I rode west in the morning, back to Okanogan to do outreach, while Pam rode ahead, so Pam was ahead of me on the road all day.  We finally met up again in Tonasket in the evening.

First thing in the morning I gave DVD to a retired state patrol officer doing volunteer work at the campground.  Then on the way back to the Okanogan city center, I stopped by a State Patrol office and had a conversation with the receptionist and left a DVD for the troopers.  Next I went to the Okanogan County offices and dropped off DVD’s for Fire Chief Gordon Henning and Sheriff Frank Rogers.  I initiated a conversation with some personnel, a correctional officer and a kitchen staff employee, at the Okanogan County Correctional Center and gave them a DVD as well.

In Omak, I gave a DVD to the volunteers at the Omak Visitors Information Center.  Next, I talked with volunteer firefighter, Justin Osborn, who said he’d share the DVD with other firefighters at a meeting this evening.  I dropped in briefly at the First Presbyterian Church and gave a DVD to the person manning the front desk (he wanted to discuss motives before considering the evidence, but I stayed with the evidence).  Then outside of the city hall, by chance I initiated conversation with arson investigator and police chief Larry Schreckengast (I was pleased to learn at the very end of the conversation that he was the police chief). 

In every case today in Okanogan/Omak the answer was “no,” nor did people know much about WTC 7.   
It would be interesting for me to hear from anyone who learned about this forensic evidence for the first time and received a DVD from me.  Please send an email (my email address is on the business card I give with the DVD) or post a message to me on this blog.

For everyone from home who was concerned about the heat in eastern Washington, it’s hot in this valley!  I don’t know exactly how hot, but it feels like the temperatures in the late afternoons are up in the mid 90’s.  Surprisingly, I find the heat to be quite bearable while riding my bike - the motion of the bike creates a steady cooling breeze.  Also, to take advantage of that breeze I’ve been pouring water on my head and down the front and back of my shirt…it’s very effective for cooling.   I’m drinking plenty of water too.  All is well.

The rivers and the green irrigated fields of alfalfa and the orchards are beautiful in the midst of the hot dry landscape.  It becomes quickly apparent that the green oases depend on electricity to pump the water.  I’m grateful for the farmers!  And for the workers who provide the electricity!  And for the policemen and the firefighters!  And for people doing all kinds of work everyday.  There is much to be grateful for.

I’m pretty tired...it was a long day.  This evening I prepared and I’m all ready for an early morning ride tomorrow up to Wauconda Pass.



Earl Erickson
08/03/2012 7:40am

And I'm grateful for people like you, not all that common you know, people who rise up and reach out to the world to encourage awareness and the independent investigation of truth. Ride on, and may blessings be with you!

Ricahrd Gage
08/03/2012 8:18pm

Comment deleted

Earl Erickson
08/04/2012 9:29am

Well, "Ricahrd Gage", you have revealed that you are vulgar and loathsome, that you are a poser, a hollow pretender, and a coward. If you had said that to my sister, I would be obliged to break your face. Since Rena and Pam are as sisters on the path of truth, I invite you to give me your real name so I can look you up.

08/03/2012 11:24pm

To whomever is the jerk posing as "Richrd Gage," you are a sorry excuse for a human being. Rena & Pam are courageous women telling a story in a unique and challenging way - they have made a commitment to truth you may, unfortunately, never understand.

Phillip Block
08/04/2012 8:40am

I've been reading the entries with interest, and posting them on my fb account as regularly as I can. I'm not typically an emotionally expressive person, but when I read these updates I get teary-eyed! There is something so beautiful and powerful in what you are doing. I wish I had half the courage you have in reaching out. You are an inspiration for what true spirituality is capable of doing. I need to "re-learn" how to pray, and I need to habituate myself into keeping you two in my prayers daily. Thank you for what you are doing!!

08/04/2012 11:50am

Hi Rena!

Thanks so much for keeping us informed along your journey. So glad to hear you're doing well and keeping cool.

Looking forward to continuing to follow you on your path for truth!

Sending Love to you and Pam,



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