Another expert from Experts Speak Out:  Steven Dusterwald is a licensed professional structural engineer with 37 years of experience in the structural field. He has 25 years of experience as owner and principal of his own structural engineering firm in Las Vegas. He has focused on the design of nuclear power plants, large commercial buildings, and industrial buildings.

In Havre, MT, we visited with a newspaper editor and gave him a DVD, spoke with and gave DVD’s to people at two churches, handed DVDs to two patrol officers, and dropped off DVD’s for the police chief, the fire chief and the county sheriff (
I had to ride to the top of a hill to get to the sheriff’s office), as well as giving DVD's to people we met through the day.

We had a bit of a resting day Havre.  We only rode 18.5 miles to get here and then spent most of the day either talking with people or working online.  

Havre has an industrial feel to it, serving the farms in the region, and the train is a big factor in the industrial atmosphere.  I like being next to the train tracks, all the industrial noise and activity of it...and the train makes me think of traveling back home.



08/20/2012 10:26am

Thanks for all that you are doing.


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