Riding into Stillwater, MN, I was almost out of DVD’s, and there will be a delay in obtaining more, so I was curious what I’d do with the last of my DVDs.  

I attended the service at the Stillwater Evangelical Free Church on Sunday morning (I go to church every Sunday).  I gave a DVD to one of the elders at the church - he was already aware of some of the concerns.   And I spoke briefly with the pastor, and mentioned the context within which the church exists.   I spoke with other people at the church - running short on DVDs, I gave out business cards instead.  One man said he has a friend who is an architect and who would be interested to hear about the molten metal in the WTC debris - his friend is now legally blind, but he said he’d play the soundtrack of the Experts Speak Out documentary for his friend.  I spoke with a nurse, who was interested to latch the documentary online as well.

Watch Experts Speak Out online on the Colorado Public TV website.

It took sitting quietly during the service to become aware of just how tired was, with actual tears in my eyes from tiredness.  An editor at one of the newspapers recently asked me if at any time I’ve regretted making the choice to embark on this 9/11 Journey for Truth bike tour.  I told him no, which is still true.  I am much more interested in people having access to this information than any concern about tiredness.  I did take the day off.  After the church service I rented a motel room, had a good meal, then took a three-hour nap, followed by calls to family.  I carefully avoided work!

On Monday morning I visited the Washington County Sheriff’s office, the Stillwater Police Station and the Stillwater Fire Station.  At the sheriff’s office and the police station I delivered DVDs 
to dispatchers through plexiglass windows.  

The entrance to the fire station is through a small sheltered courtyard and the entire entrance has large windows.  I knocked on an inner door, and one of the firefighters came to the entry.  I introduced myself, told him that I was riding my bicycle across the country and that it was 9/11 related, and pointed to my bike outside the window.  The care and commitment that has gone into the journey was evident, and he looked sincerely interested in what I had ridden so far to give to him.  He said he’d share the DVD with others at the station, including with their fundraising group to decide if they want to make a donation to our bike tour.

Next I went across the street to the Trinity Lutheran Church and gave a DVD to the receptionist to give to the pastors.   I was glad to hear that there are three pastors.  I felt some hope that all three might watch it and discuss it.  I was glad that they’d be able to talk with each other about the information in the documentary.

The ride south was hilly!   I now comprehend physically the meaning of bluffs along the river.  I gave a DVD to some residents to give to a local firefighter in Alston.  I stopped at a farm stand, and gave a DVD to a customer who happened by.  She said she knows the fire chief in Hastings and would share it with him.  I gave my last DVD to a Red Wing Police Department patrol officer. 

That’s it.  I’m out of DVD’s.  I’m actually looking forward to having a few days break from outreach work.  I’ll just be riding my bike for a few days, south along the Mississippi River into Iowa.  

I'm grateful for the produce farmers who have small stands with fresh produce along the roadsides.



09/18/2012 10:06am

Oh my gosh! Out of DVD's??? We've got to fix that. Is there anyone in Iowa you can meet up with to remedy that situation? I'm sorry to hear you've been so tired lately. No one can blame you. You are such an inspiration, Rena. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. Our prayers are with you.

09/18/2012 11:00am

Hello Rena! I just now found out about you! It happens that I am the founder and leader of a local/regional group, 911 Truth of Central Iowa, that just happens to be holding its Fifth Anniversary monthly meeting (61st consecutive) at the Adel Public Library in Adel, just west of Des Moines, tonight at 7:00 p.m. Though I hear that you're heading into Iowa, it seems likely that you will be too far distant to come and meet us -- and probably pick up a supply of DVDs -- here by then. But, it will be great if, somehow, it works out that you can come to our meeting! Just in case, I'll give you my phone number. It's (515) 993-3399. Happy Trails, My Friend! Let me know if you're in the area! xxxoxo James

09/19/2012 10:12am

I'll be resupplying with DVDs in Muscatine, Iowa. Rather than have AE911Truth pay for overnight shipping, I opted for three day shipping, which will give me a few days for just bike riding and reflection.

A point of reflection: it's a huge change not to be dropping in on every fire, police and sheriff station in each town along the way, also passing by the churches. I'm reflecting on my sense of personal responsibility, and I'm wondering, "Whose responsibility is it to inform the people?"

Thanks for reading, and thanks for comments...it's encouraging to know that people are following our journey and tracking our progress...I wish I could visit everyone.

09/19/2012 12:34pm

Wow Rena! You guys are really getting there! (Mike's brother used to live in Stillwater, MN.) Remembering my time in MN in the fall, I'm imagining this is a gorgeous time of year to be riding along the Mississippi River!!! I'm wondering if the leaves have started to turn colors yet. Thinking of you and Pam, sending you blessings and great energy for the next part of your trip and all the way south into my dear New York City!!! -Shar

Phil B.
09/19/2012 8:19pm

There is alot for us to think about and consider in this entry. You are breaching new "envelopes" of physical and mental endurance, yet you are also mindfully caring for your needs, which is heartening. Your question above hits a kind of inescapeable bullseye: "Whose responsibility..?" It should be all of ours, and we are humbled and awakened by your heeding the call. We need to learn from you!! And we need to get off our butts and reach out. I do want to get clarification: are you simply low in your carry-on supply of DVDs, or are you in need of additional donations at this point? I will donate again, if need be.This past Saturday my two teenage sons and I went for a long bike ride on the nearby Silver Comet Trail (interstate bike trail in GA and AL). I wore my "Journey For Truth" t-shirt for the first time in honor of your work (and I'm sure alot of cyclists saw it as I whizzed by them!) God be with you every mile of the way in the day or two ahead, my heroic friend!

09/20/2012 10:14am

Hi Phil, There was a delay in production of ESO DVDs. I'll be picking up Blueprint for Truth DVDs in Muscatine. And then be back to giving out ESO in a week or so. Donations are welcome - the more people who donate the more of a team effort it is, which is good for our morale.


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