We are on the border of Washington State and Idaho today. 

I will remember Washington State for the hills.  Climbing up and coasting down all those hills and mountain passes has been a process of discovery.  We discovered our strength and resilience in the face of challenges - we found strength we didn’t know we had, and relief at succeeding.  I wonder if this is true as well for the 9/11 Truth movement, that together we have untapped strength and resilience - if we act with fullness of self-respect, commitment and determination, and receptiveness to connection and support.  May there be a day when we laugh with relief for our success!

It was a quiet day yesterday on the east side of the Pend Oreille River, almost no people to talk to all day.  I gave a DVD to a Pend Oreille County deputy early in the day.  Otherwise we just left 
a series of notes and DVD’s on Pend Oreille County fire station doors, and on the Kalispel Tribal Public Safety and Tribal Office doors, and at the Our Lady of Sorrows Church.  In Newport, we left a DVD for the Mennonite Church, and handed a DVD to a visiting Sothern Baptist minister and his wife from Arizona.

In the Safeway in Newport near the entrance a Flag of Honor is displayed, a United States flag with the names of all the victims of the attacks of 9/11 printed on the stripes, with these words below, “This flag contains the names of those killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  Now and forever it will represent their immortality.  We shall never forget.”   

We’re waiting here in Newport for the post office to open to pick up a shipment of more DVD’s.  Today is our last day with the company of Mark Snyder, AE911Truth petition signer, videographer, support vehicle driver, friend. Thank you Mark for your generous patience and support!



08/07/2012 1:23pm

Are you going anywhere near Moscow, ID? If you are, you should get a hold of Radio Free Moscow's station manager, Leigh Robartes. I'm sure he'd love to do an interview with you. It says on the website you can contact him by phone: 208-892-9300. His email is leigh at krfp dot org.


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