For me, this bike tour is not so much about us and the bike ride, it's about the experts at AE911Truth and the people we meet along the way.  

Here's another of the interviews with the experts for your consideration:  Kathy McGrade holds a Bachelor's in Metallurgical Engineering from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (1979). After graduating, she spent the next 30 years with three startup companies.

As I was leaving the sheriff’s office in Chinook, MT, I noticed two men giving my fully loaded bike parked in the "sheriff department parking only" section of their parking lot a second glance.  One was in uniform.  I asked, “Are one of you Sheriff Glen Huestice?”  Yes, the one wearing jeans was the sheriff.  The other was the undersheriff.

I quickly explained the bike tour, the architects and engineers, the government agency…
I saw a bit of a smirk when I started talking, but it faded quickly as the sheriff considered what I was saying...Congress is not responding, the government agency is giving nonsensical answers, and this looks serious to me, so we are riding our bikes across the country to talk with people and we want people with experience in law enforcement to take a look at this.  Again, I received respectful consideration.  The sheriff said he’d take a look at it and then gave a sincere handshake.  The undersheriff also wanted a copy of the DVD.  

I also made quick visits in Chinook to the fire district and to three churches.  In addition I gave DVD’s to a young woman with children, a life long resident of Chinook who was friendly and welcoming as I was entering town, and to a painting crew who were working on one of the churches.

In Harlem, I left a DVD on the fire district door and gave one to the librarian who said that she’d add it to the collection so that it would be available to the public.

These small towns in Montana are the most remote part of our route, large spaces with few people, though people here have friends and relatives in the bigger cities in the state.  We rode 73 miles yesterday. 

A highlight of the ride was riding through flocks of low-flying nighthawks feeding low to the ground.  Nighthawks are like giant swallows, agile in the air as they feed on insects, a brown color with a bright white patch on their wings.

We camped at the Stage Road Inn.  We are grateful for Sharon for friendly hospitality and wifi.



Phil B.
08/21/2012 10:45am

Each entry reads like an excerpt from a very well-written novel. I regret that I'm not on facebook every day, as of late. to repost these among my friends there, but I try to as much as possible. These entries are simply that good - I get a feeling of pride putting them out there, regardless of whatever people might think. Quick question, Rena: Are you writing or adding a label with your blog web address on those DVD's? I would like to think that many or most of these individuals that you so serendipitously encounter might like to follow your journey as well as it continues to unfold. They are part of the remarkable story too. As always, you and Pam are in our family's daily prayers....early morning, and dinner table.

Joe D'Angelo
08/22/2012 2:09pm

There is a useful parable about a man who comes upon a sparrow along the edge of a road. The sparrow is lying on its back with its feet sticking upward. The man asks the sparrow what it is doing. "I heard that the sky is falling," the bird replies, "and I want to hold it up." The man laughs at the bird. "You believe that you can hold up the whole sky?" "No," the bird says. "But one does what one can.


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