Hi all,  We are uncertain about internet and cell phone access over the Cascade passes.

Steep roads ahead.

Thanks to Mark Snyder, videographer, who is carrying our gear and allowing us to cover distance more easily.  He is also proficient with his video camera.  We are happy to have video footage from a visit yesterday to the City of Burlington Fire Station.  Once we explained what we were doing, Assistant Chief Glen Staheli said, "9/11 can't be investigated too much," and, " I support open discussion on what happened on 9/11."  Afterwards we asked him to state his name for the camera, which he did without hesitation.  (I look forward to watching the video, when I'm ready to work my fear of seeing myself on camera...I'm in no hurry...I have other hills to climb at the moment.)

We don't have video footage of this, but we also talked with a recent U.S. Marine who is now working in maintenance at an Anacortes hotel, and with a Skagit Valley sheriff (who volunteered about himself when we first met that he had just completed "Ranger" training, which means training in the use of small fire arms).  He also listened politely, seemed interested and said he would watch the DVD.

The theme of "introducing people to the experts" seems to be very well received by all.  Many, many thanks to the experts who were willing to be interviewed for Experts Speak Out!

One more comment on the ride.  We rode about 60 miles yesterday, from Anacortes across the Skagit farm lands and then up the Skagit River to Rockport.  The S. Skagit River Road was beautiful, warm and lush.  Some things you would miss from a car - the sounds of birds and streams cascading down the hillsides, the smell of the vegetation, and the gentle tailwind up the river.

That's all for now.  We'll check in again when we get cell/internet access again.



P.S.  We just saw John, the man who walks with his sign that says "PEACE."  I've seen him walking on Orcas.  We met him here in Rockport.

(I had to write this post in a hurry...I may edit and add to it when I get a chance again.  I'll be writing even if I don't have email access.)



07/27/2012 1:24pm

Hi Rena & Pam,
Thanks for the updates - sounds like things are going well. Just a suggestion: post a pic with every post if possible - the images from each stop wherever will be great!

Richard Gage
07/27/2012 4:06pm

I'm so proud of you, two! Maybe we can together for a 3some when your journey ends.

07/27/2012 4:18pm

Rena, The morning you were on the ferry I was reading the book you loaned me: The Go-Giver. On Thursday, while participating in a time banking phone conference with another NVC trainer, Eric (who happens to be the current tech fellow at Timebanks USA) I mentioned the book and the 5 values. He loved it, and he asked for this blog address so he can follow your journey and spur you on!

Don't sweat the small stuff, but do sweat and keep hydrating!

Love, Morgan

John & Faith Heath
07/29/2012 8:13pm

Dear Rena - we found you! had to go searching for your blog and enjoyed what you've posted so far BUT nothing since the 26th and now its the 29th! It has been a busy, busy week with Kindlings but oh so rewarding! Where are you now and how is it going. Is this Mark going to follow you the whole way??!! That would be awesome! Because having a video of this experience will be so great to have and for us to see! DO post lots of pictures! Hope you're both holding up well physically and have made it through the Cascades bu now - one of your big hurdles! Praying for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! Love you!! J & F


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