Here’s another David Chandler video “WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part 1),” from his website 911speakout.org

August 25 - Today was an easy ride over the “divide,” uphill from Circle then mostly downhill and flat to Glendive with a tailwind. 

Arriving in town early in the afternoon, my priority was laundry.  At the laundromat I met a truck driver, Gene, who delivers pipes for natural gas pipeline company.  I gave him a DVD and he offered me the use of the shower where he was staying.  I was grateful to be cleaned up and free of the grit from the road!  And Gene got a window into the life of an activist, I think surprisingly new for him. 

We camped at Makoshita State Park, with a beautiful half moon for light.  Near the campground in the dark, the park ranger stopped to ask if I needed more light and offered to drive behind me to light the way(another person spontaneously offering to contribute to my well-being).  I declined his offer of help but gave him a DVD.  I told him that we are reaching out to firefighters, law enforcement and religious leaders – he let me know that he’s a firefighter.  The AE911Truth information will be new for him.

Thinking of all the people who have received DVD’s from Pam and me, I can almost hear people saying, “ A gal on a bike gave this to me.”  Our bike tour is about the people we meet along the way and introducing people to the AE911Truth experts.  For me, giving this information is an act of respect for people - we were all affected by 9/11 and we all should have access to the forensic evidence.

August 26 - We’re having a rest day in Glendive.  Today I attended services at the Christian Alliance Church and the White Chapel Mennonite Church.  I’m learning about the different denominations of churches.  I left some DVD’s.   Still tired, I asked if I could nap outside behind the Mennonite church.  A member of the church, Cindy, offered me the couch at her house.  It was a comfortable couch – I was grateful for the quiet, safe and comfortable place to rest for a while! 

It is a strange counterpoint, distributing this intense information to people, “yes, it was more than the jet planes and the jet fuel” and receiving such generosity of heart from people.  Both are true.

August 27 - Back to work at 7 am on Monday morning, I stopped in at the Glendive Fire District and talked with a firefighter.  The information was completely new to him and he was a bit skeptical, but after asking some questions about the evidence he agreed to watch the DVD.  I stopped at a coffee shop to charge my cell phone and the owner invited me back to the kitchen so she could hear about the bike ride while she worked.  After listening she mentioned that she has several engineers in her family and accepted a DVD.  Then I was off to the printers to have more business cards printed...resupplied with business cards, I rode back to the west side of town to the Montana State Patrol office.  The patrol officer I spoke with there was already questioning the official 9/11 story and was very interested in The AE911Truth information and in the DVD.  Then I rode to the east end of town to the sheriff/police station.  I spoke with Captain Brad Mitchell of the Glendive Police Department and with Dawson County Sheriff.  I gave each of them a DVD.

Riding from Glendive to Wibaux, we had a stiff headwind and uphill terrain – slow going.  We rode only the 25 miles to Wibaux.  In the evening I found the Wibaux Fire District gathering for drill and was able to talk with the fire chief.  He was a bit distracted with volunteers assembled ready to clean gear from recent fires but I was able to give him a DVD.  Then I rode by the county offices and the undersheriff for Wibaux County saw me and came out to talk.  He was interested in talking about the evidence and watching the DVD



08/29/2012 8:02pm

I'm finally get caught up with these delightful and thought-provoking blogs, having gotten sidetracked with family matters in recent days. But the symphonic nitty gritty is always here in these anecdotes; the long miles, the fatigue, the variety of reactions from the people that are encountered. It very much seems like a "journey within" as well as a "journey without". I cannot help but sensing an unexplained richness in all this. I wish sometimes I could be out there braving the elements with these two...could I hold up?


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