Thursday was a day with miles of trees and few people to talk to on Route 56  from the Clark Fork valley toward Troy, MT.  The trees in Montana look much healthier than the trees in on the mountain passes of Washington.

We rode about 75 miles from our campsite on Lake Pend Oreille over moderately hilly roads to arrive in Libby on Rt. 2 at dusk.  We are grateful to Earl Erikson, an AE911Truth petition signer who is carrying gear for us, and providing a steady supply of cold water and supportive good company along the way!

Twice in travel from Clark Fork to Libby we talked to men who intimated that they knew government secrets that if they were to share they would lose there pension benefits of would be “taken out.”  While I have no way assess the veracity of their claims, it doesn’t surprise me anymore to hear things like this.  These kinds of stories are unsettling.  They speak of the fear and despair that controls people.  I wish for all of us to have fullness of freedom.

Late in the afternoon, I saw a coyote crossing the road.

We found people in Libby to be friendly and respectful.  Thank you to John from Faith Bible Church who helped us get oriented to the town.  Earl and I spent the morning doing outreach in Libby.  We dropped in at the police station and left a DVD with Patrol Officer Darren Short – he said he’d share the DVD with the police chief.  No personnel were at the fire station, so we left a DVD and a note on the door.  And we spoke with Michelle Barney at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office for Sheriff Roby Bowe.  In addition, I dropped a DVD at the Libby United Methodist Church and at the St John Lutheran Church.

Thanks, Earl, for taking photos!



08/10/2012 4:04pm

I wanted to express my gratitude to Earl Erikson for taking up the job I had of helping out as a support vehicle through Washington State for this Journey for Truth during its first two weeks. I know that Rena and Pam will be grateful for your help, Earl. It was very hard for me to have to go back to my small business in Seattle and leave Rena and Pam at the Idaho border, so I feel relieved that you will be there for them as far as you can. Thank you!

08/11/2012 8:44am

Hi Mark, Earl is with us to Whitefish, and then Liza has offered to accompany us across Marias Pass. Thanks for your company across all of Washington State. Rena

Mark Snyder
08/11/2012 2:02pm

I am much relieved to hear that. I assume "Liza" is the wonderful woman we met at the Kettle Falls campground. Still, I'm hoping others will take up the support vehicle role for the rest of the trip.

The 9/11 Journey for Truth T-shirt you bought me arrived today. It is a little tight, but wearable for me -- should have got an XL instead of L size. Maybe I can lose some weight so it fits better!

I know you will keep up the good work!

Love and Peace,


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