I crossed the Mississippi River yesterday, and I’ve ridden two thirds of the distance to NYC. 

I had DVDs available to me again yesterday, not the Experts Speak Out DVD, but Blueprint for Truth, the San Francisco Press Conference and Solving the Mystery of WTC 7.  

My first stop of the morning, after ridi was at the Voice of Muscatine radio for a quick a five-minute interview, and I appreciated his care in editing the interview to be aired later in the day.  I gave him a DVD.  Then I rode around Muscatine and delivered DVDs to the police station, left one DVD for the police chief and also gave one to a police captain who was parking his car and to the sheriff’s office, where I left a DVD for the county sheriff.  Around the corner at the fire station I was able to talk with two firefighters.   One was skeptical at first, but another was already somewhat informed and affirming that there are unanswered questions.  I gave them a copy of the SF Press Conference DVD.  I’ll also mail a copy of Experts Speak Out to the station when it’s available again.  My next stop was the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce – employees there were interested in the story of the bike ride and the science.  I gave them a packet of DVD’s to share around, and also left DVDs with two business owners.

I felt sad leaving Muscatine, Iowa.  It’s interesting.  I feel sad when people don’t have the information, and I feel sad when they do.  It’s just a serious and sad situation.  People's sincerity of listening and the serious expressions on people's faces affect me.  I'm grateful and sad at the same time.

I dropped DVDs at small volunteer fire stations, Reynolds, Sherrard, Orion.  I talked with a volunteer with 50 years on the department in Reynolds.  In Orion I was sitting outside the fire station working on a blog post when the volunteer fire chief arrived – I appreciate handing the DVD in person rather than leaving it on the door.  Also in Orion, I spent some time with some men at the Methodist Church - I helped them prepare for a church event while telling them about the bike tour and then left a DVD for the pastor.  And I left a DVD with a deputy sheriff.

I’ll be mailing copies of Experts Speak Out back to the police chiefs of Cascade and Wilton, IA, and to several residents of Wilton.  Also I addressed envelopes to mail DVD’s back to all the other fire departments and police stations in the small towns that I rode through along the west side of the Mississippi River (I’ll mail DVDs when I get a chance).

I’m glad to be back to delivering DVDs again.  
A few other notes from days when I didn’t write:

- I had one high adrenaline day on the road, riding south from Guttenberg to Dyersville on county road 136, no shoulders, short sight distances, moderately high truck traffic (I was off my prescribed ACA bike route), and also it was raining.  I appreciate my sense of hearing, that it is good enough that I’m able to hear trucks approaching from ahead and behind at the same time.  I pulled over frequently to allow trucks safe passage on the road.

- The temperatures dropped significantly on Saturday.  The weather stations were reporting 64 degrees, but my body was registering cold.  The coldness in the wind was sapping my energy.  Fortunately the timing was perfect in that I had already reserved an inexpensive motel room for Saturday and Sunday nights, planning for a full day of rest on Sunday.  I was grateful for a warm room for the two nights of 32 and 36 degrees.  I took the cold snap in Iowa as a fair warning to be prepared for cold temperatures in NY State in October. 

In Kewanee, thanks to the advance work of AE911Truth volunteer, Anthony, I had an interview with the Star Courier.  Then I stopped at the Lutheran Church – the pastor listened to the reason for my bike tour across the country and chose a Blueprint for Truth 2-hour research edition DVD.  At the police station, I left a DVD for the police chief and also one for the other department personnel to share.  And I talked with two firefighters at the fire station.  It was new information for them - it's new information for everyone here.  I also gave DVD’s to a man to share at a Sai Baba temple in Chicago, and a DVD to a man who works on the new wind turbines being installed just to the west of Kewanee.  

As I go farther east, people are more impressed by the distance of the ride.  I'm grateful for every day on the road.



09/26/2012 5:38pm

Rena - This is so exciting! 2/3 of the way!! I suspect that NY in Oct. will be warmer than Iowa in Sept. judging from the last several years of warmer autumns in NY, but you never know. This year might be like the old days when we had to wear ski jackets over our Halloween costumes.

Much Love,


Rob Fish5133
09/27/2012 11:42am

Awesome respect to both you gals from Liverpool UK

Luke 8:17
For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad


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