The theme of our bike tour is introducing people to the experts in Experts Speak Out.  Here's another recommendation for an expert interview:  Robert McCoy, high-rise architect.

It was cold last night in East Glacier!  I slept outside the tent.  Everything, including the surface of my sleeping bag, was covered with ice in the morning.  I was so grateful for the rising sun.  There were 85 mph winds in East Glacier yesterday – I’m glad we were on the west side of the pass for that!

Riding out of the Rockies, we’re leaving behind bald mountaintops, heading into rolling dry grassy hills with blue lakes and ducks.

I enjoyed Browning.  Browning was somehow refreshing for me.  I liked the excitement of dogs running free, each pack defending it’s own territory from other dogs passing by in the backs of trucks.  And with fewer painted lines on the side roads for traffic, the town had a relaxed free-form feel to it.  People were friendly, welcoming and helpful (I needed to ask people for directions several times).

I talked with a man working along the side of the road and gave him a DVD.  He had both firefighting and demolitions experience from being in the Marines.  His face lit up with recognition when I mentioned thermite, and he mentioned using thermite for underwater demolition. Thermite has it’s own oxygen source and burns in oxygen deprived situations.

Visiting the Browning police station was genuinely fun.  The door was unmarked and locked.  After I tried the door, as I was starting to walk away, it started making barely audible clicking sounds.  I tried it again, and it opened onto a dark hallway.  So I entered and halfway down the hallway I heard a distance voice say, “Stop there.”  I stopped, wondering aloud to myself, “Stop here?”  The voice said, “Now turn left, that’s right, turn left, okay now straight.”  The dispatcher in the operations center had been tracking my entrance into the building on the surveillance cameras.  I left a DVD with her for the assistant police chief.

Finding the Browning volunteer fire station was a challenge.  I rode in ever narrowing circles, asking people for directions.  I finally found it, hidden in plain sight.  It was painted bright pink!  I left a DVD on the door.

I made one more chance connection with a firefighter on my way out of town.  At a large grocery store, I was just riding off the main route into the parking lot when I passed a truck leaving the lot with the Blackfeet Nation Fire District logo along with the word “INVESTIGATOR” on the driver side door.  I shouted “Whoa!” and spun my bike fully loaded around to catch him.  I almost tipped my bike over in the road.  I thought he would drive away, but to my surprise he stopped and rolled his window down. “Are you looking for me?  What did I do?”  I told him it was the words “fire district” and “investigator” in the same location and that I wanted to connect with people who have expertise in fire investigation.  I also thanked him for his sharp eye and attentiveness to his surroundings.  He informed me that he was indeed a fire investigator and a former Marine sniper, a contributing factor in his exceptional situational awareness.  I gave him the DVD.  He said he’d take a look at it. 

I looked for the pastor of the Methodist church, but he was out of town, out on his rounds.  He called me by cell phone while I was on the road beyond the next town.  I plan to mail a DVD back to him.

From Browning to Cut Bank the landscape changed to mostly wheat fields.  I talked with a young man from South Africa, here to work on harvesting the wheat, and gave him a DVD to share with people when he returned home to South Africa.  And I talked with a cattle rancher who just happened to be close to the road.  One of his comments, “You’d have to be a fool to believe that it was only the airplanes and the fuel that brought those buildings down, the way they came straight down like that.”  He said he’d look at the DVD and be willing to share it with his neighbors.



09/07/2012 1:45pm

Hi Rena, Joe Jones told me about your tour and I have been an avid poster of your site to all the Truth Groups. Perhaps you would like to come on my radio program before you come to NYC (where we would like to celebrate your achievement). Congratulations on your amazing activism. Call me (646) 354-0699. Cheers to you!, Sallie


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