care of the truck drivers for our safety. 

I was surprised by the beauty of the fields of sunflowers, the lush green colors – curious, I walked out into one sunflower field, and found the soil to be parched.  I was startled by a flock of several hundred blackbirds.  The birds eat the seeds from the rims of the heavy seed heads. 

I gained some understanding about the strong winds.  I asked a local farmer who affirmed my observation that the winds frequently intensify during the afternoons.  They intensify in the afternoons, and the mornings and evenings tend to be calmer.  So our schedule of not getting out onto the road until late morning has consistently put us into the most challenging wind and heat conditions each day.

Napoleon has only one deputy sheriff.  I gave him the DVD for the county sheriff.  A staff person at the city hall took a DVD for the police chief.  She asked plenty of questions, so I was able to talk about much of the evidence.  The following morning, when I stopped back in at city hall to pay my camping, I was able to give a DVD to a city councilman.  I could see that he was shocked by what he was hearing, and he was willing to take a DVD.  Also in Napoleon, I gave a DVD to a family member of one of the fire district board members and to an EMT.  And I dropped in at the local paper and gave an interview and left a DVD. 

While we were in the local convenience store using the internet we gave DVD’s to several more local residents.  One man was surprised in a positive way to meet us – he had just had a long discussion with a friend that morning about the many inconsistencies with the official story.  He’s from Jamestown and works across from the fire district – he said share the DVD with the firefighters.  Like almost every person we’ve met on this bike tour, he’d never before heard of AE911Truth, but more than most people we’ve met in North Dakota he’s been studying about 9/11.

We were on another radio show this morning with Ernie Hancock in AZ.  One thing I said I think is worth repeating:  Congress is not responding to this issue, the government agency is giving evasive answers, and the corporate media is not informing the public.  Our 9/11 Journey for Truth bike tour is an act of respect for the people.  It is an act of respect to give people correct information about what happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11.  As Jack in Hebron said, “You need good information to make good decisions.”

Finally today, on the ride to Gackle we had about 23 miles of northwesterly tailwinds, and only about 13 miles riding north into the wind.  It’s fun to ride with a tail wind for a change. 

Eastern North Dakota, in addition to wide-open farmland, has rolling hills with little pocket lakes with a musty water scent to them.  I’d been wondering over the past 100 miles or so at seeing birds that look like seagulls – now I know that they live on these little lakes.  I’m surprised to see all the birds, great blue herons, cormorants, grebes, and other kinds of ducks.



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There are some 'quotable quotes' in this entry that I find clarifying and inspiring. I feel like my own wisdom on certain matters of outreach is being enriched.


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