Visit the AE911Truth website to view the evidence, sign the petition and learn how to volunteer.

Malta was good for media.  Pam set up an interview for us at the local newspaper.  The editor was concerned “about the implications” of what he was hearing.  We waited at the radio station until the crew came back from lunch.  One of the radio hosts recorded a ten-minute interview and played it before we were out of town.  We called in the following morning to a statewide talk radio show based at the same station.  We had just a few minutes to talk – the host tried to direct the conversation to sightseeing, and we talked about the purpose of our bike tour, to introduce the public to the forensic evidence.  The host cut us off just as we were about to give our website, a learning experience to give the website sooner rather than at the end of an interview.
Also in Malta we left a DVD on the fire department door, and we left one for the fire marshal.  We also had a chance to describe our bike ride and the evidence to the Phillips County Sheriff Scott Moran.

The ride to Saco was uphill.  There are hills in eastern Montana.  Tired, we decided to stay the night in Saco and we didn’t sleep well.  The little park in Saco is right next to the railroad tracks - the train crossing bells and horn and engines played regularly through the night.  An wonderfully amiable and generous local musician offered us a serenade at 2 am; he had also brought us a lovely picnic earlier in the evening.  I got up to tell him that his music was beautiful but that he was keeping me awake.  Just then a deputy sheriff arrived to inquire what was happening.   Taking advantage of the opportunity for outreach, I told her about our 9/11 Journey for Truth bike tour, the AE911Truth evidence, the NIST report that failed to include the forensic evidence, and gave her a DVD and let her know that I'd also given one to the county sheriff.  I then assured her of the elderly man’s best intentions and told her that he was keeping me awake.  She persuaded him that it really was too late to be playing music on the street in town.  In addition to the train and the serenade, a brief windstorm too strong for my tent blew through, so I ended up sleeping on a gravel pathway in the shelter of a building.  I did get a few hours of sleep. 

In the morning I struck up a conversation with a group of several irreverent men having breakfast in the local café – one of them made a personal agreement with me to watch the DVD.  I also gave a DVD to two Vietnam Vets from Michigan traveling by motorcycle to Seattle...the one whose son is about to be deployed to Afghanistan was most interested to see the ESO documentary.

Fortunately, for the ride to Glasgow today we had a 2-10 mph tailwind so we had a relatively easy 40 mile ride.  Here in Glasgow I talked with the Valley County Undersheriff Vernon Buerkle, and talked with the Glasgow Assistant Chief of Police who is also a volunteer firefighter.  I left a DVD on the door of the Episcopal Church with a note about having talked with the undersheriff and the assistant police chief.  We also gave a DVD to a librarian for the collection, and to two bicycle mechanics.  One of the mechanics is part of a large local extended family and he said he’d pass the DVD around.

I picked up some beautiful pheasant feathers on the road, now decorating my handlebars.

This afternoon I was almost too tired to write!  

We'll be camping again tonight.  And thanks to Pam's media outreach efforts, we have another radio interview here in Glasgow at 8 am tomorrow.



08/22/2012 7:26pm

I'm looking forward to more posts, imagining a groundswell of interest as word builds across the country as you ride... an ABC sports motorcycle following your every mile as you near New York. Greater coverage than the Tour de France. Cheering throngs along the roadside. Pedal to the Mental. Capture the sleeping minds hungry for truth. You go girls!

Travis Rhoads
08/24/2012 8:11am

I am the radio host from KMMR in Malta. I really wish i could have been allotted more time to interview you two. I could have made it into an entire afternoon show. After watching the DVD I almost felt compelled to hop on my bike and catch up to you two just to help the cause but then I realized i was in no shape to attempt that. As we talked I had mentioned how it wasnt the first time I had been made aware of this 9/11 "cover Up" or what ever you want to call it but I wish you well on your journey and I WILL definitely be forcing people to watch this DVD I may need more copies as my night job is a bartender and there is always plenty of time for discussion. It is an eye opener to some and a lot of other people always have had feelings about this. Anyways I hope that this journey starts gaining momentum and more publicity also know that monday through Friday you can always call in to the voices of Montana show that airs at 9 am but this time MAKE SURE TO GET THE WEBSITE OUT..lol... good luck on your journey and you have a big supporter here in Malta Montana


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