July 22, 2012 

The idea for this 9/11 Journey for Truth bike tour arose only about two months ago, so we’ve had a significant amount of work to do quickly to get ready to go.  Here’s some answers to questions that people commonly ask me about the trip:

Have you been training?

Yes, of course!  We started right away. 

I started training with 30-mile bike rides with a swim in a lake part way through the ride (the photo on the website is Killabrew Lake).  I wasn’t in very good shape – at first, I felt like I was hyperventilating a bit going up some of the hills.  Swimming was perfect for my purposes – a great workout and the cold water really wore me out.  When I’d get home, I’d sit in a chair under a blanket and my legs would just radiate heat.

The roads where I live are great for bicycling – if you like plenty of small steep hills.  The early mornings are perfect for cycling, quiet, cool.  I grew up here, hiking the roads and exploring the forests.  So the early morning bike rides were filled with warm memories - each ride became like a visit with a dear friend.    

In this past month I alternated bike riding with hiking, pushing my bike up steep mountain trails, again visiting favorite places like getting reacquainted with old friends.  In the last couple of weeks, when I woke up in the morning I would think of a hill that felt intimidating to me, and ride there. 

I’ve also been working outdoors, keeping myself in motion, including mowing my orchard and fields with a walking field mower, which is a strenuous workout; and stretching in the evenings, along with weight lifting every other day. 

I’m grateful to be in much better shape now than when I started.

How will you carry everything you need?  Where will you sleep?

In preparing for the trip, I took on the role of assembling necessary gear.  We’re riding used bikes (I already owned mine, and we bought one for Pam) with racks and panniers.  There was work involved in researching gear, but that’s done now, and we’re all set with sturdy front and back racks and waterproof panniers. 

We’ll be carrying simple camping gear, tent, sleeping pads and sleeping bags, a small cook kit, water bottles and a hand pump water filter (along with other necessary gear).  We’re prepared to camp and be self-reliant as needed.  We look forward to meeting AE911Truth petition signers and other supporters along our route.  We welcome offers of hospitality, places to pitch our tent, along the way.

Even with the camping gear, an inexpensive camcorder for documenting our journey, clothing, water and snacks, we will still have room to carry a supply of Experts Speak Out DVD’s to hand out to people who are interested and want to learn more.

Do you know how
far that is?

Yes.  We are expecting to ride about 4000 miles, 40 to 80 miles per day, depending on wind and slope.  One person experienced in distance bicycle touring reassuringly told me to think of it as 80 day-trips.

How will you get home?

I'm considering taking the train.

We depart in 3 days, so I am quite busy in getting ready to leave home.  I look forward to posting more soon.



Enrique Lara
07/22/2012 1:54pm

I take my hat off to you, ladies. Von boyage!

07/23/2012 4:19pm

Blessings to you both on your journey! We'll be following you, and you'll be in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you gentle breezes, flat ground, hearty tires, and lots of love and generosity along the way!

Linda Watts
07/23/2012 9:45pm

Godspeed, Rena! Will be following your trip and cheering you on from the Forum!

Earl Erickson
07/25/2012 9:20am

Very proud of the both of you, and all who participate. Offering prayers for a safe and successful journey. If you would like help with publicity or hospitality while passing through western Montana, email me or call 406-249-8837. My son and I would also be interested in riding along a ways.

07/29/2012 10:02pm

Thanks! Now that we are back in cell phone range (for a day at least) we'll call you.

Marty McGee
07/25/2012 11:24am

Good luck Rena and Pam! I'm really excited about your journey and following your progress with the thousands of others who will be learning about this as you move along. Can't wait to see some video clips posted.

tania t
07/25/2012 11:36am

May your travels be safe and enlightening! You are in our thoughts and we are there with you. Thank you Rena and Pam!!

Al Benoit
07/25/2012 4:29pm

Best wishes for you both to have a wonderful adventure. I plan to check in often.

Bernie S
07/25/2012 4:50pm

Awesome! Best of luck with this journey, wishing you both a safe trip.
Thanks for keeping the 9/11 zeitgeist alive. Much will be gained from this. Peace

07/27/2012 2:28am

Pam and Rena! What a wonderful inspiration you both are!
And what a wonderful experience you two will both share!

I don’t think I have ever ridden a bike 40 miles in a single day.
Riding 4000 miles in a single event is as great a challenge as any.

So thank you for all your hard work and inspiration.
Thank you for setting an example that motivates so many.

Please be careful and enjoy your journey.
I hope that I can be as supportive as I do need to be.

~Tim R

07/27/2012 4:31am

I think what you are doing is fantastic. This has been a very important issue for me since it happened. I am sure I am not the only one who knew the instant that second plane hit, things were not right, and......"This is going to change,...everything..." I have had a local showing of the DVD, and encourage everyone to see it, show it, and talk about it.....Again ladies, thank you for acting on this very very important issue.....wish you were comming through Kansas.....would love to shake your hands......peace


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