I’m pleased to see that Experts Speak Out is still the most watched and shared documentary on the national PBS website.  [Update: watch Experts Speak Out on the Colorado Public TV website.]

Sept 12, 13, 14 - Clitherall, Urbank, Parkers Prairie, Long Prairie, Swanville, Sobrieski, Bowlus, Royalton, Foreston, Milaca

I’ve had a busy few days on the road, with not much time for writing.  I’ve been doing my usual outreach - in three days, I stopped at seven fire stations, seven police departments, two sheriff’s offices, three newspapers and about ten churches.  Several times the phrase "old-fashioned barn storming tour" came to mind while riding between towns.

Riding conditions have been good, slight tailwinds, so it’s easy to stay on the road 50-60 miles per day.  I also updated the home page on this 9/11 Journey for Truth website, and dealt with an overdrawn bank account situation back home.

Farmers in this area are harvesting potatoes, and there are frequent poultry farms, dairies and meat packing plants in this area.
  People here have been friendly, interested and helpful, like previous regions of the journey.  I had some memorable conversations with a local veterinarian and some pastors at the churches, and I'm grateful for each of the editors of the papers for interviews and their willingness to post at least a photo and the website in their local newspapers.

There’s a great place for cyclists to rest in Dalbo.  I needed it.

Sept 15 – Dalbo, Harris, Shafer, Marine on St. Croix

This was another easy day on the road.  I went off course and ended up on an even more rural road.  The roads here, hilly, narrow shoulders, with small farms and homes, plus the mild late summer weather, all remind me of home.

In Harris, I talked with a convenience store clerk who was interested in the DVD.  It was quite gratifying to see her put it into the DVD player in the store immediately and start to watch it.  I rarely see what happens with the DVDs I give to people, so it was satisfying to see it played and listen again to the content.  “Experts Speak Out” is still the most watched and shared video on the national PBS website.

Also in Harris, I spoke with a man whose son is a first responder.  I gave him a DVD to watch and give to his son.  I also put a copy on the door of the fire station.  And then I had a conversation with a deputy at the sheriff’s station, responding to his question about the forensic evidence left out of the NIST report.  I gave him a DVD to watch and share with the other deputies.

In Marine on St. Croix, the town was turned out for an arts festival.   The fire station doors were open.  I gave two DVDs to the fire fighters, though the community celebration atmosphere led discussion more toward discussion of the bike trip than the content of the documentary.



Marty McGee
09/17/2012 10:55am

Hi Rena, Glad to hear the riding part has gotten easier. I was reading about your stop at the arts festival and how they were more interested in the bike trip. I imagine you try to balance the conversation with truth talk and bike trip talk. The bike trip talk allows people to have some comfort zone as they enter into meeting and talking.

Good luck and be well,



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