Firefighter Erik Lawyer speaks about the National Fire Protection Association  Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigation (NFPA 921).

I made a count yesterday of DVD’s given to various groups since the beginning of our trip.  24 fire districts, 15 law enforcement officers, 25 churches.  These numbers do not include Browning and Cut Bank.  We’ve ridden about 1000 miles in 3 weeks.  We have 3000 more miles to ride in the next 9 weeks.

In Cut Bank I gave a DVD to a campground host who is a retired county sheriff in Michigan; Charles Farmer, director of disaster and emergency services; Pat Anderson, volunteer fire chief; and dropped off a DVD for county sheriff Vernon Billedeaux.  I also left a DVD on the door of the St Paul Lutheran Church.

In Shelby, a checker at a convenience store exclaimed that she wanted a new investigation.  I gave her a DVD and she assured me that she would share it with others.  I left DVD’s on the doors of the Shelby fire district and the Lutheran church.  At the police station the dispatcher took the DVD, and also asked for my driver’s license to check my identity (the first time this has been requested of me). 

Some of the people I’ve talked to in this area believe that the hi-rises at the WTC feel on 9/11 because of design or construction flaws - the Experts Speak Out DVDs will provide completely new information for them.

Wildlife sightings:  The deer here are tall, with tall ears, and the same gray, white and gold colors as the wheat, stones and dirt.  And I noticed three types of hawks (don't know yet what species).

Some people in Montana are doing good work so that the rest of us have wheat to eat.  We rode through miles and miles of wheat fields - growing in stoney loam glacial till soils.  At the end of a long day, a farmer operating a harvester in a field saw us pass by, noticed that we looked tired and made an effort to be at the motel to greet us and offer us a room!  I appreciate his work and his kindness.  Of course, I gave him a DVD.

I’m hoping for tailwinds to help push us through the rest of Montana.  I
n the mountains to the west, prayer for me was spontaneous song.  Here in eastern Montana prayer is silent vigil, with attention on healing in relation to 9/11.  I agree with a line from Fran Shure in the Experts Speak Out documentary, “We need the truth in order to heal.”



08/19/2012 7:15pm

Congratulations one your first 1.000 miles, well done girls, and with an impressive activist record to go with it. If AE911Truth have the capacity, they should do a follow up on the fire and law enforcement district you mention in your blog articles. Just wait a few month to let the information be digested, and then take a few days where your do selected phone calls. Maybe it could also give you a little strength on the last 1.000 miles, if you got information about, how these first.1.000 miles went out.

Keep going strong, you make me proud to be a 9/11 truther !!!

08/19/2012 8:30pm

Thanks for the suggestion. I am getting better at requesting business cards and recording names for this purpose.


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