August 28 - We finally crossed the Montana-North Dakota state line yesterday.  A celebration.  And part of my celebration is that Pam is now comfortable enough on her bike to give a rolling high five with barely a wobble!  We rode more than 900 miles in Montana!

The terrain changed pretty much immediately to horizontally striated cliffs and buttes, grey, beige, dusky green, and sometimes capped with pinkish red. 

We’ve been slowed down in out progress by the oil drilling to the north of here.  Every time we call ahead to plan for a place to stay, everything is full, so we take what we can get where we are.  The RV campgrounds were all full and not accepting tents!

So we’re in Medora.  I put a DVD on the door of the Medora fire station.  And then I gave some DVD’s to some tourists here near the state park, a man from Canada who is an engineer and said he’d maybe be willing to sign the petition after watching the DVD, a couple from Pennsylvania, the man does engineering work though he doesn’t have an engineering degree, a couple from Minnesota along with a couple from North Dakota who self identified as church leaders.

In the morning I surprised some unsuspecting tourists with the story of our ride across the country to raise awareness for AE911Truth.  We resupplied with DVD’s in Belfield.  I left a DVD on the door of the Belfield Fire Department, and then gave a DVD to Patrol Officer Steve Burn.  I let him know about how many DVDs we’d given to other law enforcement agencies along the way so he could share that information with the other members of the Belfield Police Department.

We have wind today, a strong southerly.

[I didn’t have time to write much…so only one line comments below…maybe I can add more later.]

August 29 - Hospitality of Montana extended into North Dakota.

Dickenson had a bustling, edgy feel of a town growing because of the oil boom.

August 30 - Coal trains on the tracks going east – I counted one with 125 cars.

Rolling hills, more gentle rolling than Montana – beautiful sunflower fields and hay and cow fields.

Richardton – spoke with the abbot at the Assumption Abbey.



08/31/2012 8:32pm

Love reading this...you two are amazing!

Tim S.
09/01/2012 1:08pm

Great job! 900 miles is crazy; glad to hear you're getting DVDs out there firsthand.

09/02/2012 6:12pm

Wonderful what you are doing, back you 100%. Hope the weather holds up

09/02/2012 8:42pm

awesome job!!! keep up the good work. i'll keep reading...

09/03/2012 9:04pm

Hi Rena and Pam! So glad to get this update. I was away in California for a few days and am glad to be catching up with you. I love the reports and the descriptions. Congrats to Pam on the "high 5" achievement! Wishing you peace, friendly faces, open minds, fair winds, and smooth surfaces all along your journey! Love, Shar

09/09/2012 12:29am

You guys are awesome!!


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