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This may be a short post.  We are at the ferry landing waiting for the boat.

Today was a day to get accustomed to our gear.  We've redistributed weight to get a better sense of stability on our bikes.  And all along the way, we've been talking with people about WTC 7 and the rest of the WTC destruction, and encouraging friends and acquaintances to follow our blog.  After only ten miles, our bikes are feeling less squirrelly and more solid.  It's good.  Orcas Island has some step little hills on which to catch our balance.

Thanks for the encouraging messages for us on Facebook, on the blog, in emails...your messages give us heartfelt fuel for the road!

With the slower pace, I remember frequently that care, kindness and patience are essential for our well-being and our success.  So to keep myself entertained I've been singing.  

My friend Doug Dolstad taught me a song (we sing it at the end of every Nonviolent Communication Family Camp), a song of leaving and arriving home again.  Part of the song "way-oh, way-oh-oh-oh," give voice to the fear and sadness of letting go of security of home, of connections with loved ones, that kind of tenderness of heart.  The other part of the song, "Na-na-na-na-na -na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na," is the voice of arriving, or engaging the journey ahead.  Both voices are filled with the tenderness of  love, for the people and connections being left, and for the yet to be discovered connections and work ahead.  For me, as I sing, the sorrow of letting go become less personal to me and more universal - an understanding of the experience we share as human beings of what it means to feel loss and let go.  It's the same for the same for the wonder of going forward and making new connections and engaging new experiences. 

I made up some songs too, just for fun.

I had no idea when I started writing that I would be writing about singing!

Many people have wished us well, and especially to have safe travels.  Yes, this is our intention.     Many people have offered to pray for our safety.  We are grateful!  

And as we've said before, this journey is not really about us.  It's about all the people we meet along the way.  And so as I thank everyone for prayers for us, I ask also for prayers for the well-being of everyone we meet along the way - for safety and healing for everyone we meet, and for everyone touched by 9/11.

In response to questions in the comments below:  We will be taking a northern route.  We are working on a Goggle Map graphic, so check back to see our intended route.  Thanks.



07/25/2012 4:05pm

Will you be in Missouri? We'll go north to see you.

07/25/2012 5:19pm

i was wondering too...do you have a route posted? wisconsin?

07/25/2012 8:33pm

Keep singing, Rena! Looking forward to hearing your songs.

Also, letting you know that the article I submitted is posted on Orcas Issues: http://orcasissues.com/

Lastly, it would be great to have your route posted. I'd like to give some of my folks a heads-up.

Marty McGee
07/26/2012 7:58am

Pam, yes, please film Rena singing on the road! Would love to see that.

07/26/2012 7:34pm

If all works well, you can click the following link and find your town. Each town has the number of petition signers that was in the database. There is no other identifying information in this map.

This map has a lot of caveats ... it includes "unverified" (and therefore uncounted) petition signers. Petition signers may have moved, towns and cities are not top priority in the verification process and they may not be accurate. Finally, the geo-coding isn't perfect so some towns have been assigned to "roads" with the name of the town. Oh Well!



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