Thanks to everyone who has given cash donations along the way, and to those who have bought food.  The food and the cash for food are our fuel for the road.

To all:  If you find what we are doing to be admirable, or if you value the work of AE911Truth, please consider sponsoring our bike ride at a penny per mile or more.  Sponsorship donations go to support the work of AE911Truth. Or you can contribute money for Experts Speak Out DVD’s for us to hand out along the way.   
And 9/11 Journey for Truth t-shirts are now available in the AE911Truth online store.  Thank-you, Larry Landon, for great design work for our business card and the t-shirt and more.

In Twisp this morning we found that many people are already aware and have doubts and questions about what happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11, though not many had heard of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  

We dropped in on a men’s Bible study group at the Community Covenant Church (we didn’t stay long because we thought we’d be riding over Loup Loup Pass before noon).  We were grateful for the chance to share, even as we were feeling sorry for interrupting their study time.  We also spoke briefly with Vickie, a medic at the Twisp Rescue Service and gave her a DVD, and we dropped off a DVD for the Cascade Bible Church.

I was several miles up the road toward Loup Loup Pass when I learned from Pam that Robert Roseland had scheduled an interview for us with the Methow Valley Herald.  Thank-you, Robert!  So I turned around and rode back down.  While we waited for for the interview we had a chance to talk with variety of customers (locals and out of town vacationers) at the Cinnamon Twisp Bakery.  Then I delivered a DVD to the Twisp Fire Station, and had an opportunity for a positive conversation with Division Chief Brian McAliffe.

Some people have asked how I got started volunteering with AE911Truth.  My attention was first drawn to AE911Truth by interviews of Mark Basile, chemical engineer, and Jeff Farrer, physicist.  My college degree is in environmental toxicology, so I’m familiar with analytical chemistry.   I was impressed by their detailed descriptions of their lab techniques.  It looked like high quality research to me - it looked so important to me that I immediately called our local fire chief.  That was my first volunteer action for AE911Truth.  See more interviews with experts from Experts Speak Out on the AE911Truth youtube channel.

Our morning ride up Loup Loup Pass became a hot afternoon ride.  I’m writing from the Okanogan National Forest in the late afternoon (more recently dead and dying trees in the Okanogan too).

Thank-you, Robert Roseland, for all your hospitality and help in Twisp!

Message on the reader board of the Cascade Bible Church, “There is power in self-sacrifice.”



08/01/2012 2:28am

I rode coast to coast in 2005, fulfilling a personal dream. I learned about the 9/11 lie in 2008, and the process of true growth without all of the illusions continues to this day. Your tour blends two magnificent ideals - simplicity and truth. I hope you both enjoy the basic nature of life on a tour. Your dedication to truth provides hope in a time of darkness.

08/01/2012 10:28am

I think what you are doing is courageous and fabulous at the same time. Congrats on a great adventure for the truth and be safe.

Francis Battaglia
08/01/2012 4:19pm

Hat's off, glad things are moving along - amazing stories! Rena - make sure to like your Facebook presence here: http://www.facebook.com/911JourneyForTruth
Also you and Pam should invite all contacts to like that Facebook page. I will start relaying some stories there soon. Editing editing...
enjoy the ride!


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